Neteller Card Verification

  1. The Net+® Prepaid Card by NETELLER. Our prepaid card works just like a credit card, with one big difference; in the same way a debit card is linked to the funds in your bank account, the Net+® Prepaid Card is linked to the balance in your Neteller Account. To load your card, simply put money in to your account. To manage your Net+ card, sign in.
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  3. After completing this verification you can log in to your NETELLER account by clicking Log in button. After login in your NETELLER account, you’ll find a three-dots sign in the NETELLER. Now, click on the menu, after click you will see the “Settings”. Now you have to click on settings.

To verify your identity you can choose from the list: a local passport, foreign passport, ID-card, driver's license, residence permit - a document with your name and date of birth. To confirm that you are the owner of your account, you need to take a selfie - a photo of your face with a handwritten piece of paper with the word NETELLER and date.

View this Agreement and Privacy Notice online via a link at

NET+ Prepaid Card Program and NETELLER Account Agreement

This NET+ Prepaid Card and NETELLER Account Agreement (“Agreement”) contains the terms and conditions governing the NETELLER Prepaid Program (“Program”). As used herein, the terms “Bank”, “we,” “us,” and “our” mean Sutton Bank, and “NETELLER” means OPL Payment Services LLC. “You” and “your” mean the person who is a U.S. resident and who opens a NETELLER account (“Account”) and is issued the NET+ Prepaid Card (“Card”).

  1. This is Your Contract with Us. Read this Agreement and keep it for your records. By using the Card or by otherwise participating in the Program in any manner, you agree to the terms of this Agreement and agree that you will comply with all applicable laws.

  1. The Card and Account. The NET+ Prepaid Card is issued by Sutton Bank (“Bank”) and leverages the Discover® Network (“Network”). The Card is an access device for the Account, which is established for you at the Bank. The Account is a limited purpose, virtual account at the Bank in which the funds are maintained. It is not a separate account in your name. Funds for all Program participants are maintained in a pooled account held by the Bank. NETELLER tracks the balances associated with each Program Account. You have no rights to funds in your Account, except to access the funds in accordance with this Agreement. The Card remains the property of the Bank and must be returned upon our request.You will only be entitled to receive a Card after your Account has become active following a deposit of at least $20 or a merchant has transferred funds into your Account.

You may only access the funds in your Account in accordance with this Agreement. You may not make any deposit, withdrawal or any other transaction with the Card or the Account, except for the transactions described in this Agreement. The Available Funds in the Account (“Available Funds”) are an obligation of the Bank and are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The Bank does not pay any interest on the funds in the Account. The Program has no minimum balance requirements. The amount of funds shown on the Bank's records will determine the balance in your Account, unless you can support your dispute to our satisfaction.

There is no credit line associated with your Account. This means that you must have a sufficient balance of funds in your Account at the time of a transaction to pay for the transaction. If a merchant or an ATM operator attempts to submit a transaction for an amount that is greater than the current balance in your Account, the transaction may not be approved by the Bank. In the event that the Bank, in its sole discretion, settles or pays a transaction when there are insufficient funds in the Account to pay for the transaction, this will result in an overdraft on your Account. You agree to pay the Bank the amount of the overdraft and any related fee. We may deduct the overdraft amount and related fee from your Account.

  1. Your Personal Identification Number/Signature on the NET+ Card. To protect the use of your Card for ATM transactions, a personal identification number (“PIN”) will be required to conduct a transaction with your Card at ATMs. You may create a PIN for your Card during the activation process. You may change this PIN at any time by calling 877-220-3988 and follow the prompts to “Change your PIN” from the menu option. You should not disclose your PIN to anyone. If the security or confidentiality of your PIN is compromised, you should notify NETELLER at once. A PIN may not be necessary to purchase goods or services at merchant locations that accept Discover.

There is a panel on the back of the Card for your signature. You should sign this panel as soon as you receive your Card because it helps to protect your Card from unauthorized use. However, your responsibility for Card transactions, as described in this Agreement, does not depend on whether you sign your Card.

  1. Registering for the Program. In order to participate in the Program, you must 1) be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States, 2) be at least 18 years of age and 3) register for an account with NETELLER at (“Website” or “Site”). You will need to provide certain information about yourself as prompted by the Site registration form. You represent and warrant that: (a) all required registration information you submit is truthful and accurate and (b) you will maintain the accuracy of such information. If approved, your Account will be activated and you will be issued a Card if you fund your Account with a minimum of $20 or if a merchant transfers funds into your Account.

  1. Identity Verification Process. To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires the Bank to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. As a consequence, when you apply for an Account we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, social security number and other information that will allow us to identify you. If we have any questions, we may also ask to see your driver’s license or other identifying documents.

  1. Consent for Electronic Disclosures. The Program is an electronic commerce relationship. In order for your Account to be activated and for you to be issued a Card, we must have your consent to provide access to required disclosures in electronic format. If you do not consent to electronic disclosure of these documents, then you may not participate in the Program.Your consent applies to all of the documents we provide to you electronically in connection with the Program, including periodic statements and notices.

