Odds Of Nate Diaz Winning

Given below are the betting odds for the upcoming rematch between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal courtesy of BestFightOdds. Jorge Masvidal -300 Nate Diaz +250 Masvidal opened as a -300 betting. Last Updated: 14th November, 2019 13:33 IST UFC: Nate Diaz Pays A Fan's Rent Who Had Bet On Him Winning Vs Jorge Masvidal A fan claimed to have lost his rent money in betting for Nate Diaz at UFC 244 main-event fight against Jorge Masvidal. Jorge Masvidal opened as a sizeable favorite over Nate Diaz after winning the first fight by TKO How will the odds change as fight night approaches? One of the most anticipated fights of 2019 is happening again in Jan.

  1. Odds Of Nate Diaz Winning California Lottery
  2. Odds Of Nate Diaz Winning
  3. Odds Of Nate Diaz Winning Streak

The MMA event we’ve all been waiting for arrives on Saturday night, with Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz headlining the much-anticipated UFC 202.

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McGregor vs. Diaz is Here

McGregor hasn’t been inside the Octagon since being choked out by Diaz at UFC 196, but he’s made sure everyone hasn’t forgotten him.

From a would-be retirement, to a superfight with Floyd Mayweather Jr, the man they call Notorious has remained in the MMA limelight, even though he hasn’t thrown an official punch since March.

McGregor has been biding his time, working himself into even better shape solely to take down Diaz once and for all. Neither fighter has backed down or lacked for confidence in the past five months, which plays into Vegas giving out weak odds for this fight.

Countdown to #UFC202:

1 day. #TheNotoriousReturn

?8.20.16? pic.twitter.com/e5BsoZfWYK

— Conor McGregor Army (@McGregorArmy) August 19, 2016

McGregor vs. Diaz Odds

The straight up odds are not at all enticing as seen as Bovada, with Conor McGregor entering UFC 202 as the mild favorite and Diaz getting even money to win the hyped rematch:

  • McGregor to Win (-130)
  • Diaz to Win (Even)

Method of Win

With the straight up Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz odds not being super appealing, many UFC fans may be more inclined to make a bet on precisely how this match will end.

The first match didn’t get past two rounds and ended with Diaz pulling off a rear naked choke and submitting McGregor. Will we get past two rounds this time? Will one of the fighters end it even earlier than before? And what will the method of victory actually be?

Bovada gives some interesting options with some appealing odds:

Odds Of Nate Diaz Winning California Lottery

  • McGregor wins by Knockout/Tech Knockout/Disqualification (+135)
  • Diaz wins by Submission (+200)
  • Diaz wins by KO/TKO or DQ (+475)
  • McGregor wins by Decision/Technical Decision (+500)
  • Diaz wins by Decision (+650)
  • McGregor wins by Submission (+1600)
  • Draw/Technical Draw (+7500)

It isn’t going to take a rocket scientist – or an MMA expert, for that matter – to eliminated this fight going into a Drew or even ending in a Decision after five full rounds.

Odds Of Nate Diaz Winning

These dudes beat the hell out of each other the first time, so there are only a few options here: either one of them knocks the other out, or someone gets so gassed that they get lazy and fall into a trap much like McGregor did the first time around.

A lot of people are really discrediting McGregor for how much damage he inflicted on Diaz, and in turn have noted Diaz’s ridiculous career, which has given way to exactly one TKO and one Submission.

At least professionally, we’ve never seen Nate Diaz get knocked out and he’s only been submitted once. The other eight matches he lost, he simply lost by score (or Decision).

That doesn’t mean he can’t get knocked out or submitted, though. His one TKO got stopped because he was on the verge of getting knocked out and he has been submitted before.

With McGregor’s skill-set and drive, it’s very possible he tries to make history here and become the first guy to knock Diaz out cold. That alone makes the McGregor KO bet an interesting one. Of course, it’d be a lot more interesting if the odds (+135) weren’t so weak. Clearly, Vegas notes the rarity of Diaz getting flat out beaten in his fights and is protecting itself for it.

Due to that, you’re not going to want to throw a ton of cash on McGregor winning simply by KO, as it just puts too many eggs in one basket. McGregor has said that Diaz “will be knocked out“, which may mean he has zero intention of submitting him, either.

McGregor is also going to be on guard in this rematch, so Diaz submitting him a second straight time feels somewhat unlikely.

Then again, it has to be worth noting that all three of McGregor’s professional losses have come by – you guessed it – submission.

We still like McGregor’s brash personality and find it hard to believe he’s going down so easily again, but if you’re looking for a logical, high upside bet, these are the bets to consider:

  • Diaz wins by KO/TKO or DQ (+475)
  • McGregor wins by Decision/Technical Decision (+500)
  • Diaz wins by Decision (+650)

Round Betting

For MMA bettors looking for a round-by-round bet, Bovada gives you a bet for the fight to go the distance (Yes, +300 or No, -500), a 2.5 round threshold (+110 for 2.5+ rounds and -155 for under 2.5 rounds) as well as a bet for each fighter to win in any of the five rounds provided.

For the latter, the most interesting bets rest in round five, where you can bet on either McGregor or Diaz (+1400) to finish the fight before the clock stops.

McGregor vs. Diaz Prediction

The McGregor vs. Diaz betting isn’t quite as appealing as we’d like for a massive UFC fight, but there is enough here to work with.


Our suggestion is to really go with your gut here, but refrain from betting insanely high amounts just because Vegas is calling this one close and it feels like it could truly go either way.

McGregor is a really tough guy to bet against, as he could have easily won the first go around if he had done a few things differently. We’re admittedly in the minority, but it’s tough for anyone to win twice against the same opponent and McGregor needs to get this monkey off his back so he can turn back to defending his featherweight title.

We like his chances of being the first guy to knock Diaz out and get the win, and we’d estimate that happening in 2.5 rounds or less. That being said, the good money is elsewhere when it comes to your best UFC 202 betting opportunities, so adjust accordingly.

Odds Of Nate Diaz Winning Streak

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