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Hollywood sportsbook pa. Finding success betting NBA basketball can be a challenge but an understanding of the nature of the game can help significantly. Fortunately, there's plenty of statistics available to the pro basketball betting enthusiast but the most valuable NBA basketball betting trends can be found right here at Sportsbook.AG.

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Many serious sports bettors consider college hoops the best sport to handicap due to the massive number of teams on the board and the difficulty the linemaker faces in keeping up with them all. NBA basketball doesn't have the large number of teams, but it does have a ridiculously long schedule followed by the playoffs. The grueling 82 game schedule and the demands of travel mean that there are games where one team 'doesn't show up'. Situational betting trends help determine when a team might 'come out flat' for a specific game. Some teams play very poorly in the second of back to back games, for example, and that's a trend that can help NBA bettors find good betting opportunities.

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It's no secret that sports teams usually play better at home, but that's especially true in the NBA. Home court is critical the NBA and some teams even demonstrate a home/away bias with NBA totals. This is caused by playing different styles -usually an up-tempo style at home and a slower, more defensively oriented style on the road. The scheduling situations that NBA teams face also manifest themselves more acutely away from home. Back to back games during long trips, for example, are a good spot to 'circle'. Other bettors focus on the distance of the travel that is especially problematic for Eastern Conference teams traveling west. The West Coast travel also brings up a situation where teams have to play at a high altitude in Salt Lake City and Denver. Historically, teams play the two Mountain Time Zone teams in back to back games and depending on the makeup of the roster this spot at high altitude can be very difficult to manage.