Netent Perfect Blackjack

Netent perfect blackjack game

How to Play NetEnt Live Perfect Blackjack Online There are 3 spots at the NetEnt’s Live Perfect Blackjack table and a single player can use all 3 of them simultaneously. The betting time lasts around 10 seconds and pre-set rules require the dealer to stand on 17 or draw on 16. NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack is streamed in HD, but the video quality adapts to the player’s connection speed. Perfect Blackjack implements a player chat, and its interface can be set to one of 23 languages. Another feature of Perfect Blackjack is that it has betting limits suitable for high, medium, and low rollers. NetEnt offers amazing online casino games that promise awesome rewards. So, it is hardly surprising that online Blackjack is among the most famous dealer games of the world.

Top online casino software provider, NetEnt is set to launch their innovative and industry-first Perfect Blackjack live dealer table game. The company made the official announcement during the ICE London 2019.

NetEnt has integrated Perfect Blackjack to its Live portfolio, allowing all current and future customers to present the unique title that offers a fun-friendly return-to-player (RTP) of 99.5%.

The event is definitely the most exciting place to be for any fan of interactive gaming, and NetEnt has certainly contributed to this effect. Their constant and impeccable marketing tactics have seen them launch numerous slot titles with a proper build-up of anticipation and excitement. The announcement for this launch has been no less impressive.

What is Live Perfect Blackjack?

According to the official casino software website, no other live casino game title has been available so far. The key feature is in plain sight, as the name suggests that this real money blackjack game is bound to be perfect – and it actually turns out that way.

Players who like to play live dealer blackjack will appreciate that this new game automates the card dealing process in order to save time.

On top of this, players are also provided with two choices before the game starts, to split or to double down. There are no additional complicated setups to follow, and players will instantly be able to enjoy a perfect blackjack gameplay with a 0.5% house edge and 99.5% RTP.

In a joint venture with Rank Group, the “Perfect Blackjack” game title has ultimately been equipped with a range of in-game features. Players can enjoy the optimized scalability due to the multi-seats and multiple players per box options.

The cards are dealt automatically, adding to the speed and intensity of the game, as well as following the ultimate blackjack strategy. Players can even set their gameplay to auto mode, or even sit a few hands out until they feel it’s time to get back in the action.

Netent Perfect Blackjack Card Game

As NetEnt’s official Twitter post from February 5th states, this game title will be released on the Grosvenor Casino online gambling platform in the following months.

Andres Rengifo – Director of NetEnt Live

Both companies collaborating on this innovative live dealer casino game product have nothing but praising words for its capabilities. On the one hand, the Director of NetEnt Live, Andres Rengifo’s statement focuses on the game’s ability to fit the needs of all player types:


Netent Perfect Blackjack Games

Perfect Blackjack truly is an industry-first for live casino, and we are certain that this game will appeal to all levels of players. Whether you’re a seasoned player wanting to sit back whilst being dealt flawlessly, or if you’re a beginner who wants an intro to blackjack and its strategy.”

The Rank Group’s Head of the Live Casino department, Richard Walker, reiterated this and additionally drew attention to the game’s revolutionary nature:

We are delighted to launch this innovative new game and excited to deliver an educational game to our customers and eliminate the boundaries of trying Live Casino. We have been working closely with NetEnt to develop Perfect Blackjack and we’re confident it will be a huge hit with both new and seasoned players alike.” 2020 slot video wins.

General Information

Launched in 2019, Perfect Blackjack is conceived as a three-player table game that hosts an infinite number of players and, as such, combines the best of all live dealer worlds.

The games’ uniqueness, however, is in conceptual settings of the dealer’s role.

To be more precise, when the player joins the game, all it has to do is to set the wager, to choose between two side bets (optionally), and to decide whether it will use two extra auto buttons or not. Afterward, the dealer takes it from there and plays all moves, for all the players, according to the “perfect strategy engine” devised by NetEnt.

In other words, other than initial settings, there are no additional interactions between the dealer and players. The former follows the predetermined strategy rules and concludes each game on behalf of every participant.

Explaining the rationale behind Perfect Blackjack, NetEnt states on their website that dealer’s decisions “are based on predefined scenarios which consider both the dealer’s and players’ hand, taking the game actions which give the player the best odds of winning.”

Thus, a “perfect strategy engine” does not require any additional decisions from players. In turn, other than controlling their bets and two autoplay buttons, patrons can observe hands and learn the blackjack ropes, while experiencing real money atmosphere of interactive gambling.