Online Casino Scams Roulette

Oct 30, 2019 That means that European roulette has a house edge of 2.7% and American roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. This means that for every $100 a player bets, the casino wins $2.70 in European roulette and $5.26 in American roulette in the long run. Martingale Roulette System: This is probably one of the oldest system scams that you will find online. Technically, the Martingale is not a scam because it clearly highlights the losing odds, the money you may lose and the long-term risk of such a strategy.

Gambling comes with a significant share of risks in a country like India because the government has banned it most all but three states. Online casinos have come as a boon for Indian players looking to play entertaining games like roulette and poker. Roulette involves a great deal of monetary risk because it’s a game of chance and the house a high edge.

But that’s not the only risk involved in online roulettein India. A gambler is always ready to take fair risks in the game he’s playing. But no one wants to deal with threats of security and theft. You only want your money at stake. The restrictive and illegal nature of online gambling in India leads to this risk.

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  2. New York Roulette Scam: This scam occurred in 2012 and executed by a crime gang in New York. The gang contained between 50 and 70 people who entered the game by applying low bets as their first step in executing theft. One of the gang members used to distract the dealer while another stole chips of the particular color.
  3. Aug 12, 2020 Online Casino Dealer Cheating Video. How To Avoid The Online Casino Scam: Before you enroll in a casino's list of players, research the credibility of it. It might sound like simple common sense, but it is essential to do some initial research about any site or casino you intend playing at.
Online Casino Scams Roulette

Some people might assume roulette to be a scam online. They think every online casino is a cheater because of their own experiences. In reality, options are aplenty, and gamblers can play roulette online without dealing with unnecessary risks. There are a lot of legitimate sites offering a trustworthy platform. We will now discuss why online roulette is rumored to be a scam in India and how to eliminate the risks.

Machine tampering

Risk- Since online casinos are a virtual entity, there’s no guarantee if they work honestly. It is like one of those claw machines at the mall. If they work fairly, you have an even chance of winning or losing. But if they don’t want to give away any gifts, they oil the machine to the point that it can’t pick up any toy whatsoever.

The same happens to many online casinos. If they want you to win in roulette, the ball never lands on your number. A lot of gamblers believe that online casinos are never fair. They think that online casinos will only earn and never let you win. And if you play roulette at a blacklisted casino, you can become a part of their scam. But there are several online casinos that have to build their names on customer’s trust.

Way to eliminate the risk – Research is the best way to reduce this risk. Always read through customer reviews over different sites on the internet. While almost every casino has a bad review or two, never play roulette in a casino having an abundance of bad reviews. Explore all your options, and you will find a few credible casinos.

Payout scams

Risk- As soon as you search “roulette online”, an endless number of results will pop up on google. Many casinos will be offering lucrative offers, bonuses, and claims of being trustworthy. But there are plenty of sites that make fake claims and scam their customers. They want to dupe you into depositing money.

They promise of quick withdrawal too. Once you have started earning, they never payout. They would start making excuses and call you out for violating their terms and conditions. You never want to lose your hard-earned money even after winning the game.

Way to eliminate the risk- Again research is the first precaution. Do extensive research upon the player feedback because players are the first ones to storm the internet with poor reviews. Another critical factor is the license of the site.

Try to check whether the website is licensed or not. Opting for a licensed site lowers the risks of scams. Try to opt for live roulette sessions involving a live dealer. Talk to the dealer and other players through which you can ensure that the roulette system is legitimate. It would help if you always play online roulette live.

Bonus scams

Risks- As soon as you land on an online casino site, many attractive bonuses would pop up. Some websites offer incredible benefits, like signing up and play for free to win real money. No roulette casino out there is made for charity. They would never give out more money than they earn.

So the catch behind these extravagant bonuses is that they come with some terms and conditions. Real money earning games online. These terms and conditions may include depositing a significant sum of money to avail bonuses. Now online scam casinos want you to deposit the money but never payout once you win.

Way to eliminate the risk- Always read the terms and conditions properly before depositing money to play online roulette. You don’t want to be part of a scam website. You are here to have fun and gamble fairly. Don’t get duped into hard-to-believe offers. Research and opt for fair websites that may offer lesser bonuses comparatively.

As we sum, you must have realized that playing roulette online isn’t actually a scam. Many online casinos are really providing a fair platform to play roulette online. You just have to be a little aware and know where you are risking your money. Credible sites are highly unlikely to ruin their hard-earned images.

The moving wheel holds a certain glamour that tricks many novices into falling for myths and misconceptions that most seasoned players have long known to be nothing more than superstitions. Moreover, there are players who have been betting for decades while believing one system or another would bring them certain profits.
Have A Favourite Roulette Game?

Often depicted in film and on TV, roulette is an attractive casino game to play and has an almost legendary status among some gambling fans. Unfortunately, there are also many online scams when it comes to roulette, and they can take different forms. These include fake online casinos, claims to make you rich when you purchase roulette systems and many more. In this article, I would like to highlight some of these online scams in the hope that should you ever come across one of them, you will be aware of it.

