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We've updated our Privacy & Cookie policy to provide more information as requested by new EU privacy laws.Privacy & Cookie policy to provide more information as. Το Trendie Bingo είναι μια ανάσα καθαρού αέρα στον διαδικτυακό κόσμο του bingo, μεταφέροντας την εμπειρία της αίθουσας bingo από την άνεση του σπιτιού σας σε ένα νέο επίπεδο.

How do casino dealers shuffle cards. In fact, here at Trendie Bingo, we love nothing more than rewarding you. Thanks to our fantastic loyalty scheme, unique XP points and Gold Coins system, you can rise quickly up the levels. Each level has bigger rewards, giving you even more reason to play at Trendie Bingo regularly. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.

Welcome to our TrendieBingo shop.

Here you can exchange your Gold Coins for bingo bonus and other great rewards. Exchanging your coins is simple, just click the 'Buy' button next to the item you want purchase. We plan on adding more fantastic rewards in the coming months, watch this space! For more information on our loyalty program click here

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You can find the answers to common questions below. For immediate help or to leave us a message please use the Live Chat button below. Our Live Chat service is available daily between 1pm and 9pm.

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Trendy Bing

You've probably received this error message because you are not playing the game via the official URL.
If you are not playing the game via the official URL, you will probably receive a '404-error' message when you launch the game.
If you are playing the game via the official URL and still receive the 404-error message, then contact us using this contact form:
I receive the 'Incorrect username/password' error message

If you receive the 'incorrect username/password' error message, you have probably entered the wrong username/password combination.
To request your username/password combination, you can follow the 'forgot your password' link that can be found on the player login page. Below is an example of this link:
Click on this link. A window will open into which you can enter your email address. Once you have done this, you'll receive your username and password sent to your email address.
If, after using the password form, you still cannot login, use the following form:
I cannot login because I've been removed by a Chathost.

When you do not abide by our chat rules, a Chathost can use a 'kick' to block you from using for a certain period of time.
Such decisions are always final and will not be overturned by the helpdesk.
If you have been kicked for more than a week and you would like to close your account, you can use the form below to do so. You can also request to have the money on your balance meter paid out. A decision will then be made based on our terms and conditions.
Please note! This form is for the final closing of your account! Kicks are NOT reversed.
I cannot login because my account has been closed at my request.

If you've closed your account at your own request, we can reopen it upon request. To do this, fill in the form below. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot reopen your account if it was closed permanently due to a responsible gambling issue or if you are currently within a period of self-exclusion.
I don’t know why I cannot login

Are you trying to login using the official URL?
If not, play via TrendieBingo's official URL to address the problem.
If you are, try to explain as specifically as possible what happens when you try to login.
How do I cancel my account?

You can use the following form to immediately cancel your account. However, we always appreciate feedback and if there is a problem that you have encountered then we would like the chance to resolve it. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to discuss your account further.
PLEASE NOTE! Your username remains linked to your computer, even when the username is no longer active. It is therefore not possible to open a new account when one has been closed.
How do I edit my account details?

You can edit your details from within your account. However, you will not be able to edit your name, date of birth or username.
To change your details, click on the 'Account' link in the bottom right of the game. Select 'My Details' from the menu. A window containing all your details will appear. Click on a field to edit its contents. Then click on the 'Save details' button. Your details have now been edited.
Your username, name or date of birth cannot be edited, this is due to security reasons. When it is absolutely necessary to edit these details (for instance if your username does not conform to our general terms and conditions), you can request this by filling in the form below:
I have another question about my account

If your query does not match any of the above questions, you can use this form to raise your question. We will answer your question as soon as possible, although sometimes this may take up to 48 hours.
Try to describe your query as clearly as possible so that we can help you immediately.
Bonus codes and bonuses

Your bonus code is probably not being accepted for one of the following reasons:
  • Your bonus code is no longer valid.
    For dates of validity, check the email in which you received the bonus code.
  • Your bonus code does not belong to your account.
    Some bonus codes are created specifically for a certain account and cannot be used for a different account.
  • You have not entered the bonus code into the correct field.
    For more information about entering bonus codes please click here.
When do I receive my next bonus code? / I would like a bonus code!

We often send bonus codes by email. This takes place about once a week, but sometimes we do skip a week. You can view the bonus codes currently available to your account on the deposit page or by using the 'List of active bonus codes' form below.
Unfortunately the helpdesk cannot tell you exactly when the next bonus code will be sent.
May I have an extra bonus code?
It is therefore not possible to receive extra bonus codes on request.
You can, however, influence how much bonus you receive with our 'deposit bonuses'. As a regular player, it's likely that you will receive more bonus codes to reward your loyalty
Do I receive a bonus when I make a deposit?

