Printable Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

It’s Natalie from Katarina’s Paperie and today I’m sharing a fun printable activity for your upcoming Super Bowl party. Although the big football game can be entertainment enough, my favorite part of the night is watching the commercials. Casino plex review. From talking babies to courtroom scenes, there’s not a whole lot not to like. Since I’m not really a big football fan anyway, I usually find more entertainment in the commercials than the actual game. (Please tell me that I’m not alone.)

Printable Super Bowl Commercial Bingo 2020

So for this year’s gathering, I’ve created this fun free printable Super Bowl Commercials Bingo. There are four different game boards to mix up the fun a little. Print one out for each guest or pair guests up to play together. It’s sure to make commercial viewing even more exciting while watching the big game.

FREE Printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards. I like to print these out ahead of the game and make them part of our gathering. Leave them out on your buffet table, and have some sort marker available for guests to use. Coins or stickers work well as markers. To print them out, just click on the link below, save and print.

Jan 23, 2019 - These free printable Super Bowl commercial bingo cards are perfect for kids and for adults! Definitely one of the most fun Super Bowl party games, we are for sure going to play this year! Tons of other Super Bowl party ideas too! Set of Printable Super Bowl 2021 Commercial Bingo Cards You can purchase a set of 13 unique Super Bowl Bingo Cards to print and download as many as you want. You can purchase two ways: Add to your cart here or head to my Etsy shop to instantly order and print your PDF File! Super Bowl Party Planning. I thought playing a Super Bowl themed round of Bingo would be a great way to keep them entertained (and quiet) throughout the game. Kids (and adults!) will have to look for the symbols and the football players numbers in both the game and the commercials.

You Will Need:

Free printable Super Bowl commercial game boards – Game Boards 1 + 2 and Game Boards 3 + 4

Small prizes (check the Dollar Store for some football related fun)

Printable super bowl commercial bingo

M&MS or other small candies

Free Printable Super Bowl Commercial Bingo 2020

1. Print and make a set of free printable game boards. Make a game board for each guest or pair of guests.

2. During each set of commercials, mark off the items that you see with an M&M or other small candy. You could play each time with one set of commercials or play until someone wins.

3. The first person with five items in a row – horizontally, vertically or diagonally – wins.

4. Once you have a winner, clear your boards and play again.

Free Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Printable

This is such a great way to rally together guests and add a little extra entertainment to your party. Now I just have to decide who to cheer for…

Printable Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards

Download your free printable Super Bowl Commercials Bingo here: