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CONGRATULATIONS to all who took part in the Spin and Win Promotion. The promotion lasted from Friday, November 13th, 2020. from 00:00h and ran until Friday, November 27th, 2020. until 11:59 p.m. All players who spun the wheel on Mozzart Bet’s LIVE CASINO game “MEGA WHEEL” on the desktop and mobile site versions participated in the promotion.

In the promotion, 35 prizes worth 130,000 KSH are awarded, which are distributed as follows:

1. 45,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0715***470

2. 25,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0726***324

3. 15,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0723***215

4. 6,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0726***929

Spin A Win, like Dream Catcher, is a simple game to play and understand. It’s a live casino game where the host presenter spins a wheel. On the wheel are 54 various segments and players bet. Live Spin a Win is a very simple and fast paced live casino online game and is ideal for players that like fixed odds games. Similar to roulette but with less numbers and the addition of the multipliers. Spin a Win offers a colourful roulette-style wheel. Various bets can be placed and payouts are dependent on the value of the bet. Once your bet has been placed, you press the spin button and watch the wheel spin. If you change your mind, you can select the 'clear all bets' button or the 'clear last bet' button.

5. 6,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0714***813

6. 6,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0724***072

7. 3,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0714***203

8. 3,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0713***112

9. 3,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0748***649

10. 3,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0701***283

11. 1,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0723***222

12. 1,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0724***283

13. 1,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0707***803

14. 1,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0716***406


15. 1,000 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0712***374

16. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0741***563

17. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0718***615

18. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0700***310

19. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0701***755

20. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0729***027

21. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0713***000

22. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0724***242

23. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0704***113

24. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0726***913

25. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0705***613

26. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0724***332

27. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0721***033

28. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0743***200

29. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0722***946

30. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0725***013

31. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0722***500

32. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0712***021

33. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0702***340

34. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0725***606

35. 500 KSH – NAME LASTNAME_0727***374

Play Spin and Win!

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We offer a Live Spin A Win game show with a real wheel and a live dealer.

The objective is to predict which sector of the wheel comes to stop under the wheel flapper. Thewheel has 54 sectors that contain six different numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40) and two multipliers (x2 and x7).

Betting flow

  • If a game round is in progress when you enter the table, please wait for the next one, and then, place your bets.
  • To place a bet, choose a chip and place it on the betting position.
  • You can place several chips on different betting positions simultaneously.
  • The timer in the game window shows how much time you have left to place your bets.
  • You must confirm your bet. This can be done either manually, by using the Confirm button after each bet, or automatically at the end of betting time. If your service provider has enabled auto-confirmation, it is on by default and the Confirm button does not appear. You can switch the feature off in game settings.
  • After the No More Bets signal, the game round begins.
  • Winnings are paid for the winning bets at the end of each game round.
  • To play a game round, place your bets again or use the Rebet button.
  • To skip a turn, simply do not place any bets on the table.

Game flow

  • Place your bet on any of the following main bet positions: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40.
  • You can also place your bet on any of the side bet positions: Odd, Even and Multiplier. This can be done without placing a main bet.
  • After all the players have made their bets, the dealer spins the wheel and announces the round result.
  • If the result is a Multiplier, the wheel is spun again, until a winning result is determined.

Limit ranges

The limit ranges displayed next to the table name in the Lobby and on the game table UI correspond to main bet 1 limit.Please keep in mind, that the winnings are limited to $ 500 000 (or an equivalent in your local currency).

Side bets

Spin Casino Online

There are three available side bets: Odd, Even and Multiplier. Each bet covers a different set of numbers and has a different distribution.

You win the Odd side bet if the result of the round is 1 or 5.

You win the Even side bet if the result of the round is 2, 10, 20 or 40.

You win the Multiplier side bet if the result of round is: Multiplier x2 or Multiplier x7. In case of several consecutive Multiplier results during one game round, the multiplications are added up and the result of the winning round is multiplied by all the multipliers from theprevious spins.

If the result is Multiplier, your Odd and Even side bets lose.

Error handling

In some cases, an error might occur that requires the dealer to spin the wheel again tofinish the game round. In such cases, all the players currently at the table are notified of the respin, and the game round is completed normally.

