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  1. Responsible Gaming We're committed to protecting our players. To help you manage your play in a healthy, responsible way, we offer proactive tools and support.
  2. The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is dedicated to reducing gambling risks through innovation, awareness and improved safeguards. We believe that gambling should.
  3. Always bet responsibly. Play by the book. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and needs help, call 1-800-522-4700. William Hill is committed to responsible gaming, the prevention of underage gambling, and supporting problem gambling awareness and education programs.
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As a responsible community member, Boyd Gaming is committed to promoting responsible gambling practices. We firmly believe that public awareness and education are. Responsible Gaming We want you to enjoy your time with us and as such encourage you to gamble responsibly while on Here’s a few tips of things to think about, places to find support and information on the tools we can provide to help you keep your gambling fun and safe.

As a member of the global lottery industry, the Lottery has a long history of being a strong supporter and promoter of responsible gaming. We are committed to the highest standards of responsible gaming to prevent problem gambling, which can adversely affect individuals and their families.

The Lottery dedicates significant resources and staff time to:

  • Better understand and support responsible gaming

  • Bring awareness to the serious issue of problem gambling

  • Encourage players to play responsibly and within their budgets

  • Refer those affected by problem gambling to free and confidential treatment by the California Department of Public Health’s Office of Problem Gambling.

Responsible gaming messages can be found through the Lottery’s communication channels and through the sale of our products. As a testament to our commitment, the California State Lottery was the first lottery in the United States to receive the highest certification for responsible gaming programs from the World Lottery Association.

The Lottery pioneered the first problem gambling hotline in California, and we continue to support the California Office of Problem Gambling and partially fund California’s Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-GAMBLER).

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The Lottery pledges that we, and our employees will continue to incorporate responsible gaming principles into daily operations and products to increase consumer awareness of problem gambling and allowable resources for promotion of the California Problem Gambling Helpline, 1-800-GAMBLER.

  • The Lottery will put in place messages and warnings to players to help reduce and prevent problem gambling.

  • The Lottery will make problem gambling information and resources available on its websites and social media for problem gamblers and affected individuals.

  • All Lottery products and playslips will promote the toll-free Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-GAMBLER) and play responsibly messages.
  • The Lottery will provide ongoing training to all Lottery employees to increase awareness of problem gambling and available treatment resources.

  • The Lottery will increase employees' understanding and their role in furthering of the Lottery's responsible gaming efforts, programs, and related processes.

Lottery Retailers

  • The Lottery will increase responsible gaming awareness through retailer training.

  • The Lottery will provide retailers with its responsible gaming messaging, provide appropriate signage at point-of-sale, and keep them apprised of their role in this effort as appropriate.

  • The Lottery will provide and replenish its retailer network with Responsible Gambling Guidelines brochures and related publications.

Preventing Illegal Play

  • The California Lottery’s Security and Law Enforcement Division (SLED) will conduct operations to ensure that Lottery products are only sold to individuals 18 years or older.

  • The Lottery’s social media websites and microsite promotions are age-gated to require users to verify that they are at least 18 years old.

Protecting and Educating Our Consumers

  • The Lottery will make game information, including overall estimated odds and prize information, as appropriate, publicly available for all Lottery products.

  • The Lottery will limit submissions for all 2nd Chance games, to deter problem gambling, help set a level playing field for consumers, and uphold the integrity of all Lottery games and draws.

Game Development

  • The Lottery will incorporate an internal control process that includes responsible gaming consideration in its review of new game designs.

Advertising Responsibly

  • The Lottery will adhere to a strict policy of conducting its advertising in the most professional and socially responsible manner to ensure minors (under 18 years old) are not targeted with sales messages.

  • The Lottery will abide by the California Lottery's Advertising and Marketing Communications Code of Ethics and the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) advertising standards.

  • The Lottery will include “Play Responsibly” and “Must be 18 years or older to purchase, play or claim a prize” messages on product advertising as appropriate.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • The Lottery will maintain good relations with the California Office of Problem Gambling (OPG) and other responsible gaming stakeholders to raise awareness of problem gambling and will promote the Problem Gambling Helpline.

Keeping our games fun for all players is an important part of being socially responsible. At Great Canadian, the cornerstone of our business is to strive to be a responsible corporate citizen, and we realize that while most of our customers enjoy gaming as a form of entertainment, a small percentage may experience problems.

We work with local communities and provincial governments to educate and create awareness around Responsible Gambling. Since the beginning, Great Canadian has allocated significant resources towards advancing responsible gambling practices and programs.

As a company with operations in BC, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Washington State, our efforts are focused on working with our crown partners in establishing and implementing an array of responsible gambling initiatives which assist our guests in making informed choices.

Responsible Gambling initiatives that Great Canadian Gaming is deeply committed to include:

Dedicated Responsible Gambling Department
The mandate of the corporate responsible gambling department is to oversee, guide and establish responsible gambling initiatives, policies and procedures in conjunction with provincial and national responsible gambling standards. The department is also focused on fostering an overall responsible gambling culture throughout the corporation.

RG Policies and Procedures
A key component of our responsible gambling efforts is to ensure that we have robust responsible gambling policies and procedures in place at all of our gaming operations. The policies allow us to execute our responsible gambling programs in an effective and efficient manner.

RG Check Accreditation
RG Check is an internationally recognized accreditation program created by the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) that evaluates the gaming venue’s responsible gambling efforts and standards. Currently, the majority of Great Canadian gaming venues have received RG Check accreditation. To learn more about the RG Check process, visit

Responsible Gambling Staff Training
We are committed to educating our staff on responsible gaming so they are able to have knowledgeable conversations with our players. Our staff has enhanced knowledge, awareness, and skills in the identification of possible gaming related issues and makes every attempt to respond appropriately to guests who may be experiencing problems.

Responsible Gambling Literature
We showcase Responsible Gambling literature and brochures in various high traffic areas throughout our properties. It is our goal to make it easily available for customers who may want to learn about responsible gaming tips, odds of the games and other such information.

Problem Gambling Helpline Assistance
A key responsible gambling program that offers direct assistance, treatment and support free of charge is the provincial problem gambling helpline. This type of resource is available to all who may have questions about gambling or are impacted by somebody’s gambling activity.

Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program
We believe the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program is one of the most important tools that can assist in supporting individuals in taking a break from gaming. This program allows an individual to voluntarily exclude himself/herself from a casino property for a set period of time.

Responsible Gambling Information Centres
These information centres are interactive booths on the gaming floor which provide information on responsible play, odds of winning, gambling myths and facts, risk factors and where to find help for problem gambling. They are often staffed by Responsible Gaming Advisers who are able to share valuable RG information and connect with guests on the gaming floor.

Responsible Marketing
Great Canadian is committed to high ethical marketing standards that do not target minors in any way possible or portray extravagant or misleading wins. We do everything we can to can to keep it real.

No Minors
No minors are allowed in our casinos. The 19+ rule is strictly enforced. Each of our properties are equipped with state-of-the-art ID scanning devices and require all individuals appearing under 30 to submit to an ID scan to ensure validity.

Responsible Gaming Regulations

Learn More About Responsible Gaming
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