Rearranging Furniture; OC Or A Happy Cure For The Blues.

Woman, Creative, Idea, Hint, PosesAre you feeling blue? Perhaps you have nothing fun and exciting to do! It is time, then, to take a break from all the cooking and cleaning and gardening and even from reading books. Why not give your tired brain and listless spirit a perky facelift by rearranging your home’s furniture. Even just reshuffling one or two rooms should do the trick. Guarantee you’ll get a little exercise in the process too. Rearranging rooms has been known to cure the blues, because it actually contributes to your mental health and well-being.

But you have to try it, even once, to believe it.

To begin; take a comfortable position, say, from somewhere in the center of your living room, open your mind’s eyes, and moving ever so slowly take a panoramic look around—and don’t forget to look from floor to ceiling as well. Can you see the possibilities? Can you now envision a whole new look? Believe me when I say that the potential is there, no matter how small a room might be.

Try trading furniture, moving one piece—a table, a chair, a bookshelf, a lamp—from one room into another. Yes, you can break up a set! And if you really must buy something new—a vase, a painting—then, by all means do. Splurge if it makes you feel better. But allow your creativity to come through!

And just so you know, I am speaking from experience here. I have been “rearranging furniture” all my life. I picked up this happy habit from my mother, who also rearranged the rooms in her house all her life. It kept her sanity. It kept her happy. And it really has gone a long, long way in keeping my own sanity and happiness. And I’ve done it without the need to hire a decorator.

No need for therapists! Imagine the money saved?

Another plus to rearranging your furniture: it will extend the life of your floor and carpet, because they would otherwise wear unevenly. After a while you would begin to notice little stains, here and there, that by moving the furniture will cover them right up.

I understand that “rearranging furniture” can become addicting—an obsession, a fixation—enough to consider some OC (Obsessive Compulsive). Because some people pay too close attention to symmetry and minor details (objects that must be arranged perfectly and nothing out of place).

I am not one of those people, by the way.

I do not spend endless hours “rearranging.” But as I type about this favorite pastime of mine, my happy obsession, my breathing has picked up, my heart is racing, and my body and hands are shaking at merely the thought of rearranging the house again soon.

Note:Remember to always lift properly: feet shoulder width apart, lift close to your body, bend your knees and keep your back firm and straight. And never be too proud to ask for help, an extra pair of hands when needed.