A Poem Of Love

Material possessions have little meaning and do not last. Words of love live forever in our souls.

I consecrate this poem

to you my beloved

It is all I possess

and hold sacred in my heart…

I consecrate it’s rhythm,

pulse, symmetry and soul

To you to hold and cherish

when I am away or simply gone….

Material possessions

are endless

Bought and sold within a moment

Squandered and consumed….

This poem given birth within

moments of remembrance

Crafted forever through time

Found accidentally in an old book….

I consecrate this poem to you

My only gift to give

Written with trusted affection

It is why I call it a love poem….


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It’s really hard time. I can understand it in better way.

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First Athlete Without Citizenship To Be In Olympics

BBCAfrica tweeted: The IOC says it will allow a marathon runner — born in #SouthSudan but with no passport — to compete under the #Olympic flag.

Guor Marial, a marathon runner, will take part in the Olympic Games as an “independent” … – Click That Link – athlete. This is an Olympic Games’ first. Marial will compete under the Olympic flag, reports the the Telegraph.

The International Olympic Committee made an exception for Marial. The gifted athlete was born in South Sudan and fled to the US during his countires’ civil war reports Reuters.

Marial is an elite martahon runner however while the Arizona resident does have a green card he is not legible for the US Olympic team because he is not a U.S. Should you liked this article and also you would want to acquire more info concerning Songbird – sneak a peek at this web-site. – kindly pay a visit to our own internet site. citizen. Sudan did offer Marial a spot on their team however Marial declined the spot saying, “At this level, as an athlete, I don’t just represent my family, but the whole of South Sudan. It’s a very heavy responsibility to carry.

Rearranging Furniture; OC Or A Happy Cure For The Blues.

Woman, Creative, Idea, Hint, PosesAre you feeling blue? Perhaps you have nothing fun and exciting to do! It is time, then, to take a break from all the cooking and cleaning and gardening and even from reading books. Why not give your tired brain and listless spirit a perky facelift by rearranging your home’s furniture. Even just reshuffling one or two rooms should do the trick. Guarantee you’ll get a little exercise in the process too. Rearranging rooms has been known to cure the blues, because it actually contributes to your mental health and well-being.

But you have to try it, even once, to believe it.

To begin; take a comfortable position, say, from somewhere in the center of your living room, open your mind’s eyes, and moving ever so slowly take a panoramic look around—and don’t forget to look from floor to ceiling as well. Can you see the possibilities? Can you now envision a whole new look? Believe me when I say that the potential is there, no matter how small a room might be.

Try trading furniture, moving one piece—a table, a chair, a bookshelf, a lamp—from one room into another. Yes, you can break up a set! And if you really must buy something new—a vase, a painting—then, by all means do. Splurge if it makes you feel better. But allow your creativity to come through!

And just so you know, I am speaking from experience here. I have been “rearranging furniture” all my life. I picked up this happy habit from my mother, who also rearranged the rooms in her house all her life. It kept her sanity. It kept her happy. And it really has gone a long, long way in keeping my own sanity and happiness. And I’ve done it without the need to hire a decorator.

No need for therapists! Imagine the money saved?

Another plus to rearranging your furniture: it will extend the life of your floor and carpet, because they would otherwise wear unevenly. After a while you would begin to notice little stains, here and there, that by moving the furniture will cover them right up.

I understand that “rearranging furniture” can become addicting—an obsession, a fixation—enough to consider some OC (Obsessive Compulsive). Because some people pay too close attention to symmetry and minor details (objects that must be arranged perfectly and nothing out of place).

I am not one of those people, by the way.

I do not spend endless hours “rearranging.” But as I type about this favorite pastime of mine, my happy obsession, my breathing has picked up, my heart is racing, and my body and hands are shaking at merely the thought of rearranging the house again soon.

Note:Remember to always lift properly: feet shoulder width apart, lift close to your body, bend your knees and keep your back firm and straight. And never be too proud to ask for help, an extra pair of hands when needed.

