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SCR888 Free Game SCR888 is the most played online casino in Malaysia. Most Malaysians play at SCR888/ 918KISS because of. Every time you play a slot game with real money, you’ll be rewarded with SCR888 Free Bonus. The bonus is calculated each week. SCR888 Casino is one of the most attractive casinos on the internet. So, what are you waiting for? Join SCR888 Casino now, play the games and win some incredible prizes!

Looking for an exciting and interesting gambling games? This SCR888 OR 918KISS app should be your first choice. SCR888 OR 918KISS app able giving you more unbelievable experience you ever had in playing games. There are more than 100 slot machine and table game inside the app. The SCR888 / 918KISS currently maintain the top ranking result from the Google Trend and mostly catch attention of many citizen from Malaysia and Brunei.

  • SCR888 (918 Kiss) Very special version of Roulette game with 73 number, 1 x 0 number mean 0 is really rare. 1 bet win 72, you may bet black or red color, 1-36, even, odd or 36-72, min.
  • The most important thing about playing SCR888 is to spend a good time and enjoy playing. It is preferable to bet yourself and listen to your inner voice. Choose the best online slot; Before beginning to play any game offered by SCR888, take a look at the earning payout of every existing slot. Certain online slots offer higher payouts than the.

There are many popular games which can be found in the app like, Great blue slot game, Safari heat slot game, Thai paradise slot game, Bonus bears slot game, Irish luck slot game and etc. These games are mostly famous and the frequencies of visiting are the tops among them, because you can easily get 'Big Wins', 'Super Big Wins', 'Ultra Big wins'.

The values of purchase in game credit is RM1.00 = 1 game credit point. As an advice, we suggest that you can start with the small amount of bet, when your game credits grow continuously, you can change your strategies from small to bigger. The online casino games are depending on your luck. Keep on playing 1-2 hours in 1 game we sure you will hits multiple free spins.

The latest SCR888 / 918Kiss can be downloaded here for iphone IOS, android and computer for 2019 and 2020. Many citizen disburden to play online casino in SCR888 / 918KISS as, we also provide a very good customer service by contacting our customer support if you need any help in registration account, installation and function of whole gameplay. Customer service always be ready for you guys in 24 hours.

Download 918KISS Android Version

Download 918KISS IOS 64-Bit(For Iphone 5s or Higher)

Download 918KISS IOS 32-Bit(For Iphone 5 or Below)

If you like to install and play this with your computer (pc) or mac, you can click here and refer the guide given >>>>> How to install and play 918Kiss on PC.

AND More detail about SCR888 (918Kiss)!

***Below are the steps on installing the app on IOS IPHONE and IPAD:

How to install on iOS iPHONE & iPAD

Search 'win8today download scr888' on google search

Select IOS 64bit version

Click and wait for it download

wait for it to complete download

918kiss download complete

Click cancel

Go to setting > general

Then go to 'device management'

Click on 'Asia Property 1 Limited'

Click 'TRUST > Asia Property 1 Limited

Click 'TRUST'

918kiss now verified

Click 918kiss to 1st load the app, it will auto update.. wait for for it to complete

918kiss installed complete, enjoy and good luck!!!! get your free id from our customer support.

Here is the video how to install 918KISS in computer (PC) FAQs⁉

☎️Contact 918Kiss Scr888? - If you need help on our games, service, register, top-up, withdraw you can contact us via Live Chat, Telegram, Whatsapp or Wechat we are working non stop 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

🎰What is

– was previously known as WIN88.TODAY. Win is a current trend, first leading online casino in Malaysia and zero-risked in “easy making money” platform. gives a wide range of online casino games, provides variety of games and services to customers, for making the ways of winning more interesting. As we put the customers as our priority, we put our best to serve and help you in solving any problems. The design layout has been kept clean, make our lovely customers feel comfortable and easily to pick the selection which mostly preferred by themselves.

The aim of this website built is, firstly customers are easily to find us. Secondly, customers are our priority, they deserve to win the prizes in the online casino games. These mini games are maintaining high winning rates, so customers feel more enjoyable.

Customers will find many good selection of all popular online casino games in, such as Jackpots, Slots, Poker, and Live Casino. Many very well-known popular games also can be found in this website such as, Lucky Palace (LPE88), SCR888 (918Kiss), Newton(NTC33), Joker123, 3WIN8 and Casino Play8oy. These online casino games remain at the top 🥇 among many online casino games in Malaysia.

