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Tifton/Leesburg, GA Payments. Please have your invoice number ready and then click the button below. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. Pay Your Invoice. For questions about your bill, please contact us: Tifton/Leesburg, GA (229) 382-9535. Email: [email protected] Virtual cards are gradually becoming a preferred payment method by a vast majority of the online community, offering a high level of security and allowing the users to remain discreet. Thanks to its wide coverage, AstroPay is slowly making its way to the very top of the most popular payment.

Astropay is a up-to-date payment method developed as an alternative to credit card. The most important reason for choosing Astropay instead of credit card is its safe structure. You do not need Astropay to expose your personal information to shopping sites like your credit card while you are shopping. You can only make payments on shopping, betting and gaming sites with the code of your prepaid virtual card. Having Astropay is also very easy. You can have your Astropay Card after creating your membership on our site, choosing the amount and name of the card you want to purchase, and making your deposit payment by bank transfer or EFT. Purchasing Astropay via credit card is available now. It is possible to pay your card via internet banking, ATM transfer and EFT. You can have your card within ten minutes after you make your payment, and with the AstroPay credit card , you are guaranteed the best quality service, fastest and safest.

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If you are not a credit card holder or do not want to be exposed to fraud risk due to credit card usage, you should choose Astropay. Astropay is a prepaid virtual card that is an alternative to credit card . After you start it, you will see Astropay's advantages.

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  1. Which payment methods can Iuse?

    The easiest way to order is by creditcard.Please also note our information on data security.

    We also accept the following payment methods:

    • Invoice (only for printed products and only inSwitzerland, Germany and Austria)
    • Cash via registered letter

    The choice of payment methods depends on your country of residence.

  2. How do I select a payment method?
    Please put the item you wish to order into your shopping cart by clickingonthe respective 'Order it' links in the AstroShop. Then enter the necessarybirth data and your address. After entering your address, you can selectthepayment methods on the page 'Payment options'. Please follow the instructionscarefully in order to allow quick and uncomplicated processing of yourorder.
    In case none of the offered payment methods should suit you, you cancancelyour order at this point.
  3. More information on payment methods
    Credit Card
    We accept the following credit cards: Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, American Express and JCB. We can charge Visa and American Express directlyin USD, and Visa and Mastercard can be charged in EUR. All other credit cards are dealt with in Swiss Francs, according to the current exchange rate. Please, remember to give the expiry date of your creditcard.
    Payments via Paypal are accepted with a surcharge of EUR / US$ 1.95,Switzerland CHF 2.-.
    Bank transfer for advance payment
    We accept bank transfer as a pre-payment method. Additional handling expenses are charged with USD/EUR/CHF 1.50.-. Thedetailed instructions for the bank transfer including bank names and account numbers are found at a later step during the checkout process.
    You can find an overview of the current bank details further down on thispage.

    For countries outside the EU: Please make sure that alltransaction fees are charged from your account and that the completeamount is credited to our account.
    We will process the order as soon as we have received yourtransfer.
    Invoice (only for printed products)
    In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, you can pay printed products byinvoice, provided you have a permanent address. The invoice is payable within 30 days of reception.
    The invoice total is the net price without any rebates.
    Cash for advance payment
    If none of the above payment methods suits you, you can also send thetotal ofyour order in cash via registered mail to:
    Astrodienst AG
    Dammstr. 23
    8702 Zollikon / Zürich
    Please make sure that you follow theordering process through to the end and send the complete amount,includingshipping charges. Please also enclose a print-out of your order in yourletter.
    We recommend you to send only notes, no coins. We do not take anyresponsibility for lost letters. If you send the correct amount, we don'tcharge any extra handling fees.
    Your order will be processed as soon as we have received the money.
  4. Bank names and accountnumbers

    Payments in Euro:

    Astrodienst AG
    Postbank Frankfurt/Main, Germany
    IBAN: DE71 5001 0060 0300 5826 00

    Payments in US$:

    Electronic bingo machine online. Astrodienst AG
    Zürcher Kantonalbank, Meilen, Switzerland;
    IBAN: CH48 0070 0132 7000 1598 9

    Payments in CHF:
    (Switzerland and Liechtenstein)

    Astrodienst AG
    Postfinance Switzerland
    Account No: 80-21113-1
    IBAN: CH82 0900 0000 8002 1113 1