Access to electronic disclosures will be provided by way of the Internet. Your statement is available for viewing and printing online in the ‘History’ section at or at In order to view these disclosures, you will need a hardware device that can access the Internet via modem or other form of connection. Your hardware device must run on an appropriate operating system. You must be able to access the Internet to access our website. Additionally, Internet browser software is required to access the disclosures from a personal computer.

If you consent to electronic access to documents, we are not required to provide you with paper copies. You may obtain these documents in paper form without charge by printing them yourself. If you decide to withdraw your consent for electronic disclosures, you must notify NETELLER at or via telephone at 877-220-3988. Such notice will constitute notice of termination of your Account and participation in the Program.

  1. Funds Availability. Funds deposited in the Bank by credit card, debit card or from other bank accounts (through ACH transactions, if such capability is offered) are available immediately.

  1. Description of Program. With your Account, you can transfer funds to and receive funds from participating NETELLER merchants in connection with your purchases of goods or services from those NETELLER merchants, and with your Card you can make purchases of goods and services everywhere Discover is accepted, and obtain cash through ATM withdrawals. You are able to manage your Account through links on our full-service website www.NETELLER.comor directly at You may also have the option to access and manage your account from an iPhone or Android device free of charge if we, in our sole discretion, make such services available. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system also allows you to perform many important functions, and you can always elect to speak to a live agent (a fee may apply). We may implement fraud monitoring controls that reduce cash access or spending limits to protect our valuable customers. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the Program at any time with notice to you.

Each time you use your Account or Card to purchase goods or services from merchants or to withdraw funds from an ATM machine, you authorize us to reduce the value available in your Account by the amount of the transaction. You are not allowed to exceed the available amount in your Account through an individual transaction or a series of transactions. Nevertheless, if a transaction exceeds the balance of the funds available in your Account (creating a “negative balance”) you shall remain fully liable to us for the amount of the transaction and any applicable fees or charges. We reserve the right to bill you for any negative balance. You agree to pay us promptly for the negative balance. We also reserve the right to cancel your participation in the Program should you create one or more negative balances.

You do not have the right to stop payment on any purchase or payment transaction originated by use of your Account (with or without the Card). You may not make preauthorized regular payments from your Account. If you authorize a transaction and then fail to make a purchase of that item as planned, the approval may result in a hold for that amount of funds for up to thirty (30) days.

  1. Transactions with Participating NETELLER Merchants. Transactions with participating NETELLER merchants – denoted through prominent, approved display of the NETELLER legend – take place through a proprietary closed-loop network. Participating merchants are authorized to display the NETELLER legend to advise consumers of their participation in the network. Transactions with participating NETELLER merchants automatically will pass through the proprietary network and not through the Discover network. Transactions conducted on the proprietary network are at no charge to you.

Neteller Card Verification

Certain categories of NETELLER merchants, notably gaming merchants, may also permit the crediting of funds back to your Account. Use of the Account with gaming merchants is subject to applicable law as determined by the merchant. Any NETELLER merchant may decline to permit your use of the Account at its sole discretion, and such use is subject to any additional terms and conditions that the merchant may establish.

NETELLER provides you with authentication credentials for your use in connection with the Account. Those credentials are not the same as your Card number. NETELLER merchants may require the use of those authentication credentials, or may issue you their own in connection with your use of the Account. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of those authentication credentials and that, unless you notify NETELLER that they have been compromised and ask that your Account be frozen or new credentials issued, you are solely responsible for all withdrawal, deposit and purchase activity used in connection therewith.

You agree that we and NETELLER may obtain and use your loyalty account information separately provided to and by a NETELLER participating merchant to facilitate deposit, withdrawal and purchase transactions on your Account.

  1. Use of Your Card through the Discover Network. Your Card may be used to access the funds stored in your Account. Provided that funds are available in your Account, you may use your Card to perform the following types of transactions in accordance with this Agreement:

  • At an ATM displaying the Pulse and NYCE logos you may use your Card to make withdrawals of cash in amounts up to the lower of the funds in your Account or the applicable daily limit or to obtain Account balance information. The Card can be used at ATMs displaying the appropriate network identification. Some of these services may not be available at certain ATMs.

  • At participating merchant locations displaying the Discover, Pulse or NYCE logos, you may use your Card to purchase goods and services (and to obtain cash) up to the amount of funds in your Account.

There are some limitations associated specifically with use of the Card.

If you wish to use your Card for a purchase which is greater than the balance of the funds available in your Account, you must tell the merchant to charge only the exact amount of funds available in the Account to the Card and then you must arrange to pay for the difference using another payment method. The merchant may require payment of the difference in cash rather than accepting another card, such as a credit or debit card. Some merchants may not accept these “split transactions.” If you fail to inform the merchant prior to completing the transaction, your Card is likely to be declined.

