laser hair removalWhen waxing, shaving or pulling out the unwanted hairs with tweezers are the only options for many people, they should consider laser hair removal. This is an FDA accredited process which prevents the unwanted hair from growing permanently at the body parts where the treatment is done.

Here are some of the top advantages of the laser hair removal treatment

  • Hair on the human bodies grows in three different stages- anagen, telogen, and catagen. The laser hair removal treatment mainly targets the hair follicles at the anagen stage. The laser turns the energy into heat and targets the hair follicle when it is actively growing at the anagen stage. This is how the heat prevents the follicle from developing any
  • At popular centers like Satori laser, patients usually never experience any dark spots on their skin or after effects during the post laser hair removal treatments. With the state-of-art technology, the specialists out there target only the pigmented area such as the follicle. Thus, the laser only burns the follicles, not the skin. Therefore, the patients undergoing the high-end treatment never find the burnt marks or dark spots at the areas where the treatment is done.
  • Though the laser hair removal treatment is in practice since 1997, but later on FDA approved it as a “permanent hair reduction”. FDA considers laser hair removal treatment to be long lasting and effective solution for permanent hair removal.
  • Laser hair removal treatment is one of the fastest methods that can be processed in within a few minutes after the marking. For removing hair from the upper lips the experts take less than a minute to apply the laser. The patients can go to their work after the treatment as they don’t have to rest for hours or so. But often they are asked for a couple of sessions to experience the permanent hair removal solution.
  • Usually, no pain or irritation is normally felt during the process if it is under at the best laser centers. But it depends on the skin types and the tolerance capability of the individuals undergoing the treatment. But, the therapists undergo a session beforehand to make the patients aware of the treatment and the minimum pain that the individuals are going to experience. During the consultation, the patients are asked about any kind of skin irritation or infection, allergy etc they have experienced before. Depending on that the therapists initiate the treatment.
  • The skin gets smoother and softer unlike before after the laser hair removal. It is mainly caused because the skin base is not eroded like it usually does during shaving. The laser only burns the follicles to stop the hair growth permanently. The process is also not as painful as waxing. This is why the popularity of the laser treatment is increasing.
  • Though the laser hair removal treatment is expensive but it is a permanent solution for individuals looking forward to getting rid of the unwanted hairs from the different parts of their bodies.

Bien que le traitement d’épilation au laser soit coûteux, il s’agit d’une solution permanente pour les personnes qui souhaitent se débarrasser des poils indésirables des différentes parties de leur corps.

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