Cancelled games

A game round can be cancelled by the dealer if complications occur and disrupt the game session. In such cases,all the players who are currently at the table are notified of the cancellation and all bets are returned totheir accounts. Cancelled game rounds are marked with an X.

Return to player

The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 97.22% (90.67%–97.22%)

Detailed RTP information for every bet type:

Main Bet





















Side Bet










96.30% Vietnam airlines 777.


Payout table

Bet Type














Multiplier x2

Position payout x2

Multiplier x7

Position payout x7

Odd Side Bet


Even Side Bet


Multiplier Side Bet


UI Elements

Places the same bet as in the previous round.

Removes your bets that are currently on the table.

Doubles the bet you have currently placed.

Confirms all the bets you have placed on the table. Without confirmation your bets do not count.


The button opens the Settings menu.

  • Game Settings - Allows you to enable or disable Auto-confirmed bets feature and tooltips.
  • Audio Settings - Allows you to mute and unmute game sounds and dealer’s voice and change sound volume.
  • Video Settings - Allows you to change video stream quality.
  • Game History - Allows you to access full information about your previous game history.
    If you find the data provided in the Game History insufficient, please request a more detailed overview from your service operator.
  • Help - Opens the Help and Rules files that you are currently reading.
  • Support* - Allows you to contact the Customer Support team.
    * This option may not be available in your region.
BalanceDisplays your current game balance. This is the money you can use to play the game.

Opens the Cashier window, where you can make deposits, withdrawals, see your transaction history, etc.

Opens the Limits panel.

Gives a tip* to the dealer.
* Option is available only if enabled by your service provider.

Loads the Lobby where you can join another table. Please note, that if the game round is in progress, and you have placed bets on the current table, you need to wait until the game round finishes, before you can leave your current table.

Golden Chip

Golden Chips are bonus chips that are awarded to you in certain table games. Each Golden Chip has a specific value and can be used for betting like a normal chip. If the Golden Chip menu is available on the dashboard, it means that you have Golden Chips available for you to use in the current game.
The Golden Chip menu displays the value and the amount of the Golden Chips available in each particular game. If you have been awarded Golden Chips of different value, the menu lists all chip values and their amount. Chips of the same value from different bonuses are added up.

The Info button opens a pop-up with more information about the Golden Chips.

To bet using the Golden Chips, first select the desired Golden Chip value and then place a bet as normally. The remaining amount of Golden Chips decreases respectively.

Note that:

  • Golden Chips are only accepted as initial bets in the game. Any following activities, such as doubling, shall be deducted from your Real Money balance.
  • In card games, you cannot place a Golden Chip and regular chips on the same bet position simultaneously. However, you are welcome to mix a Golden Chip with a Real Money bet in all Roulette and SicBo games.
  • You can bet only one Golden Chip in each game round. This means that in multihand games, the Golden Chip can be placed on one hand only.

In case of a Tie or Push, the Golden Chip you bet is returned to you. Note that Tie or Push are featured only in Blackjack and poker games.

When your Golden Chip bet wins, the value of the winning Golden Chip is deducted from your win amount.

All game rounds that are played using Golden Chips are also distinguished in game history with the corresponding (GC) icon.

Note: This feature can be enabled or disabled by your service provider.

Live Bets Disclaimer

We make every effort to ensure that the information that is displayed to you and on our website withregards to the events is accurate. However, this is to be used for guidance purposes only. Due to thenature of these events and due to live transmissions potentially being delayed, we assume no liabilityfor any information, including the score and time of game, being incorrect. Please ensure that you referto the specific betting rules to see how bets are settled in particular markets. Note that this delayvaries between customers and may depend on the setup from which they are receiving the data or pictures.

Live video feeds: Due to the nature of the Internet, video latency may occur.The game has been designed to ensure that players do not have advantage nor are in disadvantage dueto the potential latency.

Note on malfunctions: A malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Note on rounding: Bets are always rounded down from the third decimal point. When you are refunded, and the money is transferredto your account balance, any amount smaller than 0.01 is rounded down.

Note on unresolved actions: Unpaid actions are canceled after 90 days.

Note on disconnections: If you are disconnected from the game due to a connection problem, your bets are recorded andpaid out according to the results of the round. You can view the results of the round in the game history.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000 or 10,000xBet - whichever is reached first (or currency equivalent. Other Operator limits may apply).