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Learn how to legally bet on the Presidential Election and other Political events in the US.

Even though the Presidential election sees a great deal of betting action every four years, political prop bets provide bettors a way to cash the odds of what a politician will or won’t do, and sportsbooks frequently post a variety of entertaining novelty prop bets during the lull in between election seasons. Top Political Betting Online Sportsbooks. If you’re looking to place a few wagers on the upcoming election, say no more, it can be fun to put a little money on the outcome of your election - as long as your ideal candidate wins! You can find political betting odds on most online sportsbooks, but some have many more options. Political betting is available on every sportsbook which covers a fair share of sports events. Other than athletic competitions, though, most bookies will also feature a number of alternative markets, such as Entertainment and not least Politics.

Legally betting on politics is one of those intriguing niches within the gambling industry, and unbeknownst to many bettors, political wagers can end up yielding a nice hefty payout if you place your bets right.

As a larger range of people have become more politically aware and involved during the last two presidential elections, the bettor base has expanded exponentially. Based on this steady growth in legal politics betting, we decided to include this gambling platform as one of the topics covered in our guide.

The irony of betting on the elections and events associated with those politicians attempting to outlaw gambling is not lost on the American people. However, it is still prudent to make sure you understand the legalities surrounding political betting, and what legally sanctioned options should really be considered.

Legal Status For Betting On Politics In America

Many players just want a simple explanation as to whether or not it is legal to bet on politics in the United States. The short answer is yes, betting on political events online is legal in the US simply because there are no specific federal regulations that outlaw the act of offshore gambling.

The repeal of PASPA has made things even more simple and we are likely to see both domestic and offshore legal political betting gain momentum.

Bovada is our top recommended sportsbook for betting on politics. Their lines are always competitive and comparable to the Las Vegas sportsbooks. Because Bovada caters almost exclusively to USA players, they put a lot of thought and work into creating comprehensive betting lines and odds for those who enjoy betting on US politics. They also sometimes cover big elections in other countries.

In addition, Bovada is a full-service online sportsbook, poker site, and casino. They support Bitcoin and offer same day payouts for cryptocurrency funding, as well as a nice 50% match bonus up to $250 in their sportsbook.


  • Accepts USA players from most states
  • Full-service sportsbook and casino
  • Owned and operated by trusted Bodog brand
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  • Fast payouts on time every time
  • 50% bonus up to $250 for sports
  • 100% bonus up to $3,000 for casino


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Other Top Rated Sportsbooks
That Offer Political Betting Odds

The following is a list of the most reputable offshore betting sites in the industry. They pay out winnings just as fast if not faster than the US-regulated options and many of them offer some great ongoing promotions and bonuses for loyal players. The brands listed below offer futures, props, and betting lines for US politics along with a full-service sportsbook. Our sportsbook reviews page is intended to inform you of each sites pros and cons while offering an overall grade and detailing additional features.

SiteReviewBonus OfferUSAVisit
Read Review50% Max $250Play now
Read Review50% Max $1,000Play now
Read Review50% Max $1,000Play now
Read Review50% Max $1,000Play now
Read Review15% Max $600Play now
Read Review100% Max $500Play now
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Is It Legal To Bet On Political Events In The US?

Yes, there are legal options for betting on politics in the US. Though state-regulated sports betting has expanded quite a bit across the country, there are no domestic sportsbooks offering political betting odds or lines at this time.

There are no US federal gambling laws prohibiting political betting at reputable, legitimate online sportsbooks operating legally outside of the United States or at domestic sportsbooks. Only two states restrict online betting at international political betting sites, CT and WA (though these restrictions remain unenforced).

State Gambling Laws Affecting Political Betting

A handful of states have already embraced state-regulated sports betting, while others are in the process of doing so. State-regulated sportsbooks are not interested in covering US politics at this time, and we don't expect that to change before the 2024 Presidential election, the senate and house elections, or the 2024 gubernatorial races.