Before looking into the most common roulette scams that you may encounter online, you need to know why they can never be true. When you understand how roulette works in web-based casinos, you will be able to easily see right through the many lies you will be told just by using common sense. The most important thing to remember is that roulette, like all virtual casino games, is an RNG-based game. This means that the numbers that come up after each spin are random, or at least as random as possible. The casino does not decide when the ball falls on 7, for instance. This is determined by a sophisticated computer chip and a piece of software that create almost real-life randomness.


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It is called Random Number Generator or RNG is at the base of every virtual casino game you would find in online casinos. The RNG uses algorithms which produce long sequences of numbers. While they seem random, these sequences are, in fact, determined by shorter values, called seed values, or key values. Many scams want punters to believe that they can decode these sequences and as a consequence, that they can predict the winning numbers. While this is theoretically possible, it is extremely difficult and thus, highly unlikely. The reason is very simple – that these sequences of numbers are indeed very long and for the specific pattern to be found, you will need an exceptional computer program.

Scam #1 – Roulette Systems “Guaranteed” to Make You Money

Many players believe that betting systems can increase their chances of winning. There are several popular systems that have been explained in detail in various articles and even books dedicated to this topic. There is no way, however, for any betting strategy to change the odds of the game, as they are fixed based on simple mathematics. There is NO system which can beat the house edge, and therefore no system is guaranteed to make you a single penny.

Many of these scams claim that their system takes advantage of a ‘flaw’ or ‘loophole’. Beware of these scams, they can often look very innocent. For example, one scam was actually trying to persuade readers to use the Martingale roulette system, which has been around for many years. The system requires doubling your bet after each loss, and this way when you do incur a win, it will equal the amount of your original bet. This is actually true, as can be shown from very simple mathematics. The idea is that if you lose your bet, you need to compensate for your losses with your following bet and potential win.

However, many players do not realise how quickly doubling your bet after each loss adds up. Even a bet of just £1 can quickly end up losing over £100 (only 6 consecutive losses are needed for this to be the case). And even a win after such a losing streak, the total profit will be just £1. Now, some players fall into the trap of the Martingale system for several reasons. First, because it recommends that you place only even-odds bets such as red/black or high/low which provide the highest odds of winning in roulette (close to 50%). Even with these bets, there is no guarantee that if you lost 5 times on black, the fifth time, the ball will land on red. In fact, there is no guarantee for that even after ten spins of the wheel because roulette is a game of pure chance.

Another reason why this system is so attractive is the fact that most punters who use it start with the lowest bet possible. As mentioned before, even with low bets, you can quickly lose huge amounts of money if you on the so-called “losing streak”. Other players prefer to start with their standard bet, £5, for instance. But this is very dangerous, because then, of course, it takes even less spins to lose an uncontrollable amount of money. If we do a simple calculation, we find out that we have lost more than £100 after only four bets.

The system ultimately fails when the player has no money left to bet or has reached the table limit, which is an important issue to consider. Most roulette tables, whether in land-based casinos or online, have limits that can be reached with less than 10 bets using the Martingale system. Other systems are equally uncertain while being much more complex and requiring a strict strategy and lots of calculations. So please, do not be fooled. NO SYSTEM can guarantee you money.

Scam #2 – Roulette Bots

There are many different bots available on the internet which claim to make you money while you can be off making a cup of tea! But don’t be fooled, these roulette bots have no secret winning strategy and can lose you a lot of money, fast. These bots, as they are known, are pieces of software which can place bets for you, using a certain roulette system. Moreover, their developers and sellers claim these bots can actually earn you money.


One very common scam is roulette bot plus. You can find it easily by simply googling roulette bot plus. The best thing about this scam, which entices so many people, is that it is free. And it really is, no card details need to be given to the site itself so it sounds perfectly safe. Better yet, you’re advised to play without real money first to try it out. Now, this bot uses the Martingale system, which I mentioned in Scam #1. Without real money, you’ll find that you seem to make a profit of one unit each round, so why not give it a go for real money?! As I explained above, the system fails when the player has no money left to spend after a long losing streak, or the table limit is reached; this system will not always make you money. In the long term, any system will cause you to lose money unless you happen to be extremely lucky.

Now you might be wondering how the site makes any money from you. Well, that is the clever part. You are told that you must use the bot only with certain casinos for it to work. These casinos collaborate with the bot developer, so he or she knows how to make it look that the bot actually works in fun play mode. These casinos pay the owner of the bot a percentage of the money they make from people losing money. Of course, renowned, respectable online casinos will never want to be associated with such a scam, but the Internet is crowded with gambling sites which legitimacy is debatable, to say the least.

Moreover, while this bot, in particular, is free, most similar programs are not. This means that the player loses money twice – first, for purchasing the bot, and then, while playing with the bot at the casino he is told to. It’s really rather clever, and you can see why so many people are fooled by this type of scam. But there are roulette bots out there that are not scams at all. Some simply place certain bets for you so you can play roulette online without actually being at the computer. There’s nothing wrong with this, but any bot that claims it can definitely make you money or states that you can use it only at certain casinos is a scam.

