Why Does Rick Smile

Rick Sanchez
Rick and Morty character
First appearance'Pilot' (2013)
Created byJustin Roiland
Dan Harmon
Voiced byJustin Roiland
In-universe information
SpouseDiane Sanchez (C-137)
ChildrenBeth Smith (daughter)
Space Beth (daughter)
RelativesJerry Smith (son-in-law)
Summer Smith (granddaughter)
Morty Smith (grandson)
President Morty Smith (grandson)
Morty Smith, Jr. (great-grandson)
The Ricklets (adoptive children)

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Richard 'Rick' Sanchez[1] is one of the two eponymous protagonists from the Adult Swimanimated television seriesRick and Morty. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Sanchez is a misanthropicalcoholic scientist inspired by Emmett 'Doc' Brown from Back to the Future and Mister Fantastic from Marvel Comics. Known for his reckless, nihilistic behavior and pessimistic personality, the character has been well received. He is a sociopathicmad scientist who seems to know everything in the universe and thus finds life a traumatizing and pointless experience. However, despite assuming himself to be the smartest person in the universe, there have been times when he has been wrong.

He is formally referred to as Rick Sanchez C-137 by the Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks, in reference to his original universe, 'C-137'. Both Rick and Morty are voiced by Roiland. Volume 1 of the Rick and Morty comic series follows the Rick and Morty of Dimension C-132 while most episodes of subsequent installments follow the Rick and Morty of 'C-137'; the video game Pocket Mortys follows the Rick and Morty of C-123.[2]

  • Rick is kind of putting a pin of his own at that moment in his resentment for Jerry (although it does resurface later on when Jerry tries to have him killed and the vacation is ruined). He mainly does it to please Morty, but he doesn't mind to put his cosmic misadventures on hold from time to time for a fun day in Blips & Chitz, or a place so.
  • Coin-op Toilets on the Street. Some large cities, such as Paris, London, and Amsterdam, are dotted with coin-operated, telephone-booth-type WCs on street corners. Insert a coin, the door opens, and you have 15 minutes of toilet use accompanied by Sinatra Muzak.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Rick Sanchez from Earth Dimension C-137 is the father of Beth Smith, and the grandfather of Morty Smith and Summer Smith. He is said to have been away from the family for several years prior to the events of the show. He frequently travels on adventures through space, visiting other planets and dimensions with his grandson Morty. In the third season of the show, it is revealed that he is 70 years old.[3]

In 'The Ricks Must Be Crazy', Rick reveals that he powers his flying car with a battery that contains a miniature universe, or microverse, whose inhabitants unknowingly provide the required electricity. The inhabitants cease doing this after one of their scientists does the same thing for his own universe, and discovers that this is what Rick has done to his universe. Rick remorselessly destroys the miniature universe inside his own miniature universe, killing everyone inside. Nearing the end of the episode, Rick knows that his own microverse would power his battery, or he dispose of it and create a new one.[4]

Rick's intelligence is portrayed to transcend that of metaphysical beings, as demonstrated in the episode 'Something Ricked This Way Comes', where he outsmarts Satan.

Rick reveals his disdain for love in the episode 'Rick Potion #9', in which he claims that it is 'a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed'.[5] When Rick and Morty irreversibly mutate all humans on Earth except for their family members, they abandon their original dimension, Earth Dimension C-137, (and their family in that dimension) for a new one. Rick locates a universe in which the alternate version of himself has undone the damage inflicted by the love potion, but where the new dimension's Rick and Morty have been killed, allowing the C-137 Rick and Morty to take their place. Despite Morty's trauma concerning this knowledge, Rick is nonchalant about moving to the new dimension.

In the episode 'Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind', after numerous Ricks in alternate dimensions are murdered, the Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks accuses Rick C-137 and orders for him to be arrested. Rick C-137 finds himself captured by an 'evil' Rick, but is saved by a legion of alternate-dimension Mortys led by Morty C-137.

In the second season premiere, 'A Rickle in Time', Rick nearly sacrifices himself to save Morty, but saves his own life when he realizes that doing so is possible. In the episode 'Get Schwifty', it is revealed that Rick was once in a rock band called the Flesh Curtains, alongside Birdperson and Squanchy. In the episode 'Big Trouble in Little Sanchez', Rick transfers his consciousness into a younger clone of himself, whom he calls 'Tiny Rick'. He soon becomes anguished in his new body, and manages to return to his older true form, and murders a line of other clones he produced. In the second season's finale, 'The Wedding Squanchers', Rick and his family attend Birdperson's wedding, where Birdperson is betrayed and killed by his bride Tammy, a double agent for the Galactic Federation. The family is forced to inhabit an unusually small yet Earth-like planet, as they cannot return to Earth due to Rick's status as a wanted criminal. Rick turns himself into the Federation to allow his family to return home, and is incarcerated on a prison planet under the charges of having committed 'everything'. But in the season three premiere 'The Rickshank Redemption', by taking out the Council of Ricks while saving Morty and Summer, it is revealed that Rick actually turned himself in to access the Federation's supercomputer and wipe it out financially. Rick also indirectly convinces Beth to divorce Jerry for trying to convince the family to sell him out.