It is perfectly legal to place bets on US or foreign politics through the trusted sites listed in this guide. Our ballot measures by state guide is a resource where you can track gambling bills to see what changes are being voted on for gambling reform in your area.

There are two states that prohibit online wagering of any kind regardless of the source, those being Washington state and Connecticut. While there is no evidence of enforcement of those restrictions, the fact remains that the laws are in place. We do not condone or encourage illegal gambling in any circumstance.

2021 Political Prop Bet Odds

Even though the Presidential election sees a great deal of betting action every four years, political prop bets provide bettors a way to cash the odds of what a politician will or won’t do, and sportsbooks frequently post a variety of entertaining novelty prop bets during the lull in between election seasons. The following political prop bets can be found online at Bovada sportsbook.

Gambling On Who Will Win The United States 2024 Presidential Election Race

The next US Presidential election will take place on November 3, 2024. As of now, there are no clear Presidential Candidates but online sportsbooks have odds for potential candidates.

2024 Presidential Candidates

Odds available at Bovada

  • Kamala Harris +450
  • Joe Biden +600
  • Donald Trump Sr. +800
  • Nikki Haley +1200
  • Andrew Yang +1600
  • Mike Pence +1600
  • Michelle Obama +2000
  • Pete Buttigieg +2000
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +2500
  • Bernie Sanders +2500
  • Beto O'Rourke +2500
  • Elizabeth Warren +2500
  • John Kasich +2500
  • Mark Cuban +2500
  • Stacey Abrams +2500
  • Andrew Cuomo +3000
  • Tim Scott +3000
  • Ted Cruz +3300

Types of Political Wagering Lines and Odds Offered For the 2024 Presidential Election

As you might imagine, the big bet here boils down to the big office. Who will win the Presidency is always the biggest betting line. And you can often find more than just a winner-loser dichotomy; you can actually bet on:

  • Electoral vs. popular vote totals
  • Winning percentages (like point spreads)
  • Other variations in a single 1 vs. 1 election

You can also find betting lines on entire parties. For instance, the 2018 Midterm Elections had Republicans favored to take both houses of Congress. They kept the Senate but lost the House to the Democrats. The next midterms may be reversed or be a clean sweep for one of the two major parties.

From a local standpoint, gubernatorial and even council member races are always hot-button items on the betting circuit. You can find a range of different political events and elections on which to bet.

You can also find prop bets, which will include things like the gender of the winner, the party of the winner, a clean win vs. a run-off/recount, and even bets about legislation like health care or immigration. Prop bets also include events such as debates.

If it's part of politics, then there's undoubtedly a sportsbook out there with a betting line on it.

Political Betting Odds Uk

Betting Odds Explained - The Most Common Types Of Betting Lines Available:

Odds for winning the 2024 Presidential Primary – This type of betting line will allow you to bet on who will win the nominations in the primary for each party. If you are participating early in the process and are placing a futures bet, your range of options may include individuals who have not yet announced their candidacy but that are active in the political landscape and are considered potential candidates.

Political Betting Odds Vegas

The closer you get to the actual election, the more accurate your list of options may be. However, keep in mind that the futures bets can pay off big if you guess correctly.

Odds for Winning the 2024 US Presidential Election – Obviously, this type of betting line will concern the overall winner of the election. You will typically have a variety of associated lines, including the following:

  • Odds for who will win the 2024 Presidential Election
  • Odds for which party will win the 2024 Presidential Election
  • Odds for which gender the winner of the 2024 Presidential Election will be
  • Odds for the gender balance on the 2024 Presidential Tickets – this line is sometimes broken down by party affiliation, but not always.

Odds On Who Will Be Selected As The Vice President

In August of 2020, Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris to be his running mate and the nation's Vice President should he win the election. Most oddsmakers had Harris as the favorite to earn the spot for the majority of Biden's campaign.

Odds For Winning a Specific State – This type of betting line predicts the winner of influential swing states. For example, the Iowa Caucus odds start surfacing very early in the race. Other states are added closer to the actual election.

