Agile Business Solutions To Take advantage of

Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, HalloweenToday’s market is fast paced and ever changing. If you’re not able to anticipate and make changes quickly enough, your business is likely to fail. Agility in a business is imperative in order to survive the modern market. However, few are able to achieve it.

What is an agile business?

An agile business is one that is able to anticipate shifts in the market even before they occur. However, knowing that a shift is going to occur isn’t enough. You need to be able to make the right operational changes and make them quickly enough to create opportunities and deliver better value to your customers.

In order for a company to be able to keep track of the market and quickly make changes, communication and data sharing throughout the enterprise is required. This often involves the application of enterprise-wide system integration. Technology therefore plays a major role in the building of an agile company.

Myriad tools are available in today’s market. Although they are all beneficial, not all are essential for creating an agile business. The following are some of the top tools you should consider.

The Automated Business

1. Marketing and sales solutions

If you want to make a dent in today’s consumer market, you have to take your business online. A recent study by United Parcel Service Inc. showed that consumers are increasing their purchases online. Shoppers surveyed in the study admitted to making 51 percent of their purchases online in Kom ( 2015. This was an increase from 2014’s figure of 47 percent.

The growth of eCommerce is accelerating rapidly. It therefore makes sense to shift your store online. Shopify is a great tool to help you get your online store up and running in a matter of days.

This all-in-one solution allows you to create an online store on a hosted platform. It is an enterprise ecommerce platform that can be customized to meet the needs of individual store owners. Because it is a hosted solution, you don’t have to worry about issues such as compliance to PCI standards, security or keeping servers up. You can focus on running your business and refer to their support team for any technical issues.

1. Tools for social media

You can’t sell anything if consumers don’t know about your products or services. Social media is becoming one of the most powerful ways to reach customers. A Dimensional Research survey showed that 90 percent of consumers admitted to making a purchasing decision based on social media reviews.

[기적의 유아학습단 / 12월 1주] 기적의 유아영어 알파벳 (A a ,B b ,C c, D d) - 블로그Creating and updating social media accounts on different platforms is therefore a great way to engage with your customers. However, keeping up with accounts on different platforms can be challenging.

Sprout Social is a solution that allows you to connect and communicate with your customers on different social media platforms easily. The tool integrates with various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – your input here – , Google+ and LinkedIn to allow you to manage your accounts from a single platform.

1. Tools for automated blogging

Providing your audience with valuable information is vital if you want to keep them engaged and coming back for more. You need to ensure that you can provide information that is interesting and consistently fresh.

Percolate is a great tool to automate your blogging. This tool sources and curates content. It also schedules content for your blog. You even get data insights suggesting what type of content would be most successful with your target audience. The tool also integrates with various platforms including WordPress, Facebook, Tumbler and Twitter.

Be A ‘Just In Time’ Person, Not A ‘Last Minute’ Person

Getting things done in the nick of time isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it can even unburden you off of your stress and endless to-do lists. The trick is to avoid being ‘last minute’ and be ‘Just In Time.’

First off, let’s take a look at how Just In Time (JIT) is defined in the business world:

“…a production strategy that strives to improve a business’ return on investment by reducing in-process inventory and associated carrying costs.”

Wouldn’t we all love that in our personal lives too? In the context of daily life, we constantly wish for better ROI on our time and energy, and it is the same two factors — time and energy — that we want to reduce wasting. The key here is to plan out tasks, work out the logistics, set reminders, and forget about it for the moment. Prioritize and expend your energy on what’s needed now, rather than preparing endlessly for a meeting scheduled for two weeks later.

For example, when I wanted to write this particular post, I did not spend hours writing a draft. I took a few minutes earlier today to jot down points that will make up this post and left it at that. And now, when I’m about to publish it, I dedicated a full hour (with no other interferences) turning those points into a proper write-up. Planned ahead enough, but no waste of time and energy. Just in time, not last minute. At work, I have noticed colleagues prepare for a meeting just minutes before it started and get a lot of details wrong — last minute rush.

Of course, a policy of Just In Time won’t work for every task on every day. However, our time on this planet can be utilized efficiently if we classify all the little things into the JIT category and save ourselves the anxiety of looking at tasks that need no immediate attention on our to-do list. Again, the important part about being a Just In Time person is to plan ahead, but not dwell on the plan, and to get back to it just when it needs attention. The difference? The last minute person doesn’t plan ahead or think about it until the last minute. But you’d be prepared — just in time.

