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This fun for the whole family game brings together your favorite Paw Patrol pups and the fun of Bingo! Open the dog door and puppy Bingo chips appear. Match 3 pups or 3 colors to get Bingo. The Paw Patrol is hoping your child can recruit a team of pups with this officially licensed matching game. The simplified Bingo-style game features 4 cards with different 3 picture combinations of Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Chase, Zuma, Everest, and Rocky. PAW PATROL BINGO. This bingo card has 24 images and a free space. Print Bingo Cards. Print pages, with. All the party printables you need for sophisticated party decor on a budget. Find the best budget-friendly or free party printables to create the perfect ambience for your birthday party, baby or bridal shower, wedding, or other festive celebration. Find banners, invitations, signs, food labels and tags, party favor bag toppers, games, activities, and crafts, thank you notes, gift labels,.

Jun 12, 2020 Paw Patrol PUPPY DOG PALS Disney Jr Bingo Rolly, Color Gumballs - Fun Kids Toys. Puppy Dog Pals ROLLY & Bingo Disney Jr. Eats Mcdonald's Happy Meal.

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It’s been two years since I threw the twins a Paw Patrol Birthday Party and they still love those rescue pups! They asked for the Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower for Christmas and more toys for their birthday last month. These printable Paw Patrol Scavenger Hunt Clues were perfect for leading to Paw Patrol gifts!

Paw Patrol Scavenger Hunt Clues

With a total of six clues, kids will have fun with this Paw Patrol Scavenger Hunt mission. Rubble, Rocky, Chase, Marshall, and Sky join in the fun with the clues that will have kids running from the stove, washer and dry, freezer, trash can, and bathtub. All great places to hide presents if you are using this scavenger hunt for a birthday party.

Here are the clues and you can also grab the printable scavenger hunt clues below for a quick Paw Patrol game for your kids!

Clue #1 You’re needed on a rescue mission with your favorite pup team. Find the next clue where water lets off steam. (Shower/Bathtub) Fishing frenzy free slot play.

Clue #2 Green means go and Rocky is ready to help with the mission, too! Where he finds things to stash is where you’ll find the next clue. (Trash Can)

Clue #3 Now Chase is on the case to help uphold the laws. Find the next clue where you would wash your paws. (Sink)

Clue #4 Skye has taken to the sky to help you with the mission. This pup’s gotta fly to the next clue hidden in the coldest part of the kitchen. (Freezer)

Clue #5 It’s Rubble on the Double to help you finish the rescue. Let’s dig it for the final clue where clothes would wash and dry too. (Washer/Dryer)

Paw Patrol Bingo

Paw Patrol Bingo Game

Clue #6 Marshall’s fired up and ready for the ruff ruff rescue! Where he’d park his firetruck is the place is highly-trained paws will lead you. (Driveway/Garage)

Paw Patrol Bingo Toy