Apple IPad Revealed

[에르메스]에블린 29 PM 뉴컬러 terre battue(테라바투) A각인 새상품 - 카페I am a massive fan of Apple. I am writing on my Apple MacBook Pro and am connected to the web via Internet tethering on my iPhone. Apple seem to have a knack for inventing things that you never knew you needed until they showed them to you. A few years ago who could have predicted that one of their products, the iPod, would become so popular that entire waves of entertainment media would be created in the form of podcasts, a word which has found its way into everyday vocabulary as easily as googling?

With all of this in mind you may understand that I was more than a little bit excited about the much blogged about, rumour shrouded press conference given this week by Steve Jobs, Apple’s genius-in-chief. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely surprised by the look of the new device, I had suspected a large iPhone looking slab and that’s what we saw. Wiktionary What I was surprised at was that I ended up not really wanting one. I usually want any new gadget Apple churns out and the iPad certainly looks sleek and desirable. It has the ability to use iPad specific applications and games as well as those you can use on your iPhone. It has a multi-touch interface to manipulate the screen and any images or web pages. One version of the device comes with a built in 3G device to keep you permanently linked to the Internet.

Apple have even arranged a deal with top book publishers to create a iTunes-like online bookstore from which iPad users can download books to their device and read them on the go; a prettier and more versatile alternative to the Sony Reader. It looks to be a mid-way-point between an iPhone and a laptop and it is for this reason that I do not seem to have the enthusiasm for the iPad that I would expect. As I said, I have an iPhone and a laptop so it would appear that, for me, the iPad would be surplus to requirement. That said, only time will tell and I would not be entirely surprised to find myself in my local Mac store in a few months time, parting company with my hard earned cash after convincing myself that I really don’t now how I could have possibly survived so long without one. We shall see.

Top 5 Tips FOR Stock Trading Beginners

Everybody heard about those millionaires who got rich just by stock trading. Even if you don’t have such ambition (or don’t believe that millions can be made so easily), by trading stocks you can make a decent passive income.

Well, why don’t we all trade and get rich then, right? Of course, because behind a “big win’’ is a big risk, as well. But, you don’t have to invest all of your savings, why don’t start with small amounts of money and see how does it goes? If you have any kind of questions concerning where and ways to utilize ’90s – my explanation – , you could call us at the internet site.

Now, the real question is: “Where do I start?’’. Keep reading and find not only how to start participating in the stock trading niche, but what are the top 5 tips you should now.

1.Don’t wear rose-colored glasses!

Don’t expect to invest a dollar and gain $1000 immediately. This might actually happen, but with realistic way of thinking you avoid to get disappointed or discouraged. Try to find ‘’imbalanced supply and demand scenarios’’ for your trading baby steps. Don’t risk to lose a lot of money, but try to get the ‘’trading feeling’’ from the beginning. Yes, again, you might actually earn your monthly salary in one day (…or lose it).

2.Get educated!

After reading the first tip, you probably thought how to find the above mentioned scenarios, right> Well, there are numerous trading courses and trading schools, but you can start right here – on the internet. Study historical examples, follow trading blogs, manuals, videos etc. One of the keys to success is to be well informed and nowadays at least that is easy (and can be free).

3.Find an (online) broker!

Like I mentioned, today everything is so available online so everything you need to start trading (beside money) is an online trading platform. The choice is wide, it is up to you to research and find the best solution for you. The best tip I can give you when seeking for a trading platform is to go local, especially if you are not trading in your domestic currency. So, for example, if you are based in Nigeria, chose a Nigerian trading platform that allows you to trade in Naira, or an Asian one that supports currencies such as Yuan and Yen if you trade from China and Japan. That way you will at least eliminate the currency changing risk.

4.Stay patient and disciplined!

This fact might surprise you, but the most successful day traders don’t trade every day! But, they are always ‘’in the game’’, reading, checking the market and seeking for opportunities. And you won’t (easily) find one if you are not patient.