Winning the electoral votes in an influential state can make or break the election, hence these betting lines are particularly exciting and can determine the outcome of the election. The results of swing state Electoral College votes can be unpredictable, as we saw in 2012 when Obama took Florida despite the fact that Romney was the favored candidate to win the Sunshine State. We saw it again in a series of once-Democratic strongholds in the Midwest when Trump took states trending favorably for Hillary Clinton.

Odds For Winning the Popular Vote – Once the candidates have been selected, you will find more betting types added to the line up, such as betting on who will win the popular vote. Though it has no bearing on the overall election, political aficionados enjoy betting on who will win the popular vote.

There are times when the winner of the popular vote is not elected as President. The popular vote can be unpredictable, making it a very exciting wagering option. This type of option typically does not appear in the lines until about a month or two out from the actual election.

Electoral College Count - You will find that your range of wagering options for these lines increases after the candidates are selected and the election is approaching. This is when additional prop bets and specific options appear, such as over/under wagers for betting on the Electoral Vote count. In this type of political betting line you are predicting whether a candidate will receive more or less Electoral College votes than predicted.

Prop Bets - Some of the sportsbooks now offer some interesting prop bets for the upcoming election. You can wager on which candidates will win in hypothetical head-to-head matchups, what issues will be debated at a given townhall, and so on. Political props come and go on a near-weekly basis during the election cycle, so it's always good to pay attention to breaking news stories and how those might prompt new props or alter existing lines.

Why Betting on Politics Intrigues Us

One of the most amazing things about President Barack Obama's election in 2008 was that no one had really heard of the man in 2007. A junior Senator with an iffy record of no-votes and voting 'present' on big issues, even those getting to know him didn't think he had the political chops. However, democracy proved what democracy is, in that experience counts for next to nothing when you're a popular, charismatic figure.

The people spoke, the people voted, and President Obama served two terms in office. Who actually saw that coming? Very, very few saw it coming. But for those who did, they may have cleaned up in the betting lines by betting on Obama for the win. When Trump ran in 2016, his odds were even longer, and now its possible he may win re-election to a second term.

The beautiful irony here is that it's actually politicians who seek to make gambling illegal across the nation, yet one of the most lucrative lines of betting is to wager on their elections and futures. Some may consider that to be very fitting, given the duplicitous, snake-like nature of many of these political buffoons.

But we're not out to play politics. Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, socialist or anarchist, it matters not. It's all about the gambling here, and we'll take a closer look at political betting for all interested parties.

How to Hate Politics but Love Betting on It

Compartmentalization is a word you may often hear, but you may not really know what it means. Well, put it this way: You can absolutely loathe the political process, yet you may still find a way to make money by gambling on politicians. Don't worry; this isn't cognitive dissonance. This is simple math. Money spends better than hatred. Now, of course, there are plenty of reasons to despise politics.

People who aren't even as smart as you, yet they stand on a podium, lie to the masses, and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in salary and benefits. Heck, when a politician retires, they earn a pension package that's probably higher than your salary, and they could have been a horrible politician. It's no wonder Congress has such low approval ratings. The average person despises politics.

But keep in mind that a government is something you're stuck with. Death and taxes, they say, and a savvy politician will even tax your death! How's that for control? There's just no shaking government; it's a monolith that's always with us. So, as the old adage suggests, one must laugh to keep from crying. Betting on politicians' fates can actually lighten you on the subject. You can learn to love gambling while still hating the political process.

Latest Political News Headlines

Despite only receiving 32% of the vote during Georgia’s general election cycle, Raphael Warnock now appears to … Read more

Political Betting Odds 2020

The betting market has long had a love-hate relationship with polling when it comes to political outcomes. … Read more

If you’ve been paying attention to political betting sites that are offering odds on the 2020 Presidential … Read more


While most people generally connect betting with the world of sports, the industry has gone through changes in recent years to where that notion is now changing. With the rise of social media involvement in the world of news and entertainment, certain things are being wagered that years ago never would have had a place at the betting window, such as betting on politics.