Note To Bono World Saving 101

Harrison and his concert for Bangladesh. Then the 80’s, Live
Aid and Michael Jackson’s “We are the World.”

Seo, Optimization

200 million pounds were raised by Bob Geldof to combat world hunger in
1985. Of course, 200 million pounds is only one weeks debt
repayment of third world countries (Africa) to us first worlders.

After all this aid and awareness we still have an ongoing
tragedy occurring in Africa. Millions are dying or infected
with Aids or HIV, many millions more are starving, wars,
civil wars, tribal wars injure and kill millions more with
clock-like regularity. I would opine that we could raise a
billion dollars per week and it wouldn’t alleviate the
problems of the third world.

The initial approaches to the problem involved giving money
and aid. Laudable certainly, the only problem is that it
doesn’t work. Now Bono champions the new approaches, let’s
reduce the debt of third world countries and free up the
capital they will need to care for themselves. This with
recognizing World Aids day(again, certainly laudable),
comprises the new one-two punch of saving the world.

Up until about 500 years ago, the entire world was
essentially in the same boat. The entire world slumbered,
throughout medieval times and the middle ages under the
somnolent fog of superstition and religion. All light, all
thought, all science, all reason, all rationality were swept
aside and crushed under this theological tsunami. Then about
500 years ago, The Renaissance, Da Vinci, later the
Enlightenment, all that good stuff. Suddenly, mankind had
found its head again, science began to take form, reason and
rationality began taking baby steps. But unfortunately, it
didn’t take hold in Africa because the situation in Europe
was unique to that region, for more reasons than I can go
into here.

Jump ahead 500 years to present day. (Hold onto your hats,
here comes the big quote.) The principal difference between
us first worlders and the third worlders is simply that we
threw off the yoke of religious malaise and Africa didn’t.
Africa is being strangled by it’s continued adherence to
centuries old religions that kept us all in the dark for
much of human history. Or as Tai Solarin, one of Nigeria’s
leading educators put it, “they must be educated to stand on
their feet. The worst bane of African nondevelopment is the
chronic dependence on the deity to solve all earthly
problems. Give everybody education for self-reliance and we
will vie with the best nations everywhere”.

Now comes Bono preaching. Even his songs contain religious
references and lyrics. “I believe in kingdom come”, “if you
want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel”. Wrong. Get
people up off their knees and standing on their own feet,
living here and now in this world, this is the way to help
and strengthen people. For, in my view, it is the religion
itself, that serves to keep people weak and subservient.
Only by emboldening people with science and secularism will
we ever be able to help anyone. This is the lesson of
Europe, it can be the lesson of Africa as well.

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5 Benefits That Indoor Water Fountain Ownership Provides

One of the best ways that you can enjoy the soothing sounds of running water is to have an indoor water fountain inside your home. That way you can enjoy it any time you want to. Over the past several years they have grown in popularity, which makes it very easy to locate one that will match your personal taste and style. However the best reason to own a fountain is due to all of the benefits that they offer. The five benefits below are all ones you can enjoy by owning an indoor water fountain and installing it inside your home.


All of us are under stress from time to time. It is simply a symptom of the lives we tend to lead these days. The soothing sounds of water flowing through a Soothing Walls fountain can be very relaxing, even after enduring a very stressful and hectic day. You can place an indoor water fountain in any room you want in order to create a very relaxing environment.


At any time throughout the course of the year, but particularly during the winter, the air inside of our houses can get very dry. For many people, this can cause numerous health issues. It dries out the skin and makes it very uncomfortable and itchy. Indoor water fountains add moisture naturally to whatever room they are in. They not only provide you and your family with numerous benefits, but they are good for any plants that are in the room as well.

Frequently we search for various ways of enhancing our home’s decor. Water fountains offer unique and beautiful focal points for whatever room they are placed in. A fountain may be a tabletop model, floor model, or installed in a wall. Whatever style you decide on, it will provide your office or home with additional beauty and style.