Like most of the time, discipline is the key to success. So forget about impulsive behavior! Ambition is one thing, but when it comes to trading – greed is your worst enemy.

Famous Celebrities Are They Being Targets From Their Past.

Coffee and frame

dinner,pork chop,mashed,potato,food,dining.While I disagree with your views on Simpson in particular, your views are not where my questions are. I wonder why you raise the question at all about celebs being targeted because of their pasts on the one hand, but wave off any discussion on the merits of those ‘pasts’ on the other. Seems to me you’re climbing out on a limb and sawing it off behind you. If you have views on Simpson, the Jena 6, R. Kelly, and the rest, describe those views to justify the stance you’re taking now in terms of why celebrities should or shouldn’t be scrutinized in light of past conduct. Also, I’d like to how you think of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan — not that I’m interested in them because frankly, I’m not. But, I am curious as to what you, as a writer here, think about those situations given your article’s “suspicion of suspicion”.

How Modern Evolutions Are Changing The Medical Arena

Modern technology has enhanced the world as we know it in many different forms, including some very important factors. However, nothing in this life is more important than our lives. Unsurprisingly, medical progressions have been some of the most advanced.

There is no question that medical care is better than ever. You only need to look at rising life expectancy rates to see those sentiments in full effect. However, it’s not simply a case of doctors and nurses becoming better trained.

Technology has been at the heart of those progressions. Here are three ways this environment has benefited.

Quicker Diagnosis

It’s the oldest saying in the book, but a stitch in time saves nine. Cancer and serious illnesses are as prevalent as ever. Thankfully, quicker diagnosis allows for quicker action and far greater chances of getting a patient back to normal.

The increased presence of the internet has allowed patients to check symptoms of coughs and other common issues. With many minor issues, this offers the chance to self-diagnose and seek medicines over the counter. Of course, more serious issues still need expert support and advice. Nevertheless, solving those minor issues helps the direct sufferer. Perhaps more significantly, they also leave GP rooms less crowded.

As for more severe issues, advanced machinery allows medical teams to analyze situations to gain far quicker results. Whether it’s an MRI scan or another advanced method, the increased speed and accuracy can only be good.

Quicker Responses

Technology doesn’t only allow for quicker treatment, however. Treating illnesses and conditions is only one part of medical care. Accidents and emergencies form an equally important area, and the need for speed is arguably even greater.

Response teams can now get to the scene far sooner thanks to air ambulance services. Not only can medics reach the patients fast, but they can also transport them to a hospital far sooner too. Those valuable minutes can genuinely be the difference between life and death.

Specialized drones, equipped with defibrillators, are being introduced too. This allows civilians to administer vital care until the professionals arrive. Of course, smartphones and gadgets allow for quicker communication compared to previous generations too.

Increased Options

Spotting a problem early is advantageous while quick action is key. However, the greatest improvement thanks to medical tech has been the level of treatment. Virtually all elements of the process have been improved. In truth, this is largely thanks to technological upgrades.

Advanced machinery allows medical teams to operate with greater control, accuracy, and speed. Meanwhile, additions like stomach staples can help overcome one of the quickest growing problems too. Nowadays, patients can even go under the knife for cosmetic work that brings health benefits too. The options are greater than ever, which can only benefit patients in a variety of different situations.

Patients can benefit from better communication through SMS appointment reminders and after care too. Undergoing a procedure is scary. The fact that modern tech can remove some of those fears are arguably the greatest gift of all.

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Sell Your house Fast For Cash

Woman with blank paper bagHow to Sell Your house Fast? Sometimes you need to sell your house fast. Maybe foreclosure is looming or you just need money immediately. Whatever the reason, we buy houses west palm beach FL and we’d like to make you a fair all-cash offer. And we’ll even Guarantee that offer and can have a check in your hand in as little as 5 days. Just give us a call at (561) 203-6162 to get a quick offer over the phone today… or fill out the simple form on this site.

Let’s now discuss the major aspects of we buy houses scheme.