The premiere episode of the series' third season, 'The Rickshank Rickdemption' shows a possible origin for Rick, in which he was a well-meaning scientist who loved his wife Diane and daughter Beth, but had an encounter with a member of the Council of Ricks during his initial testing of a prototype inter-dimensional portal gun, who offered him the secret to creating the device, and joining the Council. Shortly after his refusal, and his pledge to quit science forever, a bomb was sent through a portal, killing Diane and Beth. Rick claims that this was a fake memory he created in order to trick his interrogator into implanting a virus into the mind-reading device he was attached to, allowing him to hijack his body and escape from the Federation prison. At the end of the episode, Rick again insists, in a rant to Morty, that the death of his wife and daughter was a fake memory.

Rick's catchphrase is 'Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub', first introduced in the episode 'Meeseeks and Destroy'. In Birdperson's native language, the catchphrase translates to 'I am in great pain. Please help me'.[6][7]


Rick has been argued to be a toxic masculine archetype, 'Tortured Genius Who Is Lonely and Doesn’t Care Because Feelings Are Overrated.'[8]

In the pilot, Rick is revealed to be an atheist, as he tells Summer that 'there is no God.'[9] Harmon has said that 'anarchist' is a close ideological descriptor of Rick.[10]

Rick has been stated to be pansexual by Justin Roiland, one of the show's creators and executive producers.[11] This was shown in 'Auto Erotic Assimilation', when Rick connects with Unity, an ex-lover who is a collective hive mind of assimilated individuals from the planet they occupy.[12]


The character was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, who first met at Channel 101 in the early 2000s. In 2006, Roiland created The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti, an animated short parodying the Back to the Future characters Doc Brown and Marty McFly, and the precursor to Rick and Morty.[13] The idea for Rick and Morty, in the form of Doc and Mharti was brought up to Adult Swim, and the ideas for a family element and Rick being a grandfather to Morty were developed. Roiland considers his voice for Rick to be a 'horrible Doc Brown manic impression'.[14]


The character has received positive reception. Speaking of Rick's relatability and likability, Dan Harmon stated that 'we’ve all been Rick. But Rick really does have bigger fish to fry than anybody. He understands everything better than us. So you give him the right to be jaded and dismissive and narcissistic and sociopathic'.[15] Emily Gaudette of Inverse wrote that fans have 'come to love [Rick] over two seasons of misadventures'.[16]

David Sims of The Atlantic noted Rick's 'bitter amorality' and called the character 'a genius who comfortably thinks of himself as the universe's cleverest man and is grounded only by his empathy toward other people, which he tries to suppress as much as possible', therefore writing that Rick's selflessness at the end of the episode 'The Wedding Squanchers' is 'the most surprising twist possible'.[17] Zack Handlen of The A.V. Club wrote that '[Rick] slowly realizing that he loved his grandkids and his daughter (and tolerated his son-in-law) no matter how many times he swore at them helped to give the character some necessary depth', and that 'behind all the catchphrases and the crazed energy .. There's something dead and sad and fucked up in the guy'.[18]

In popular culture[edit]

In the first episode of the third season, 'The Rickshank Redemption', Rick shows a significant interest in Szechuan sauce and insists that his motivation in life is 'finding that McNugget sauce' caused a public interest in having the sauce be reinstated on the McDonald's menu, with some fans attempting to recreate the sauce themselves.[19][20][21] According to USA Today, McDonald's spokesperson Terri Hickey stated that 'We never say never, because when our customers speak, we listen. And to paraphrase some of our most enthusiastic fans, our sauce is so good that it would be worth waiting 9 seasons or 97 years for.'[19][21]

In March 2019, Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty confirmed the character of Monarch crypto-sonographer Dr. Rick Stanton, played by Bradley Whitford, to have been based on Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, with Dougherty having the character 'drink a lot' to keep the character in line with the spirit of Sanchez.[22]


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Retrieved from 'https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rick_Sanchez_(Rick_and_Morty)&oldid=1011005063'

But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you….
— 2 Thessalonians 2:13

One day Denise and I were talking about different things we had survived throughout our many years of ministry together. It started out as a positive conversation, but before I realized what was happening, I had slipped into thinking of all the people who had wronged us over the years. Soon I felt myself sinking mentally and emotionally into the sticky mire of those negative thoughts.

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Why Does Rick Smile

Finally, I realized my thoughts were going in the wrong direction and swiftly put on the brakes. I shifted into reverse to get out of that mode of thinking and began to mentally compile a list of everyone who had been a blessing to us over the years. The number of individuals who had been a blessing to us was so long that I couldn’t stop listing them! In comparison, the sheer number of these blessed connections swallowed the names of those who had become negative memories in our lives.