White Noise

Many individuals like having white noise while they are working to help drown other sounds out. Some people even need to have one on in order to sleep. The sound of flowing water offers a very relaxing white noise. When you have an indoor water fountain running, you won’t have animal or traffic sounds distracting you when you are trying to sleep or work.

Improve air quality

In recent years, an increasing number of people have become concerned with indoor air quality, particularly in offices where there are no windows that open. Negative ions are produced by air purifiers. If you enjoyed this article and you would certainly like to receive more info regarding MSP (hop over to these guys) kindly see our web site. However, they tend to make irritating noises and are unattractive. Indoor water fountains also produce negative ions for attracting dust as well as other irritants and removing them out of the air.

Whatever your reasons are for choosing an indoor water fountain, using one will provide you and your family with numerous benefits. You can buy an indoor water fountain from an online company or at a home improvement store or garden center.

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Obama Announces Candidacy

This morning Sen. Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president declaring,

“It was here, in Springfield, where North, South, East and West come together that I was reminded of the essential decency of the American people — where I came to believe that through this decency, we can build a more hopeful America. And that is why, in the shadow of the Old State Capitol, where Lincoln once called on a divided house to stand together, where common hopes and common dreams still live, I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president of the United States of America.”

The allusions to Lincoln are not just because both are from Illinois. Lincoln was a self-made man who became a great lawyer with his compassion, quick wit and famed speaking. Obama made his way in life by graduating magna cum laude at Harvard Law School and instead of taking a high paying corporate job became a community organizer helping the poor using those very same skills. Lincoln only served 2 terms in the House before becoming the leader of the United States during a time of turbulence and change. Obama, after 8 years in the state senate and still in his first term in the U.S. Senate, is trying to do the same.

The biggest complaint (at least one not invented by Fox News) is that he is too new, hasn’t done anything. I’d disagree. As chairman of the Illinois Senate Health and Human Services Committee he created a state earned-income tax credit providing over $100 million in tax cuts to families across the state. He lead the fight for campaign and ethics reform in a state where the dead not only vote early but vote often. He has pledge to continue this fight saying today,

“They write the checks and you get stuck with the bills, they get the access while you get to write a letter, they think they own this government, but we’re here today to take it back. The time for that kind of politics is over.”

As a U.S. Senator he sponsored bills to increase the amount of Pell grants and prevent the proliferation of dangerous weapons. In 2005 his voting record received perfect scores from National Education Association, American Wilderness Coalition, Alliance for Retired Americans, Children’s Defense Fund, and the Campaign for America’s Future. The only real question for me is what has everyone else been doing?

Marketing Automation And Why It’s Great

It’s pretty safe to say that marketing has been the driving force behind consumerism. If you have any thoughts relating to where and how to use Composition, you can get hold of us at our own webpage. Everyone that operates within a marketing driven business knows that without proper promotion, an amazing service or product is the same as the worst one existent. It all derives from the very basic concept that says: you can’t sell something if people don’t know it exists. That being said, marketing has learned a lot of new tricks through the ages, and one of the gifts that modern techniques have bestowed upon it is automation. In this article we will look at some of the benefits that come with automated marketing. So with no further delay, here’s what you can expect to get out of the automation of your marketing efforts.

Know your leads, fast and clean

Of course, it’s very important to know your leads. Getting accustomed to what they like, how they can e approached and so on, all count towards pitching a sale later on. However, that can take a long time if done manually through traditional means. Marketing automation makes it so this process is considerably shortened in length and a lot more accurate. Automatic procedures will serve the likes and dislikes of any particular lead for you on a platter. Needless to say, this greatly improves productivity in the workplace.

Shorter cycles, more sales

One of the prime benefits of implementing marketing automation is the fact that you get way shorter marketing cycles. This ultimately translates into having more sales over the same period of time, which can’t result in anything other than profit all around. Whether you want to look at it as pure math or some other, more intricate way, the result will be the same.

Lead scores

Lead scores are another perk of having automated marketing in your structure. These scores allow you to track the potential viability for any given lead and then assign appropriate approaches for each lead. Some leads might score lower than others for a specific project. In this case, they are left out of the next steps of the project in favor of those that scored higher, but kept in the database for future reference and projects, when their analysis sheet will serve towards giving them a new score based on the latest project. What that all boils down to is the fact that you can see exactly how likely any given lead will be to go through with a sale, at any given time.