TrendieBingo offers a generous 200% welcome bonus which is automatically added to a player’s first deposit. Further reload bonuses can be redeemed via our bonus codes which are sent regularly in our e-mail newsletters.
I've received a newsletter with a Bonus Code but I've just deposited!

You only receive a bonus if you enter the bonus code at the time when of making a deposit.
We understand that it can be annoying when you make a deposit just before receiving a bonus code. Unfortunately, we have to draw the line somewhere. Therefore, you will have to make another deposit in order to receive the bonus.
TIP: You may consider making a withdrawal of the deposit you made before you received the bonus code. Please note; if you take a withdrawal from your balance meter, you may forfeit the bonus amount that you have at the time. The game gives a warning if this is the case.
I've accidentally deleted my bonus email. Can you resend it?

Unfortunately not. Our system automatically creates a personal bonus code for every player when the newsletters are sent out. These bonus codes are therefore only issued once.
However, you should be able to find your bonus code on your personal page or by using the 'List of Active Bonus Codes' query below.
I have a different question regarding bonus codes.

If you have a question about bonus codes which is not mentioned above, please use the following form to contact us:
Please mention the bonus code if you have it!
I have a question about bonus credit.
How does the unlocking / paying out of bonus credit work?

Here we will briefly explain how our bonus system works:
When you receive a bonus, it appears in your bonus meter. You must then unlock this bonus so that it can be added to the balance meter (therefore making it available for withdrawal).
You start buying cards using bonus funds once your cash balance is zero.
If your bonus amount is €50, when, after a number of rounds, you have bought €10 worth of cards, you have wagered your total bonus amount once.
When you win, your prize is again added to your bonus meter. This way it is possible to actually wager the bonus a number of times.
To unlock a bonus you must wager the original amount 6 or 10 times in full (depending on the bonus). The above example requires the player to wager €50 in full 6 times (€300).
When the bonus has been unlocked, it appears in your balance meter from where it can be withdrawn (subject to standard withdrawal rules).
For more detailed information of how our bonus system works please visit our Bonus FAQ page.
An example of unlocking a bonus:
- You've received a €25 bonus.
If you have no credit on your balance meter, you can bet this bonus. In other words, you buy cards using your bonus meter.
Every time you buy cards, you are unlocking the bonus bit by bit. When you have bet the full value of the original bonus (€25 in this case), we say that it has been unlocked 1x.
If the bonus must be bet 10x to unlock it, you must bet a total of 10x €25 - or €250 - using your bonus meter.
All winnings from bets made from your bonus meter are added to your bonus meter. Therefore, it is possible to wager the €250 with the €25 bonus so that the bonus is unlocked.
When the bonus has been unlocked, the unlocked amount is transferred directly to the balance meter.
My bonus credit has run out. Have I now unlocked it?

When the bonus credit on your bonus meter is finished, there is no bonus credit left to unlock. You will notice that the bonus has disappeared from your bonus overview. Better luck next time!
You'll find all further information about unlocking bonuses here:
I have just bet an amount, but I have seen no change in the 'remaining wagering requirement'.

A bonus can only be unlocked during a round in which at least 5 players have bought cards. If fewer players have bought cards, the round does not count towards the unlocking of the bonus.
When you have less than 1/10 of the bonus amount to be unlocked, it will not appear in the bonus overview. This is because we round off the unlocked amount to 1 decimal in the overview.
Only once you have bet 1/10 of the amount to be unlocked does this show in the statistics.
For example, if you would like to unlock €50 you will only see a change in the statistics when you have bet a total of €5 from the bonus amount.
You will find all further information about the unlocking of bonuses here:
After the round, my 'Remaining number of bets' in the bonus overview suddenly increases again.

Bonuses can only be unlocked during rounds in which a minimum of 5 players have bought cards.
The bonus overview is immediately adjusted when cards for the next round are bought using bonus credit. At that time, we have no way of knowing what the number of players will be for the following round. When the round starts and it appears that fewer than 5 people have bought cards, the bonus overview is readjusted.
If you notice your 'remaining number of bets' suddenly increasing at the start of a round, it means that fewer than 5 people have bought cards, and that your bet in this round doesn't contribute to the unlocking of the bonus.
You will find all further information about the unlocking of bonuses here:
I have a different question about my bonus credit.

If you have a question about a bonus which is not mentioned above, please contact us using the following form:
I have a question about newsletters.