Additional, these online casino games also can be supported in any device, either using IOS 🍎 or any Android device 📱 , to fulfill our customers’ needs. Games are sourced from trusted game vendors, ensuring the games meet the fully high expected quality graphics and clear audio for expanding the experience.

💋What games which can be found in

– We provide all kind of casino games in this platform, such as online slot game, roulette wheel online, “Banker Player”, poker, blackjack, pai gow, bingo, dice games, keno, craps, wheel of fortune, football betting, 4D, Sic Bio, Bull Bull, Dragon Tiger etc.

We provide almost all local popular online casino games in Malaysia:

💋What is the most current popular casino online games which achieved high reputations? –

#1️⃣ Samurai Sensei

Designed with Japanese culture style. Samurais, Nihon Buyō Japanese-danced girls, and japanese warriors will help you defend the money and increase the winning rate.

#2️⃣ Slot Game 3KINGS

Happy Go Lucky Chinese Caishen helps you “OngOngMali”.🤑🤑🤑

#3️⃣ Sea World

Wild ocean park fishes will guide you a way for winning a big fortune.

#4️⃣ Roulette

Scr888 free play poker

A good experienced game which has beautiful and elegant service girl to kindly serve you.

#5️⃣ Fountain of Youth

One of the classic games which involves 3 reels and 3 paylines. Played with soothing music, beautiful blue birds, fragrant flowers, gorgeous butterflies and cute frogs. Attractive catching eyes game and easily managed.

#6️⃣ Ra The God Of Sun

An Egyptian-themed game slot which maintain the rank of the most top favourite game. As it has the biggest pay rate and frequencies among many slot games.

#7️⃣ Space Monkey

A monkey which entered to the space, needs to face many villains on its journey. We have to help it for ensuring it safer to its destinations.

#8️⃣ Golden Rooster

Golden Rooster, a slot that makes you feel like a farmer, but it’s also a game makes you feel lucky and rich when getting a golden eggs.

#9️⃣ Great Blue

The thrilling sea life theme slot machine game, offers amazing graphics and animations. The chance of gaining bonus is more and easily to get multiplies than the others.

#🔟 Dragon Palace Wukong

Catch Wukong will trigger the multiplier feature by using your laser cannon. Catch many fishes as possible.

💋How to install SCR888 / 918KISS in Android?

– It’s very easy to download in any Android device. Click here to download the apk file. Make sure the device enable to install this game apk by opening “Unknown source” in device setting. After finished to install, you can enjoy the game. Download the games apps is free of charge, you can register a free game ID from our Customer Support team.

Scr888 Free Play Online

⚠⚠⚠ Do not download or install SCR888 / 918KISS from any unknown third party, otherwise any error will be appeared and the case will be difficult to overcome.

For Samsung devices:

Go to your phone’s settings >>> Security & Privacy >>> More setting >>> Install apps from external sources. >>> Select the browser you want to download APK files.

For Android 8 and above devices (other than Samsung):

Go to your phone’s settings >>> Biometrics and Security >>> Install unknown apps. >>> Select the browser you want to download APK files.

For Android 8 and earlier version:

Go to your phone’s settings >>> Security >>> Under Device administration.

💋How to install SCR888 / 918KISS in iphones?

– Apple Iphones and Ipads are bothly have high security maintenance, the system always block for opening the SCR888 / 918KISS apps. Information below are the steps for installing in IOS:

After the SCR888 / 918KISS is installed, go to setting > General > Device Management > Tap on the developer > Trust the developer.

*Remember to collect your free id from our Customer Support.*

💋How to register and join SCR888 / 918KISS?

– If you are 21 years old and above, register the account by contact our Customer Support, provide your name and phone number will do. The game account is free of charge.

💋How to play SCR888 / 918KISS in PC?

– SCR888 / 918KISS only available in mobile version. If you wanna play with pc, you must download an apps which support in apk files, enable to open the apk download file. You can refer the post in this link: (

Download in PC guideline:

1. Install emulator in your pc (we recommend NOXPlayer).

2. Open NOXPlayer and directly open browser go to

3. Download the Android apk and follow the steps of Android.

4. Have fun.

💋How to top-up SCR888 / 918KISS?

– The top-up service in this game is much so easier by using ATM transfer or any online bank transfer. Go and contact our Customer Support ( for any requirements. Provide your phone number or name or game ID and amount you like to top-up. Send us the transfer slip or receipts once the payment was done. Once verified, the game credit will automatically top-up into your game ID.

💋How to withdraw the credit?