Get Cash Fast:-

Almost all house buyers offer the best market price when buying a property. Common people like us hardly possess any knowledge about the real estate market or about the current market value of pretty or ugly house. It is therefore a smart act to get in touch with a reliable company dealing with house buying and selling business.

Zero Percent Commission Charged :-

Unlike a real estate agent, a PalmBeaches Realty doesn’t charge a 6% commission on every property that it buys. Thus, people in urgent need of hard-cash should approach a house buyer to get the full selling amount of his or her home.

Buy Houses in Any Condition :-

Whether you have a house that is many years old or needs a major renovation or paint, a professional we buy houses organization can be contacted to sell your property easily and quickly.

Get rid of Problems :-

It sometimes becomes very difficult to handle a stubborn tenant. When the situation goes out of control, you can decide to handover the house to a home buyer. Professional house buying company PalmBeaches Realty quickly purchases a vacant property that is lying untouched for years or a home that is facing a foreclosure.

Process of Selling Your Property to a PalmBeaches Realty:-

There are many we buy houses. If you want to sell your house and are curious on how the process works and want to see what we can pay you for your house you can get that ball rolling in a couple ways.

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That One day

That one day gave me smile…

That another day made me cry

That one day gave me friend.

That another day took away my friend

That one day gave me hope

That another day rob away my hope

That one day I celebrated the death

That another I mourn the death

That one day I was honoured

That another day I was insulted

That one day I talked

That another day I was quiet

That one day I found.

That another day I lost

That one day somebody walked in to me

That another day somebody walked away from me

That one day I talked in silence and they heard

That another day I yelled but not heard

That one day I tried to wipe their tears.

That another day they left me in tears.

That one day I was asked to come in.

That another I was asked to go away

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Perfect video with your perfect poem of lifes up and downs.

way to go buddy! Keep um coming. I like the ebb and flow you present.

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How to Monetise A Property That is Losing Value

The UK property market is continuing to grow at an impressive rate, while it is also expected to grow consistently throughout the next Mission three years. Despite this, it is worth noting that the markets’ growth dipped considerably during the final financial quarter of 2014, with November in particular seeing a significant decline both in terms of demand and property values. While many have attributed this to the impact of the festive season, there may well be a period of consolidation before steady and sustainable growth levels re-emerge.

This is particularly true in London and some regions in the south, where prices peaked in the summer of 2014 and have stagnated ever since. While this should not detract from wider or longer-term growth, investors who hold property in these regions may need to act fast if they are to monetise their assets and maximise value. Consider the following steps towards achieving this:

Lease your Properties

If you hold more than one property, you may wish to consider the benefits of entering the buy-to-let-market. Leasing enables you to generate income on a monthly basis, while retaining ownership of the property for the future. The buy-to-let market also moves to a different beat to the rest of the sector, so rental values may increase while sale prices fall. This has certainly been the case recently, where residential rates increased by 2.8% in 2014 and are now 16% higher than at any point in 2010. So if you have a property that is losing value, consider maximising its short-term profitability by leasing it to a private tenant.

Maintain Perspective and Eliminate Greed

Sometimes, the most obvious solution is also the best one. If you need to monetise a property that is rapidly losing value, your best option is simply to sell this for as high a resale price as possible. This only becomes an unviable option if selling the property would incur a loss, or in instances where you are already encumbered with negative equity. Otherwise, you may need to maintain perspective and eliminate greed, by selling for a healthy profit without holding out for the type of disproportionate growth that gripped the market last year. This rate of growth is unlikely to return anytime soon, so manage your expectations and consider each potential deal on its own merit.

Sell on the quick House Sale Market

For those who are already faced with the prospect of losing huge sums of money on their property, it may be time to cut their losses and sell as quickly as possible. The quick house sale market is perfectly suited to meet this need, as while you may be forced to accept a price that is below market value you can complete a favourable transaction in a matter of hours. So by partnering with firms such as Property Rescue,you can minimise any potential financial losses and quickly rid yourself of a fast depreciating asset.