Soccer Betting In Usa

Betting on soccer has never been more possible through the use of legal online sportsbooks and the state-regulated ones too. If you are a soccer fan, then you’ve probably placed bets or at least considered betting on your favorite teams or matchups. However, without being at the stadium across the pond, finding a place to place your bets can be confusing to figure out. Luckily, signing up for, using, and understanding online sportsbooks has never been easier than right now.

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  4. Online Soccer Betting In Usa

Here we will go over how to bet on soccer including what the bets look like, how to look at odds, and where to watch your bets. Betting on soccer is different than betting on football or basketball, and there are some specifics that you might not be aware of. Also, legal soccer betting has an added layer of complexity due to the many leagues and forms of competition that the sport contains. It is important to understand this sport, and its format, before placing any money on outcomes. Luckily you have come to the right place to learn all of this valuable information.

Soccer Betting In Usa Soccer Betting In The United States - Real Football Man Soccer Betting In The United States. The landscape has changed over the past few years and no longer is Vegas your only location to bet. The sports betting landscape is returning to some level or normalcy after the wide spread cancellation of leagues and games due to the pandemic. As for soccer, which has resumed in full across the world in most cases, there’s a growing list of options for soccer betting in the US including: English Premier League.

How To Bet On Soccer

Soccer betting types contain some small, but important differences than betting on most other sports. From the three-way moneyline to typical over-unders, here we will detail all of the different lines you might see for a soccer match in your sportsbook. While some are more complex than others, this small list of soccer wagering styles will help legal sports bettors get off on the right foot.

Three-Way Moneyline Betting In Soccer

Betting the moneyline is a staple of all betting platforms, across all sports. The moneyline bet is one of the most popular wagers due to its simplicity – simply pick the team you believe will win. However, in soccer, the moneyline bet gains an extra angle. In football or basketball in America there are only two possible results for the end of a game, win or lose. However, in most soccer competitions internationally can end with a third result, the draw. Tying in soccer is a relatively common result, so therefore sportsbooks had to come up with a betting line that reflected this possibility. A Three-Way Moneyline for soccer will look something like this in your sportsbook:

  • Barcelona -150
  • Real Madrid +150
  • Draw +200

Betting The Moneyline In Soccer

Betvoyager casino. Additionally, most sportsbooks will offer the standard Two-Way Moneyline on the teams. This will generally feature worse odds than the Three-Way, but with the added ability of your bet ending in a push if the match comes to a draw. A Two-Way Moneyline will look like this:

Online Soccer Bet In Usa

  • Barcelona -170
  • Real Madrid + 130

For soccer bettors who want the bigger payout, taking the three-way moneyline is advised as the added possibility of a draw increases the odds. For those who are looking to play it a little safer and have to only worry about which team will actually win, the standard moneyline is the bet for you.

Best soccer betting sites in usa

Best Soccer Betting In Usa

Soccer Over/Under Betting

Soccer Betting Site In Usa

Over/Under bets in soccer operate the same in soccer as most other sports, dealing with the total amount of points scored in the match. These bets will deal with the total goals scored between both teams. Total lines can be set at 4 or 5 or even as low as 1 or 1.5 depending on factors like team form, injuries, and goalkeeper play. A typical soccer over/under will look like this:

  • Barcelona vs. Real Madrid O2.5 +115
  • Barcelona vs. Real Madrid U2.5 -155

Online Soccer Betting In Usa

The O and U refer to over and under for the number of goals set. Note the half number, which means that teams will have to score 2 goals for the under or 3 for the over. Oddsmakers are keen on setting halved numbers, as this prevents a push between bettors and the book. This way, the game either hits the over or it doesn’t.