We send newsletters on a regular basis. These newsletters often contain bonus codes to receive exrta bonus money on top of your deposit, or even receive bonuses without having to deposit.
This newsletter is also used to keep you informed about news on the platform, and important announcements.
We usually send one or multiple newsletters a week but the schedule can change.
Please refer to this page when you are having trouble receiving our newsletter.
Im having trouble receiving newsletters

If you are having trouble receiving our newsletters then we recommend you check the following:
  • Check if a newsletter is sent.
    We don’t always send newsletters on the same days or dates. Ask other players if they have received the newsletter or check with our live chat team if you are not sure.
  • Check your email address
    Make sure your email address is set correctly in your account. You can amend this on the 'My Profile' page.
  • Check your junk mail folder
    Remember that you can always check your available bonus codes on your deposit page in case you missed one in a newsletter.
Missed out on a bonus code? You can find a list of all the bonus codes here.
List of active bonus codes.
You can find a list of bonus codes here, that are currently valid and active for your account. Please note that when a bonus code is not listed here, this bonus code has expired.
You'll have to be logged in to view the bonus codes, because these bonus codes are unique per account.

You can make payment via Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and Credit/Debit card. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact our Live Help team.
How do I request a withdrawal?

In the bottom-right of the screen is the 'account' button which opens the account menu. Choose 'withdraw funds' from the account menu. The 'withdrawals' window will open.
You can only request a withdrawal if you have entered your details and your balance is at least €25.
My withdrawal request is not working.

One of the following is the cause of the problem:
- Your details are not entered or saved
You cannot receive a withdrawal because the payout details which you entered have not been saved, or you have not filled in all the necessary details.
Enter all your details. Make sure that you do NOT click on the right-hand 'withdraw' button at the bottom of the form, but on the 'save' button!
You will then receive a notification informing you that your details have been saved. Then you can complete your withdrawal.
- You have insufficient balance You can only receive a withdrawal if your balance is at least €25.
Credit on the bonus meter cannot be paid out. You must first unlock it so that it can be transferred to your balance meter.
If your balance is at least €25 and you have filled in all your details and saved them using the 'save' button, but you still cannot take a withdrawal, you can use the following form to contact us:
How long will it take before the money is added to my account?

We process withdrawals every working day. Typically, it will take 1 working day to process your withdrawal followed by another 2-4 working days for your bank to receive the refund.
You request a withdrawal on Monday morning. We process the payment on Monday or Tuesday. The money will be available Between Thursday and the following Monday, depending on the speed at which your bank receives refunds.
Example 2:
You request a withdrawal on Friday evening. We process the payment on Monday. The money will be available to you by Friday evening at the latest. If there is a weekend or bank holiday in between, it can take longer than you might expect.
What if it takes even longer?
Don't worry; Sometimes the banks take longer than usual. If it takes longer than 5 working days, inform us that you have not received your withdrawal yet. To do this, select the 'I have not received my withdrawal yet.' query that you'll find below.
I have not received my withdrawal yet.

We process withdrawals every working day (Monday-Friday). Processing means that we transfer the money to your bank.
After processing, it can take a further 2-4 working days for the money to appear in your account.
Please note!If there is a weekend or bank holiday in between, it can take longer than you might expect.
If 5 working days have passed and you have not received your refund please inform us using the form below:
TIP: In your email, mention your bank first name, surname and refund request date so that we can help you as quickly as possible!
I have reached the cancellation cap.

You have reached the limit of 30 cancellations a month. Please send us your motivations why you want to cancel this withdrawal so we can help you as quickly as possible.
I have a different question about payments.

If you have a question about payments that is not mentioned above, you can use the following form to contact us:
Casino Games

You can see a list of casino games on the following page:
There is a button entitled 'more info' below each casino game. Please click on this button to see the game's description.
Can I play with my bonus balance?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to play casino games with bonus money. Bonus money can only by used for buying bingo cards.
My session was shut down during a game (session expired).

You can always re-open a game when you have to shut it down, for any reason. If you were in the middle of a game, the game will immediately start where it left off, providing you with the last result of your game, or the possibility to continue your (bonus) spins.
Please be aware that the game will show a 'session expired' message when you are idle for several minutes for security reasons.
What does coin size and coin amount mean?

You can change the amount of coins wagered, and the value of these coins. By doing this, you are changing the value of your bet, and the game payouts will change accordingly. Please refer to the game information provided for more information about specific games.
Responsible Gaming
We are committed to responsible gambling. Please visit our responsible gambling page for more information. You can add a deposit limit or set a self-exclusion on your account at anytime by logging and selecting ‘Responsible Gambling’ from the personal homepage menu.
We also offer options to set session, wagering and loss limits. These are available by contacting our helpdesk via [email protected] Please note that session, wagering and loss limits are not active until they are confirmed by our helpdesk. In order to prevent yourself from gambling instantly, please use that you use the self-exclusion option on our
If you have a question that is not mentioned above, you can contact us via our Live Chat service by using the button on the right of this page or submit the below form for a response via email.
Please ensure you include as much information as possible so we can answer your query in full.
We will reply to your message as soon as possible. However, in some cases this can take up to 24 hours. Please refrain from sending the same question more than once. All emails are handled in the order in which we receive them.