Political betting odds uk

With both the political climate and gaming industry as hot as they have ever been, the two are now reflecting each other as a way for citizens to get involved in presidential races while using political betting sites to make a little money based off of their predictions.

Betting Site
BonusBet Now
1 up to €30 Free BetGo to Site
100% up to €122Go to Site
3100% up to €200Go to Site
100% up to €50Go to Site
5 100% up to €50Go to Site

Like betting on sports, political betting has several techniques and factors that vary depending on the situation and the value that is being shopped.

Best Political Betting Sites

As one gradually becomes more familiar with the processes and underlying factors of sports wagering they will realize that being able to trust the betting website they are on is one of the most important stages.

This is where another connection to the sports world comes into play, an online sportsbook (particularly the sites we recommend) often always have political odds posted, illustrating that the bookmaking process for both sports and politics is handled by the top industry professionals.

Betting on elections outcomes has grown so much in popularity that there are even instances where political betting steals some of the spotlight from the sports world, as the appeal is generally much more widespread when compared to sports.

The two very much benefit off of each other, as online sportsbooks give political betting a forum to exist in, where as the novelty of betting on elections and politicians draws in bettors who are not sports fans and would otherwise not be on that website.

Different Types of Political Betting

Odds to Win/ Future Bet: As if you were betting for this year’s Super Bowl or Heisman Trophy winner, this type of political bet involves wagering money on a listed moneyline price off the simple premise of who will win.

  • Example: Andrew Yang is +1450 to win the 2020 Presidential Election
  • Example: Elizabeth Warren has +200 odds to become the Deomcratic Nominee in the 2020 Presidential Election

Political Prop Betting: Like a sports prop, these are situation-based bets that are booked based off of potential results of an outcome. A price is given for both possible results of the prop listed, with the favorite being the more likely of the two results.

Example: Will Jair Bolsonaro complete his first presidential term?

  • Yes (-300)
  • No (+200)

Head to Head Bet: Comparable to the most well-known type of sports wager, this political bet features two opposing sides with odds attached to each. With this, one side is booked at favorite money with the other coming back with dog money. The bettor then chooses the side they believe will win, and if successful their resulting payout will be based off of the odds that were listed at political betting sites.

Example: US Presidential Election 2020 Winning Party:

  • Democratic Party (-115)
  • Republican Party (-115)

Political Props

Political prop betting has seen a huge spike in interest in recent years, predominantly do to the fact that it gives people a multi-layered scenario. Much like a football game, being able to bet on a hypothetical outcome of a real life situation leads to more opportunities to both walk away with money and find leisure in your political betting. Because of this, betting props is often considered a strategy all its own.

Here are a few examples of political prop bets:

Will Donald Trump be impeached and removed?

  • Before 2020 Elections- Yes (+175)
  • Before 2020 Elections- No (-250)

Will Donald Trump be elected to a 2nd term as POTUS?

  • Yes (-230)
  • No (+160)

Who will be the Republican nominee for the 2020 Presidential Election?

  • Donald Trump (-800)
  • Not Donal Trump (+500)
Prop betting allows you to give a wager an in-depth focus on something that is on a smaller scale, making attention to detail important.

What Political Events Can You Bet On?

Once the “why” and “how” are clarified when considering political betting sites, the “what” becomes the focus as one must shop for not only a price that interests them, but a play. Omaha 5 cards strategy.

Those who feel they have a tip on the local/regional scene may be more likely to bet for smaller elections, while the 2020 Presidential Election is going to be played more casually and frequently, especially as the race gradually tightens. Here are a few examples:

US Presidential Election

The most popular election to bet, odds are frequently posted and changed as stock for candidates rises and falls throughout the race. Handle naturally increases closer to election season when candidates become more solidified and political betting season is in full swing.

The 2020 Presidential Election currently has action on various political betting sites and will add more situational props and altered odds as the election gets closer. There have already been several odds changes due to debate performances, public reception, and late entries into the race.