– You can contact our Customer Support, tell us the amount of credit that you want to withdraw and the bank account that you want us transfer to. The withdraw usually take 3-5 minutes to complete.

Download MEGA888 and Play All Day Long

MEGA888 is widely recognised as the most played online mobile slot games in Malaysia. Very often, players are confused about the downloading process for MEGA888 games. We at provide you the most informative download guide for you to download and play MEGA888.

In Malaysia, most players use Android and IOS smartphones to play MEGA888 games. In view of this, MEGA888 Malaysia’s team has been doing a great job in rendering the most innovative and user-friendly mobile gaming platform for all its players.

How long it takes to download MEGA888? Need not to worry, it only requires a few minutes of time. You may refer to our download guide here for more information.

Register and Play Now

At this moment, you are only few steps away from playing MEGA888 slot games on mobile phones. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on this link – and speak to MEGA888 Malaysia’s VIP service team to register for free MEGA888 player ID. You may also login to the chat using your personal Facebook account.

Step 2: Provide your personal details to register for MEGA888 game ID.

Step 3: Now you may login and play MEGA888!

Why Should You Play MEGA888 on Android and IOS?

Most people like to play slot games in Malaysia. They wish to win big money with small bet. Slot games are even more popular than live casino games nowadays.

We have heard about how awesome MEGA888 is. It seems like everyone is playing this game. But, do you have any clue about the benefits of playing MEGA888?

Firstly, it is considered one of the easiest to win slot games ever. Winning payout is high. Jackpots falls nearly everyday. It’s just the matter whether it’s your turn to grab away big jackpots.

Bmw championship betting odds. Understanding Golf Betting Odds. We show Golf betting odds on the Exchange in decimals. Golf decimal odds are easy to understand, because they represent the payout you'll get if you win – e.g. 3.3 means you'll receive 33 for every £10 you bet, including your stake, if the bet wins. I have been providing free golf betting tips on since September 2014, and have been betting on golf since the early 2000s. I cover the PGA, WGC, European Tour, Champions Tour and LPGA primarily. I'll also dabble in tournaments such as the Asian Tour and the Tour from time to time. All of my golf betting tips are free.

Why would we want to gamble? Of course, we would like to make some big fat profits from the games. Unfortunately, all electronic slot games are perfectly designed to eliminate any potential loopholes.

It’s really kinda hard to hack these slot games. Nonetheless, you don’t have to do so in MEGA888. It’s just too easy to win from its games. Just play, and get the money.

Secondly, almost all its games are in the favour of Malaysian online casino players. It’s very easy to learn how to play the games. Unlike Playtech’s series, it’s just too complicated for players to understand.

Do not forget the ultimate purpose of playing slot games. We don’t care how beautiful its game graphic design is. We just want to win, and withdraw (or known as CUCI in Malay) everyday.

Thirdly, MEGA888 can be easily downloaded on Android and IOS smartphones. Do not worry, a complete download guide is provided to guide you through the entire download process for MEGA888 mobile version.

How Do I Make Money from Playing MEGA888?

It sounds a bit ridiculous to constantly make profits from online gambling. You know what? Your dream might come true now.

MEGA888 has been widely recognised as the easiest-to-win slot games in Malaysia. Here comes the question: how do we make big money from it?

Let me share a bit about my winning record – RM30,000 a day. How much did I deposit? Not much, merely RM100. I’m not bragging how good I am in playing MEGA888. This is a true story.

You can do this as well since I’ve already done it. Here’s some free tips for you to win from MEGA888 slot games:

Always Play Popular Slot Games

Everyone has their all-time favourite slot games. They might have won some lucrative amount of profits from these games in the past. But remember, do not play those unpopular games.

Let me tell you why, a slot game would only start distributing profits when there is sufficient betting turnover achieved. For unpopular slot games, the number of players are much lesser, so does the betting turnover.

If you ask me what are the popular games in MEGA888, I would suggest the following:

  1. Highway Kings
  2. Great Blue
  3. Wukong (Monkey Story Plus)
  4. Thai Paradise
  5. Monkey Thunderbolt
  6. Dolpin Reef
  7. Wong Choy
  8. Cherry Love
  9. Safari Heat
  10. Captain’s Treasure

The more players there are, the higher chances that you can win, or even strike the mega progressive jackpots.

Play with Authorised MEGA888 Agents

It’s useless if you are betting with a dishonest MEGA888 agent. They might not pay you when you’re lucky enough to strike a big win.

