Our Justice System At Work-or How to Make 162,000 With Lies

泸州老窖u窖价标Excellent article, in fact I enjoy such edification, this is the kind of declaration that gives some practical information, it explores the nature of classified societal problems.

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Perhaps the solution can be found in arming yourself with a tape recorder and a front and rear car camera. However you must stop committing yourself legally by not testifying to the police officer during a traffic stop, don’t argue with him and don’t give any answers to any questions, just simply decline to answer CULTURE respectfully. Unfortunately the majority of the time the traffic officer is trying to get you to say something that he can use against you latter in a court of law. On the other hand try to get as much information as possible, such as his badge number, the radar id number, record any statements made, and then present your information and obtain all their evidence prior to trial. Learn from your mistakes by beating them at their own game.

In court try cross examination of the officer as to the certification of the radar equipment, its last service date or calibration certification, you know; who did the actual calibration? Does he (the officer have these papers in court) have a certificate of service and so on? He must prove that the radar equipment is and was in perfect working order during his traffic stop. Also it is impossible for him to prove if there were outside forces that may have interfered with the radar reading during his traffic stop, ex a ham radio, an airplane radio, and so on.

If one of these elements is inconsistent then he will lose the case. This evidence along with your tapes and video will be enough to overturn such convictions.