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Play Reel King Megaways™ demo slot in free play. Reel King Megaways™ is a 6 reel slot from Inspired Gaming that has an RTP of 96,23% and 117,649 paylines. Let’s see next what exactly the Reel King Megaways contains. Reel King Megaways Slot – Game Play. Reel King Megaways is a 117,649-ways to win video slot built on the most common platform for Megaways games. This means six reels. Both of them including Reel King Megaways are superb in their own way. For this slot Inspired have taken an older player favorite and really made it even better by adding the Megaways system. If you are having problems trying to play the free demo of Reel King.

Reel King Megaways Demo Play

Written by Yana Sliusar

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Reel King Potty slot is a fantastic machine, which entered into a series of licensed Greentube games from Novomatic. The slot game comes with the usual five reels and 20 lines.

At the same time, there are two bonus features in the slot machine, one of which you can hit the jackpot. You will find more information about the game and the process of review of the tester. And you can play for free in the demo of this machine without any restrictions.

Hidden parameters and settings of Reel King Potty slot (data from testing)

  • The slot machine is perfectly tested in the demo mode.
  • The slot has the same behaviour at the attempt to change the cycles while using Spin and Max-bet.
  • The changes in coin value and a number significantly affect the slot gaming cycle.
  • The RTP of 95% does not allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation.
  • The cycle length is average.
  • Variance (volatility) of the slot machine is average.
  • Learn how to win at Reel King Potty slot machine.

Description of the slot

At first glance, it seems that the game is nothing special because of its familiar five reels, betting range and benefits. But there is a unique bonus in the Reel King Potty slot machine - the bonus rounds of kings. Each of them goes by the same rules but gives different winnings. In one of the bonus games, there are four types of progressive jackpots. Also, the slot has a risk game.


  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of pay lines - 20
  • Bet on the line - from 0.02 to 5.00
  • The range of the size of bets - from 0.40 to 100.00
  • Maximum winning for a combination of symbols – x2 500 (5 Bags with gold coins)
  • Wild symbol - yes (Fool's Cowl)
  • Free spins - no
  • Bonus game - yes (2 types — from Yellow and Red King-Slot)
  • Progressive jackpot - played out
  • The expected percentage of payments (RTP ) in Reel King Potty slot is 95%


Reel King Potty slot machine is full of pleasant surprises. Bonus feature launches after all 5 reels are yellow. You will see a mini-slot with three reels. Riverslots sweeps app. On it, you will see only the multi-coloured sevens characters. If the result is three identical pictures, you will get the prize specified in the pay-table. Mini-slot reels will rotate until a losing combination. As a result, you can get up to 500 total rates. The second bonus feature “Reel King Potty” will be activated on a roll all five red reels. This time, mini-slot appears on the screen. The combination of its reels is responsible for jackpots. As a result, you can win one of four progressive jackpots.

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Written by Yana Sliusar

These days, the choice we have when playing slots has never been greater. You can roll up to pretty much any online casino and find enough slots to keep you playing for years and Novomatic’s Reel King slot is one of them. Of course, new titles come out what seems like every day, so getting through everything is never really a viable option.

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All things considered, this is why the classic games tend to stick around a little longer than the fads, or those built upon trends. Reel King slot is one of those games that has endured the test of time and still finds itself in the slots categories of many online casino sites, big and small. Is this down to its quality, or its complexity, playability and style? Perhaps not, but it is certainly popular with many slots enthusiasts, nonetheless.

Novomatic certainly turned many a player’s heads with their Reel King slot machine. The software developer created a simple game which seemed to resonate with many players. Unfortunately, I would not be in that camp. I like my slots a little more imaginative and full of twists and potential turns. Reel King slot does not really offer much in terms of spontaneity; it is the slots version of a clean-shaven accountant that will get the job done on time. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the Reel King slot game. There are tons of people out there who love the slot. There are also players who have an affinity to the game – presumably for the big wins – and they may have a completely different outlook.

With that being said, let’s look at what the Reel King slot game is all about.

Reel King Slot Gameplay

As previously said, there is no doubting Reel King. The version you will probably come across is a similar version to the one you can find scattered around pubs and clubs in the UK. For this reason, the developers certainly had a simple slot in mind and one which can be played while having a few pints or watching that redhead in the black dress (she’s probably taken, by the way).

You won’t have to worry about looking away when you hit a progressive jackpot, as, there is none. Yes, that’s right, there is no progressive jackpot in the game, so you will have to be content with picking up some smaller wins along the journey,

To make matters worse (bonus chasers look away now), Reel King slot has no bonus games which would be worthy of matching anything out there.?? There is a jackpot, but it is very, very basic. There are wilds and scatters but it is simply not a game which would please those looking for a comprehensive slot packed with surprises.

In Reel King, there is a gamble feature. How this works is that, after each win, you will be presented with the gamble or collect option. Gambling can naturally win you much more and can also lose you everything. The gamble feature is obviously something which isn’t fresh, new, or engaging, but it is available, nonetheless.

Winning on Reel King Slot

Reel King Demo Download


Basic is the underlying theme in everything this game is about. Some people like basic; pizza is pretty basic. Water is, too, and is also one of the only things we really need as humans to survive, other than oxygen and pizza.

When playing on Reel King, you will see that there are six standard symbols which you can play with. Now, this is basic to the core. Pizza comes in many different types and even water is flavoured. As we mentioned above, this reel King slot game was designed to be treated like an old-school fruit machine type slot. For this reason, you can excuse the developer in what they produced with this game. Well, you can but should you?

There are players who will like the fundamental approach. While earth-shuddering wins are far from the game here, the smallest win you can expect is x10 times your bet, which is achieved by landing three cherries on a pay line. The largest win is 200 times your bet, which you can get by landing 5 K symbols.

In Reel King, you have 20 pay lines, which is more than unremarkable considering it is a 5-reel slot. This will invariably make it harder to come by wins frequently. For players who prefer betting in small amounts, this is likely something that they will welcome, for the most part.

So, what are the symbols you should be looking for? Two words: jack and pot (which, when put together make…)

Yes, you guessed right. The jackpot symbols are undoubtedly what players should be crossing their fingers for in Reel King. These jackpot symbols will also act as normal symbols, so even if you don’t get five, you can still bag a nice win. Although there is a jackpot, it is nowhere near as impressive as what you can find on other slots.

Regardless, the reel King slot game is still popular among many players and is a particular favourite of novices for its simplicity.

In Conclusion

A wise man once said something along the lines of “never have expectations and you will never be disappointed.” If you do have expectations of this game being one you fall in love with and can’t be without, then you may be a little disappointed.

Reel King will not be royal for everyone. It is inconceivable to think of the game ever challenging the big titles out there and it is as basic and straightforward as they come. If we had to be critical of the game – and identify something in particular – it would be the lack of imagination in the design and the monotonous feel of the spins. There is nothing remarkable at all.

Reel King Demo Game

That being said, this is coming from a massive slots enthusiast. From my personal perspective, I cannot understand how players could choose this game over any of the other thousands of engaging games which offer a lot more. At a push, novice players may like its simplicity and lack of complication, while seasoned players may enjoy it for the nostalgia. For everyone else, it may tire pretty quickly.

Reel King Demo Games