Safety Bingo

I'm sorry; I must have misheard you. You really didn't tell me that your way of demonstrating how important safety is to your company is playing safety bingo, did you?

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Let me get this straight; you are trying to let every employee know that safety is your highest priority, and you use a bingo game to prove it?

I recently was speaking with a group of owners, primarily of manufacturing companies, and asked if any of them still were using safety bingo. Let's just say I was surprised by the response. About 20 percent of them still had safety bingo in their company. I asked them to think about the message this sends: that your company's idea of how to demonstrate to the people who work for it that their safety is your highest priority is.. a bingo game. Do they think that somehow bingo will be the missing piece that will convince workers to do their jobs the right way? I think playing bingo has the potential to be insulting. I also think it doesn't work.

The only legitimate way to have fewer injuries is to create a safety culture where workers take responsibility for their own behavior. A culture where they perform their jobs the way they have been trained and the way that is the safest, and they take responsibility. A culture where they take pride in their safety record, where there is a sense of teamwork and a desire to achieve success in an area that is one of the company's highest priorities: SAFETY. Safety bingo undermines this. For many employees, the company is trying to trick them into not having or not reporting injuries. Any motivation it provides is short term, an often the game of bingo is no longer even related to safety. It's just a game.

To have a strong safety culture is to have a workforce that's engaged. We encourage companies to have safety meetings that find ways to engage their workers and make them participants in the safety program. Find a way to make the meetings more dynamic, more interactive. Give recognition, celebrate success, have fun and make it a positive experience. Instruction is important, but think of training and instruction as the platform for safety behavior, because it's the behavior that will make a difference. Give workers a solid platform, and then create a culture where safety is the most important part of their job. Make it personal so that people are more involved and feel a greater part of the company. When workers, especially workers in jobs that require physical tasks, are being recognized and appreciated for being saf, and for making suggestions and for being a good teammate, they not only are safer. They are better workers and better employees.

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Fall Prevention Bingo

Note: The following instructions for Safe for Elders Fall Prevention Bingo are also available to download.


  1. To raise awareness about the different types of risk factors for falls.
  2. To learn what people can do to reduce their risk of being injured from a fall.
Safety Bingo

Setting Up:

You will need the following materials to play BINGO:

  • Instruction Sheet
  • Bingo Discussion Guide
  • Printable 8.5 x 11” bingo cards (50 different cards to choose from)
  • Printable 8.5 x 11” sheets of calling squares

You will also need:

  • Prizes
  • BINGO Stampers or Pens
  • A box or bag (not see through!) to put the calling squares in

Print your bingo cards:

Print enough cards to give one (or more) to each player. Make sure you print different cards so that there are only one or two winners at a time, or if you want more winners, make sure you have enough prizes!

Print your calling squares:

Print two sets of calling squares. One set you will cut up and put into the draw box or bag. The other set you will keep beside you to cross off / mark the squares as they are called so you can check the winner’s card.

The caller should familiarize themselves with the rules of the game below.

Print your discussion guide:

Safety Bingo Signs

Print the discussion guide and familiarize yourself with it. During the game, you will use the discussion guide to ask questions of the players about fall prevention.

Safety Bingo Kit

Playing the Game:

1. Give one (or two) BINGO card to each player. Ensure they also have a pen/marker/bingo stamper to mark the cards.

2. Speak briefly about fall prevention. Explain that each of the 5 BINGO columns corresponds with a type of risk and a way to avoid the risk.

  • B = Behaviour
  • I =Indoors
  • N = Nutrition
  • G = Get Active
  • O = Outdoors

3. Fall Prevention BINGO is similar to playing traditional BINGO.Players will use a stamper, or make an ‘x’ with their pen on each square that is read out by the caller.

MAKE SURE that if you are going to play several games and are using a distinctive shape (U, T, E, etc.), that everyone marks off EVERY square they have, not just the ones that fit into the winning shape.

4. Draw squares from the call bag/box one at a time, until the first player to show five consecutive squares marked in a row (either horizontally, vertically or diagonally) calls BINGO!

5. That player will be declared the winner and a prize will be awarded.

Safety Bingo Printables

6. Using the same card, a second game is won when someone has 3 complete lines (either horizontally, vertically or diagonally).

Safety Bingo Osha

7. If you have more time, you can have a BLACKOUT game in which a player must completely fill their card before they call out BINGO!

8. Play as many games as time permits. Ensure you have enough prizes! The game is designed to teach people about fall prevention in an interactive and fun way.

Click here to download these Safe for Elder Bingo Instructions