Products Used by Law Enforcement & The Military

Law enforcement and the military have a difficult and dangerous job. They have to keep us safe from the lowest of the low in society. The time of the musket and smart uniform is over; now the focus is on practicality. It’s given rise to gadgets like Leupold scopesand highly specialized duty belts. Some things are completely new to the trade but others are merely alterations of tried and tested tools.

The Duty Belt

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The duty belt is the most important piece of equipment any police officer or soldier can wear. It keeps all their small gadgets within close reach without impeding their ability to do their jobs. There are lots of variations involved with the duty belt. Some can hold small fire arms, whereas others simply carry things like notebooks and handcuffs.

Duty belts are customized according to the personnel using them. Someone involved in the Special Forces arm of the military would have a different belt than a conventional traffic officer.

The Torch

Despite the increase in day crime, most criminal acts typically occur during night time hours. This has allowed the torch to remain as a vital piece of equipment for all levels of the armed forces and policing organizations. We no longer use conventional torches because they are too heavy and bulky.

Instead, we might use a small pen light. It doesn’t give the same level of illumination, but it makes everybody’s job easier by lighting up those dark corners. There are many different sizes of torches, including large vehicle torches which officers can shine out of vehicle windows to shock suspected troublemakers.

Scopes and Sights

In the US practically anyone can pick up a gun legally. This vastly increases the risk of gun crime. To fight this menace, law enforcement and the military make sure they can fire upon suspects whilst avoiding any return fire. To do this, they attach a scope or a sight to their weapon. This allows them to disarm suspects from a distance.

Members of the military have attached Leupold scopesto their weapons in the past. They have literally blasted a firearm out of the hands of a suspect because the scopes allow them to be deadly accurate. It makes their jobs easier because they can confront gun crime with a minimal amount of risk to themselves and the general public.

Modern GPS Systems

GPS has revolutionized the way enemies can be tracked in both warzones and on the streets of the US. Practically every police cruiser will have some sort of tracking system implemented. It allows them to find locations easier and for their base to be able track where their vehicle is in case of emergency.

This can be even more important in a battlefield environment. Vehicles can carry GPS trackers so their base can keep track of where everyone is. GPS systems are far superior to the previous methods of merely describing the location. It enables greater accuracy and a more solid support system.

Most modern police and military forces have implemented these changes. These changes have given them an edge over their enemies so they can easily take them down with a minimal amount of damage. This has led to lowered crime levels and casualty rates.