*[If you started reading this from your email, begin reading here.]

One brother’s name in particular literally made me smile. Just the mention of his name put a smile on my face. I decided I would say his name to several other people who knew him to see how his name affected them — and every person, without exception, smiled when I mentioned his name. I thought, What a blessing that the mere mention of a person’s name would make people smile!

This must have been how Paul felt about the Thessalonian believers, because when he wrote to them, he said, “But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you…” (2 Thessalonians 2:13).

The word “bound” is the Greek word opheilo, which describes an obligation. Whenever Paul began to ponder the great things God had done in the lives of the Thessalonian congregation, he felt obligated to stop what he was doing and give thanks to God for that group of believers. The mere thought of the Thessalonians put a smile on his face! They had been such a blessing to Paul that he literally felt an obligation to stop whatever he was doing to thank God for them.

Likewise, we, too, must learn to stop and thank God for what He has done in the lives of those around us — especially those who have been a blessing to us and who cause us to smile at the mere thought of them! We have an obligation to stop and remember all that God has done and to give Him thanks.

The phrase “to give thanks” in this verse is the Greek word eucharistos. The first part of the word is eu. This word means good and implies a good feeling or a pleasant, inner warmth. The second word is charis, which is the Greek word for grace. By compounding these two words, Paul revealed that when he thought of the Thessalonians, the feelings he had for them were so rich, warm, pleasant, and gratifying that thanksgiving flowed effortlessly out of his heart like a river of divine grace. Thanking God for these believers wasn’t hard for Paul; on the contrary, restraining his thanksgiving for them would have been much more difficult. It was easy for Paul to thank God for this particular group of believers.

The word “always” is the Greek word pantote. In this context, it means every time we think of you or at each and every opportunity. Paul’s memory of the Thessalonians was so sweet that whenever he thought of them, thanksgiving arose in his heart.

This part of Second Thessalonians 2:13 could be interpreted to mean:

Every time we think about you, thanksgiving floods out of our hearts! We are so overwhelmed with thanksgiving that we actually feel obligated to stop whatever we are doing to take a few minutes to express to God how much we appreciate you.…”

I don’t know if you’ve ever slipped into the mode of remembering everyone who has ever done something wrong to you. If you have, you know what a negative experience that can be. But today I want to urge you to do the opposite — make a list of those who have been a blessing in your life! I believe you’ll find that your heart begins to overflow with thanksgiving to the Lord, just as was true for the apostle Paul concerning the Thessalonians. The mere thought of certain people He has brought into your life to bless you will probably put a big smile on your face!


rd, I want to say thank You for the people who are so faithful, kind, and encouraging that the mere mention of their names makes me want to smile. I am grateful for such people. Forgive me for focusing on the negative experiences I’ve had with people when the actual list of people who have been a blessing to me is so large. I ask You to help me remember those who put a smile on my face when I am attacked, hurt, or offended by others. Help me quickly remember that bad experiences with people are in the minor category, and that most people have been a blessing to me. As I make a list of those who have been true blessings in my life, show me how to express my gratitude to You and to them for the blessing they have been in my life.

I pray this in Jesus’ name!


I boldly and easily declare that my life has been blessed with people who have loved me, cared for me, and have been a blessing to me. When I am tempted to drag up the names and memories of those who have hurt me in some way, I will refuse to dwell on those memories but will put on the brakes and act in reverse, compiling a list of the people who have been a blessing. The truth is, there are more who have been for me than those who have been against me. When I think of all the longstanding relationships with people who have loved and forgiven me in spite of myself and are still being kind to me even today, it would be ungrateful for me to dwell on negative people. So with the help of the Holy Spirit, I am reversing my mental focus! I’m going to thank God for the people He has used to put a smile on my face.

Why Does Rick Smile

I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name!

Why Does Rick Smiley


Why Does Rick See Loris Ghost

  1. Have you ever made a list of people who have been a blessing to you over the course of your lifetime? It may be easier for you to think of people who have wronged you, since human nature has an easier time remembering negative experiences. But why don’t you set aside some time to write down the names of those people who have been a blessing to you? I think you’ll be surprised to see how long your list becomes!
  2. Do certain individuals come to mind when you ask yourself who always put a smile on your face? Have you ever stopped to tell them what they mean to you? Put yourself in their shoes, and think how much it would mean to you if someone told you how much you had been a blessing to him or her. It doesn’t take long to write a note, make a call, or send a text message. Why not do this for someone today?
  3. Are you the kind of person that the mere mention of your name or the mere thought of you makes someone else want to smile? Does the thought of you uplift others and put a smile on their faces, or does your name evoke a sense of heaviness and negative memories? If the answer is the latter, what areas might need to change in your behavior to reverse that negative testimony with other people?