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1000 free slot machine online. The question on every pokie player’s mindis just likely the chances are of them hitting the jackpot. Naturally, it is adream of many to win the lotto, or strike gold and hit the jackpot in a casino,that’s one of the main reasons people play in the first place.

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Everyone who has ever set foot in a casino envisions themselves walking out with one of the biggest pokies wins ever. The allure of those bright, flashing lights, the sounds of the reels rolling conjures up excitement in us all.


It can be such an intoxicating feeling toget caught up in that hours can fly by in a casino that feels like minutes.

You’ll be happy to hear about some of the biggest pokie wins so close to home

Pokies are very popular in New Zealand, andtraditional and virtual casinos are both some of the most visited sites today.It’s no wonder that some of the biggest pokie wins in the world have occurredin New Zealand.

In March 2013 an anonymous player hit it big with a jackpot of $943,971, imagine going home to your family and making this announcement. For the average person, this is an absolute life-altering amount of money to win in one night.

How jackpots work

Big jackpots are paid out by progressiveslot games, and if you would like a chance to win the progressive jackpot, youmust bet the maximum on each spin.

Keep in mind that many slots games containspecial features, some will even allow you to enter the progressive jackpotfeature completely randomly.

It’s not every day that someone wins a progressive jackpot, but they do get paid out regularly, and every player that bets the maximum gives themselves a chance to be the one that takes home one of the biggest pokies wins.

Games that have been the luckiest forsome

Pokie Wins Australia

There are classic online pokies that havebuilt up a reputation for giving out major jackpots.

Pokie Wins Casino

Pokie Wins

Mega Moolah, for instance, has paid outover $41 Million since it launched in 2006. King Cashalot is another game thatis responsible for some of the biggest pokie wins in history.

Every year there are tons of new gamescreated, some have excellent features but only time will tell if they reach thesame status as the games that have been so lucky for some.

Tips to be a big winner too

Now that you know what some of the biggest pokies wins in history are. I’m sure the thing you want to know most is how you can be a winner too.

There is no set formula for hitting the jackpot, a great deal of it comes from just pure luck. The only strategy you can develop is learning how to stay on the machine longer, which will increase your chance of winning.

Pokie Wins Nz

Always play within your means

Poke Winchester San Jose

It’s always a good practice to have abudget for yourself and avoid exceeding it. Playing pokies, you need to get afeel for when is a good time to stop and when the proper time to maximize yourbets are. When you are on a losing streak, this is certainly not the time to upyour bets.