Some of the MEGA888 agents are operating in very small scale, therefore being reluctant to pay when the amount is huge. They might just vanish into nowhere and start another new company with a new gambling site.

It’s of high importance to recognise the trustworthiness of your online casino agent. In fact, provides the most trusted and the most convenient platform for you to play MEGA888 slot games.

What is MEGA888 APK?

MEGA888 APK is an installer file that is specially designed for MEGA888 Android version. You can only download MEGA888 APK on your smartphones that support Android operating system. For examples, Samsung, Xiao Mi, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, Asus, Huawei, HP, Sony, HTC, and so forth.

APK is actually an abbreviation of Android Application Package. It’s the one and only package file format used for Android OS for installing mobile apps and middleware.

Nonetheless, how do we get the APK installer for 918Kiss? Do not worry, we always deliver the most accurate info and support. Click here to get the latest MEGA888 APK file.

How to Win from MEGA888 Games? (Here’s Some Free Tips for You)

Many people have been searching for tips to constantly win from MEGA888 games. It has been the hottest talk in Malaysia this year. Some people try to hack the games. Some people try to discover loopholes.

At, we provide you some useful and free tips to help winning from MEGA888 slot games.

We will regularly update whatever tips we have to win from MEGA888 games for the benefits of all. Stay-tuned for more updates!

How to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit

Many people love to claim MEGA888 free game credit to test their luck in the slot games. However, many might not know how to claim it.

Free credit is the extra bonus that offered by online casino sites to reward new players. But, what can you do with the free credit?

You may use the free credit or free bonuses to bet for MEGA888 slot games. No deposit is required. You might even strike the big win if you’re just lucky enough.

Free MEGA888 Login to All Casino Players in Malaysia

Wondering how to login MEGA888 quickly? Thanks to MEGA888 Malaysia, anyone may login to MEGA888 slot games free and easy. This is absolutely a great news to all MEGA888 fans in Malaysia. Just follow 3 easy steps below:

  1. Download MEGA888 slot games on your Android or iOS smartphones
  2. Get a free game ID from the MEGA888 official agent
  3. Enter your game ID and password on login page

Yes, it’s done! Don’t worry, there is no auto logout in the game. You can stay away from the game for as long as you want, need not to re-login again. Enjoy the game!

MEGA888 October 2017 New Updates

Getting towards the end of 2017, MEGA888 remains as the most played online slot games in Malaysia. We suspect it has secured a total 80% market share of the local online gambling industry.

So, what’s new about MEGA888? There are not much published updates about MEGA888, since it’s basically illegal in view of the local jurisdiction in Malaysia. We’ve sorted out a few new updates in October of 2017 for you:

A More Unpredictable Winning Rate

Quite some time ago, MEGA888 maintains high winning rate in order to attract more new slot game players. Then it switched its strategy by offering higher winning rate during the month end as well as beginning of the month.

But now? I would say it’s quite unpredictable. MEGA888 has started to adopt fair gaming policy where there is no certain period with higher winning rate. Unlike last time, players are not able to bet with higher chances of winning now.

Reliable MEGA888 Agent in Malaysia

More and more MEGA888 agents fail to deliver their responsibility to pay customers when there is a big win. This is only getting worse and worse.

Even if you’re good at winning from MEGA888 slot games, it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t bet with reliable MEGA888 agents with guaranteed payment.

As an experienced MEGA888 slot game player, I would still advise you to play with MEGA888 Official Agent to secure your own interest. Wait no more, start getting a new MEGA888 free ID from us now!

Slot Game Winning Tips As Of September 2019!

It’s been quite a year. Three months down to end of the year, there are only 90 days left for you to win more money before celebrating New Year. Well, what are you betting strategies?

To reward all our loyal readers, we would like to share some free winning tips for MEGA888. Why are we doing so? Because we want you to win more!

Although it has always been easy to make some real profits from MEGA888, you still have to pay more attention to online betting experts like us, in order to improve your chances of winning. Not all slot games offer you satisfying return.

Here’s a secret list of .slot games with higher winning payout in the current month:

  • Highway Kings
  • Dolphin Reef
  • Great Blue
  • Ocean Kings
  • Silver Bullet

Scr888 Free Play Video Poker

Do not bet big in September 2019! You gotta play small, for example, RM0,20 to RM1 per spin. Any amount above this range will give you zero return. Try to prolong your gaming duration (Don’t lose all you money too quickly!), then you will stand higher chance to win from MEGA888.

Scr888 Free Play Poker

Good luck all!