Implementing marketing automation is becoming less and less of a trend, and more of a must-have, simply because its sheer efficiency is through the roof from any point of view that you might look at it from. If you adored this article and you would certainly like to receive even more facts regarding BioInitiative kindly go to our internet site. Having these benefits laid in front of you will constitute a major advantage in all future endeavors.

Attack Of The Benign Tomatoes

Not all organic chemicals have failed to deliver as hyped. Some have exceeded expectations. Barry Bonds marched toward the most coveted recognition in baseball with a little flaxseed oil on his elbows. Other chemicals have historically delivered as intended, too, even if a bit overdone. Yellow cake uranium in Nigeria made its way to Iraq and was virtually snatched from the brink of deployment by those guys that Michael Moore hates so much. TrimSpa saved Anna Nicole’s life, didn’t it?

A채널 Aチャンネル A-Channel -5화 - 블로그The moral of the story is that when faced with a choice between using chemicals or no chemicals to enhance one’s life, or just to make a good story even better, always choose better living through chemistry. Just the other night, I inhaled helium from a balloon and covered a set of Barry White ballads at a VFW dance. (See what I mean about a good story?) Serenity, the kind that Tom Cruise would love to have, for example, is no further away than a medicine cabinet or apothecary.

I do have one recommendation for purging your inner George Costanza — find an effigy of Tom Cruise and sit on it. As for me, I am relieved about the new study. I’ll never have to sit on a tomato again.

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What Inspired Individual Invented The Beanbag

H-300받은지 1시간만에 로스팅을 한번 해봤습니다 ㅎㅎ - 카페

At some point throughout your life you have most likely seen, or sat in a beanbag chair. If you’ve ever seen one of these amazing pieces of furniture you may wonder exactly how they may have come about and who would have thought to design such a piece of furniture. In this article we will learn exactly where the beanbag chair came from and how it evolved into the chairs that we know and love today.

Before the beanbag chair there was a chair called the sea urchin chair. This was designed by Roger Dean during his time at the Royal College of Art. Unlike the beanbag chair, the sea urchin chair from 1965 was entirely created using foam. The design of the sea urchin chair was basically just a spherical foam ball that someone could sit in and have the chair completely conform to their body for comfortable sitting position. The beanbag chair would change this idea but keep roughly the same spherical format as the sea urchin chair.

An Australian taste tests American sweets.

What came next was the Sacco or Socco which was one of the first modern beanbag chairs. The Sacco came into existence in 1969 under a team of Italian designers. Paolini, Gatti and Tedora were these Italian designers and they were working for a company in Italy called Zanotta Design. Their goal was to create the ideal piece of furniture for the 60s flower power generation. Little did they know that the Sacco, or Socco would soon be taking off with a massive amount of popularity overseas and in their local market.

These original beanbag chairs from 1969 were created using leather bags which were pear-shaped. The original chairs were filled with thermocol pellets but the more modern beanbag chairs were filled with polystyrene beads, Styrofoam, PVC pellets and polyurethane foam. The chair grew rapidly in popularity as it was comfortable and it adjusted to every user individually. The design would eventually make its way into department stores throughout the 1970s and beanbag chairs became very popular pieces of furniture.

In the 1970s professional decorators were using beanbag chairs to outfit rooms because they were portable and very fashionable. Doctors were using beanbag chairs to help treat children with autism and other sensory integration issues. Doctors have even gone as far as to recommend using beanbag chairs for people who experience back problems because they can conform the chair to whatever shape is most comfortable.

Beanbag chairs have undergone a variety of design tweaks to make them more child friendly and safe. Today beanbags are more popular than ever, both here in the US and across the world – there are literally hundreds of shops and websites dedicated to just selling beanbags, and nothing else. Modern beanbags chairs may vary in design but they still are made pretty much the same way as they were in the late 70’s – with the inclusion of double liners, shredded foam and machine washable covers. With all of these modern touches beanbags have become reliable and stylish pieces of furniture that we can use every day.

7.9 Million Jobs Lost. Many Forever

Hand drawn stereo with electric guitar

You’re probably familiar with the saying, ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it.’ Though various news sources tout the recession to be officially over, it’s quite obvious how weak the job market remains. Reports from suggest full-time jobs may be a thing of the past while part-time and freelance positions may be the job market of the future. With this in mind, what we say at work and how we communicate what we say may mean more than ever when it comes to maintaining a paycheck.