Scam #3 – Trigger Numbers

The last scam I would like to mention is one in which you are asked to buy a supposedly flawless system which can make you money every time by knowing the last few numbers that have come up. These scams can be very dangerous because they can work in free mode, deceiving players into believing that they will work when using real money as well. Typically, they are sold via Youtube, or temporary websites (they are frequently deleted, and then pop up somewhere else). An email address or some type of contact information is usually given where you can contact the person who will sell you their system. After wasting your money on a useless system, it is pretty much impossible to get a refund.

These scams are advertised as systems and you will often see them claiming “100% guaranteed to win” or “the best roulette system in the world”. Such phrases are a clear sign that the product in question is actually a scam – those who use or advertise betting systems and automated roulette bots will never make such unrealistic claims. As explained above, roulette is a game of chance and you can never rely on predictions, as the current winning number has no relation to the previous one, nor will it have any connection to the next number that will come up.

But this is exactly what this type of scam does – it claims that every online (or land-based roulette game, for that matter) roulette uses a pattern when choosing the winning numbers. According to scammers, they can exploit a certain weakness in the RNG software. As it is not, in fact, random, but based on a predetermined computational algorithm, it can be “decoded” by finding the so-called trigger numbers. This works in a very simple way – you watch a video and contact the sellers who explain exactly how this software works. You may be even shown a small online demonstration and after it, you open your favourite casino website. Then, you are instructed via a live chat window to start a game in a free play mode and spin the roulette wheel 10 times or even more.

When you provide the scammers with the results, they start telling you which numbers will be hit next. And it works – you keep winning each following spin in free mode. Once you want to play for real money, you are told to purchase the advertised computer program and install it on your computer. And it usually costs around £1,000. When you have it and start playing in real mode, it turns out that this program simply does not work. But how is this possible – how can the practice mode version of the software be effective in the first place?

Most online casinos actually offer many games in free mode even without Internet connection. Other gambling operators simply do not bother to allow players to test the games with fun credits. In either case, the practice mode they provide is not an actual play – for roulette games, they use a certain cycle of numbers that for the naked eye, seem perfectly random. However, this is a predetermined set of numbers and scammers had already used a software to test this cycle. When you give them the 10 or so numbers that landed in your free play mode, they know where exactly in the cycle you are. Logically, they start “predicting” the winning numbers and you are convinced that their software works.

In reality, the practice mode has nothing to do with the actual roulette play in real time. So, of course, the number predicting program does not work.

Additional Roulette Myths to Avoid

Online Casino Scams Roulette Games

The myths and misconceptions surrounding roulette have been debunked numerous times by various experts, scientists and seasoned players. Still, many amateur punters firmly believe in their genuineness and effectiveness. One false belief that is widely spread among casual players is that the chance of a red or black hitting is 50/50. What many fail to consider is the zero, which is neither red, not black. Because of the green zero, the odds of hitting red and black are the same at 48.65%. In contrast, due to the double zero in American roulette, the odds are only 47.40% and increase the house edge to 5.26%.

Another false myth is that there are numbers, colours, etc., that are due to hit. For instance, many players would place a bet on an even number simply because an odd one came up the last four times. The truth is that past winning numbers do not influence the outcome of future spins and the ball can land twenty times in a row on black, for instance – although it is rare, it is perfectly possible. For this reason, no certain numbers or colours are ever due to hit and no system or strategy can predict future wins.

Some roulette players also love to stick to their favourite numbers or colours. And while this may work in films, it is not an effective strategy in the short or in the long term. The most famous example of this is the legend of 17 – it is believed to be a lucky number by hundreds of casino players. There is an interesting story about Sean Connery and how he won big with 17. While playing the roulette in an Italian casino in 1963, he placed 5 bets on the number 17. He lost the first two times, but then he won and decided to bet his winnings on 17 again. With only 3 winning bets on the number 17, he left the table with more than £10,000, which is over £160,000 in today’s money.

While there are many bizarre stories like this one, there are no lucky numbers in roulette and such instances can be explained by either some technical flaw of the roulette wheel (it was a physical roulette after all) or by sheer luck. Punters should never believe in legends about magical numbers or in scams that promise them a guaranteed win. There are roulette betting systems which can help you compensate your losses at least partially, but no system will beat the house edge, built in every casino game.

Online Casino Scams Roulette Sites


Online Casino Scams Roulette No Deposit

These are just some of the many roulette scams available on the internet, so please be careful. I have mentioned here some of the most common types of scams, but the best way to avoid a scam is simply by never paying a penny for any type of claim where you are told you can win money using one system or another. Casinos invest a HUGE amount of money into making sure there is no way to cheat, and there really isn’t. They will always have an advantage over their customers, so you should not be deceived into thinking there is a way around it.