US Congressional Election

Not as popular on the political betting spectrum, there is still occasional handle that pours in for these. Those who are politically informed often have the know-how to handicap these less popular but still highly important, elections. Given how these are dependent on the state itself, Congressional Election bets are far more regional than national, as they lack the appeal of the betting on the Presidential Election.

The 2020 Congressional Election will see increases in action as the public grows more in tune with the House of Representatives nominees, but for now, value will be harder to find and odds will not be as sharp in lieu of the more popular Presidential Election.

Other Examples of Political Betting:

  • British Parliament Election
  • Referendums (Example: Brexit)
  • Australian Parliament Election
  • London Mayoral Election

Is Betting on Politics Legal?

Yes, it is allowed, regulated, and now live in many places. For United States residents, the safe political betting sites that we endorse are trustworthy, tested, and legal.

Simply put, if you are allowed to bet sports and entertainment without consequence, the same applies when betting politics…

Depending on your location, you may not have the ability to place a bet on websites that are owned and operated by land-based sportsbooks, as the legalization of sports betting is state-based.

However, this has to do with the operation of the sportsbooks themselves, not any potential customers. So even if gambling is not legalized in your jurisdiction, that does not mean you can not make a bet online from the comfort of your home, regardless of location. This convenience is a big reason why mobile betting apps have exploded in popularity in just the past few years.

If the proper precautions were taken (making sure you signed up for a trustworthy site, have confirmed money in your account, etc…), you will have the green light (barring any technicalities) to bet without legal concerns, as the top political betting sites we utilize are not in the United States, making state-by-state control irrelevant.

Of course, it’s important to note we are not lawyers nor do we claim to give legal advice. For any questions about your local state laws we encourage you to seek the help of a professional in either the legal or gaming fields.

Political Betting vs Other Types of Betting

There are parallels with betting politics and sports just as there are connections all throughout the gaming world.

As one becomes more informed and experienced however, noticing key differences becomes much easier. In political betting, less focus is placed on past results and more emphasis based on a candidate’s realistic chances.

This is due to the fact that it is hard to create a winning formula for something that is heavily based off of subjective opinion. The election of a president for example is a selective process, while a football or basketball game is not up to a vote by the population, but determined by athletes competing against each other with the intention of winning.

This is why when wagering sports, the concept of betting strategy becomes a thing of great importance and pride, as bettors often believe their strategic methods lead to a winning formula.

This takes a back seat in political betting. Yet, the baseline knowledge and the application of it in terms of making a bet are still very similar in sports and political betting.

This is why if a patron can grasp the simple concepts of odds and what purpose they serve, they will be able to crossover between sports, politics, and other fields pretty smoothly assuming that the knowledge and desire to bet are there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Really Make Money Betting on Politics?

Yes, if you time it right. There are enough bets posted to where a patron can clean house if they have handicapped the odds correctly. However, unlike sports, politics operates on a far more time-sensitive basis as there are only certain points in the calendar year where it holds relevance.

So in order to make money you must pick your spots wisely and understand the concept of value. If these are understood by the bettor, then money can consistently be made as at that point it is just applying basic gambling principles to a different topic.

How Do I Know if a Political Betting Site is Shady?

In the same way you can tell a sports gambling site is shady. At the end of the day, the bookies posting action on politics are the same people booking sporting events, so their business models and practices will very much be identical, especially when you consider that the majority of the best political prices are found on online sports betting sites.

How Can I Place a Bet Right Now on Donald Trump to Be Impeached?

A play like this serves as a type of prop bet that is found on many of the online political betting sites we have tested. In order to place money on it, make sure you have an account on the website of your choosing and have deposited your money.

As long as these boxes are checked, you will then have the freedom to bet on the aforementioned prop and several other president-related specials currently available. This prop is specific to current headlines in the news cycle, so availability of props bets like this is very much dependent on the individual who is being booked in said bet and what they’re currently dealing with. As shown earlier, this exact prop is currently on the board at MyBookie.ag.

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