For those with a job, remember the millions who are still unemployed and have been unemployed, in many cases for 2 years or more. Unless there are illegal activities taking place where you work, this is not the time to whine or complain. But you may be communicating negatively without even saying a word.

Professor Albert Mehrabian is considered to have pioneered the understanding of communications since the 1960s. He earned a PhD from Clark University and began his teaching and research at the University of California, Los Angeles. Professor Mehrabian continues researching, writing and consulting at UCLA as Professor Emeritus of Psychology today.

Through his research, Professor Mehrabian breaks down the effectiveness of spoken communications as follows:

– 7% of message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is in the words that are spoken.
– 38% of message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is paralinguistic (the way that the words are said).
– 55% of message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is in facial expression.*

If Professor Mehrabian’s statistical analysis of effective communication is true, what we say verbally carries far less weight than how we say the words we choose and more importantly what our visual cues are showing through our facial expressions and attitudes.

The study showcasing the importance of how we speak the words we choose and what attitude we give off when talking is not revolutionary. Any of us with children can enjoy a good dose of ineffective communication when our child talks back saying, ‘Okay. I’ll get it done.’ I can hear the different ways my sons can say this one simple phrase, giving completely different meanings each time.

But when you look at the statistical analysis, the gap between communicating through your feelings, attitudes and facial expressions (55%) over saying the words you chose (7%) is astonishing to say the least! Music If you liked this article and you would such as to get additional information pertaining to Advanced (this contact form) kindly check out the web page. It may demonstrate that the phrase, ‘choose your words wisely’ may be better expressed by saying, choose how you say and visually express the words you select wisely’ or simply, ‘think before you speak.’

Consider this example: Saying something but not looking directly into someone’s eyes or communicating a message through words but rolling your eyes may easily leave a negative perception regarding what you were trying to communicate. I’m sure you can think of many other examples that have happened to you or your fellow colleagues over the years.

Remember, each of us at work is often considered expendable. So, each time you speak, remember how much others are interpreting your message by your body language and facial cues. And don’t forget, the same applies to each time you don’t speak but are heard loud and clear in a meeting through your body language such as a look of boredom or exhaustion or lack of contribution all together.

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring An Seo Consultant

With more and more customers making use of websites to gather information about the products or services that they need, it has become essential for business to have a strong online presence. The ranking of your website on a search engine such as Google could be the determining factor behind the number of customers that visit your site. To be able to rank well, a site needs to be optimized to meet the requirements set by the search engine.

A search engine optimization consultant can help you meet these needs. Since the demand of such services and Seo experts in Dublin is very high, there are plenty of people and service providers that claim to be the best. The fees and charges laid down for such services are important to compare however additionally, following are some of the questions that you must ask before hiring an Seo consultant.

Can you provide the list of clients served by you?

A confident Seo consultant will share with you the list of some of his best clients served. Seeing the result of their website ranking and gauging the website content can help you considerably in making the right decision. Look for consultants who have worked on sites that are from a similar business such as yours.

How do you target to bring change to my website ranking?

Some consultants do not discuss their techniques in details but every consultant should be able to give their clients the confidence that he would be making the right steps to provide substantial results. The consultant should provide a general overview of the methods that he going to adopt to get you the results that you expect.

Will you discuss all the changes and modifications that you are making with my site?

To make a website suitable to the requirements of a search engine, it should require lot of changes which could include those in the content as well as the design of the pages. A Seo consultant should get a consensus with the site owner before he makes such changes so that the sole purpose of the site is not affected even when the site is modified according to the needs.

How do you see the website becoming successful?

The ranking of the website is an important factor that determines the success but it is not the only measure. The Seo consultant must look at the holistic picture along with just improving the site ranking but the user must see the required information and find a reason to visit the site again.

What will be the communication channel between us?

The website owner and the Seo consultant need to maintain regular communication to ensure that the changes, additions and updates to the site are as per the requirements of all stakeholders. Ensure that the required communication style and standards are set so that there are no confusions and delays when important communications are to be made. Do set realistic turnaround time for any queries that you may have.

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