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Seat map Boeing 777-200 United Airlines. Best seats in plane
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Having read the reviews about the new lay flat sleeper seats on the Delta 777LR route from Tokya/Narrita/Japan direct to Atlanta, I was concerned about how I would fit/my comfort. I am over 6'3' and a large person nearing 300lbs. The tickets were already booked, so I decided I would take the chance and get on the flight. I can say that I had no problems 'fitting' into the seat and had no problems sitting, resting or sleeping comfortably with just a little try and see how it feels positioning of my body. Could the seats have been better? absolutely they could have been, Delta (like most U.S. Airlines) are far behind in the game of seating when compared to other airlines, especially the Asian airlines, however the seat posed no problems for a me personally, so I can only speculate that anyone shorter or skinnier will just have that much more room in the seat.
As for the seats privacy, my seat was one of the single ones on one of the sides of the plane. For persons traveling alone/single, these seemed to be the best option, however the layout of the seats will not provide a traveling couple much interaction ability.
Misc notes:Seatguru Delta 777
I thought that the tv screen was positioned in an odd fashion, it was not able to be angled/positioned to be brought forward towards you while in the laying down or very reclined position and at times made for some odd viewing angles. The screen imo was a bit small and Delta should have sprung for some larger screens.
The footrest could have been wider/larger, which would be nice to have had a larger area for my feet to have rested and could have doubled as a sitting area for a traveling companion (if you had one) to sit and talk with.
Bottom line (imo):

Aa 777 Seatguru

If you are expecting an Asian airline type of seat, then you will certainly be disappointed, Delta seats for the 777-200LR (imo) rate a 2.5 in a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the best.

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In comparison, Singapore airlines, all business class A340-500 plane, I would rate as a 4.5, with far superior markings on all of the seat comfort ratings.
The new lay-flat beds are a step in the right direction for Delta and they are certainly an upgrade from the angle reclined seats Delta/NWA had (and still does use on such aircraft as the 747-400), but more research (including some real fliers who would use the seats) should have been done by Delta before acquisition and installation of these seats were done in their planes.

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