You may use your Card to make a purchase at a gas station by going into the store and making payment to the attendant. Your card will not be accepted for payment at the gas pump.

If you use your Card at a restaurant, a hotel, a car rental location or for similar purchases, the purchase amount may have up to 20% added to it to ensure there are sufficient funds available to cover tips or incidental expenses incurred. Any preauthorization amount will place a “hold” on your Available Funds until the merchant sends us the final payment amount of your purchase. Once the final payment amount is received, the preauthorization amount on hold will be removed. It may take up to seven (7) days (thirty (30) days for hotels and sixty (60) days for car rentals) for the hold to be removed. During the hold period, you will not have access to the preauthorized amount.

If you use your Card number without presenting your Card (such as for a mail order, telephone or Internet purchase), the legal effect will be the same as if you used the Card itself. For security reasons, we may limit the amount or number of these transactions you can make on your Card. You may not use your Card for any illegal transaction. Gambling-related transactions are permitted only with NETELLER participating merchants. Those transactions are conducted through a proprietary closed-loop network and are not transmitted through Discover. (See Section 9 for more information.)

Your use of the Card is subject to all applicable rules and customs of the Discover Network and any clearinghouse or other association involved in transactions.

  1. Daily Transaction Limits. In addition to the limitations set out in Sections 9 and 10, all use of the Account is subject to the daily withdrawal and purchasing limits set out in this Section 11. These limitations apply to closed-loop transactions and to Card transactions through the Discover Network. Other applicable laws (such as gambling regulations) may prescribe stricter limits than those set out here. If so, those stricter requirements will apply.


Daily Limit

Card Limit



Up to maximum per day

Card Balance Limit



Cardholder Deposits (ACH Bank to Card, Credit/Debit card funding)2



Deposits from NETELLER Merchants



1The owner of the ATM may set the withdrawal transaction limit below what our limit allows.

2The maximum amount of funds you can load to your account is $2,000 per day, $4,500 per week and $10,000 per month.

  1. Receipts. You should get a receipt at the time you make a transaction using the Card or the Account. You agree to retain your receipt to verify your transactions. You have the option of receiving receipts through e-mail messages. You must establish the events and conditions for receiving e-mail in the Settings section at For transactions where a receipt is unavailable and you elect not to receive e-mail advices, you agree to waive your requirement to receive a receipt for these transactions.

  1. Third-Party Fees. When you use an ATM not owned by the Bank, you may be charged a fee (called a “surcharge service fee”) by the ATM operator or by any network used. (You may also be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a withdrawal at the ATM.) In addition, for transfers to and from gaming locations and online gaming sites, you may be charged a fee by the gaming merchant. Any fees charged by third parties will be charged to your Account.

  1. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties. The NETELLER Privacy Statement is provided herein and may also be found via our Website or directly at

  1. Card Account Security. It is your responsibility to keep your Account identification, password, security questions and answers and other Account and Card credentials and information specific to your Account confidential and in a safe and secure place. This includes ensuring the ongoing security of your log-in details on your personal computer or other device for accessing the Internet. It is advisable to change your password regularly and to use up to date virus, malware and spyware scanning software and firewall protection to reduce the risk of a security breach. Any person who enters the correct account and security information relating to the Account and who otherwise passes our identity and security validation and verification checks may be able to access your Account or use your Card. Therefore, in order to safeguard the privacy of your Account and personal information, you should not divulge your password or other security information to anyone else. You may not use anyone else’s password or security information to gain access to another Account.

  1. Our Liability to You. Subject to sections 17 and 21, you shall be entitled to a refund in the amount of any unauthorized or incorrectly executed transfer to or from your Account and, where applicable, restoration of your Account to the state it would have been in had the unauthorized or incorrectly executed transfer not taken place.However, there are some exceptions. Neither the Bank nor NETELLER (nor any of their respective agents or subcontractors) will be liable:

  • For losses or damages alleged to result from our failure properly to complete a transaction (other than as just noted above);

  • For losses or damages alleged to result from our delay in completing a transaction;

  • If, through no fault of ours, you do not have enough money in your Account to make the transaction;

  • If the ATM where you are making the Card transaction does not have enough cash;

  • If the terminal or system was not working properly and you knew about the breakdown when you started the transaction;

  • For errors made by you or any merchant, such as making a transfer to an unintended person or transferring an incorrect amount;

  • For losses or damage arising from your misuse or inability to use our website, whether due to reasons within our control or not;

  • If we are prohibited by law from completing the transaction or for losses or damage caused as a result of actions taken due to our obligations under applicable law or order; or

  • Due to circumstances beyond our control (such as failure or interruption of telecommunications or data transmission systems) that prevent or affect the transaction, despite reasonable precautions that we have taken.

  1. Disclaimer of Liability.



We AND NETELLER FURTHER disclaim any and all liability for any goods or services bought or sold by you that are settled through your PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM (WHETHER THROUGH THE closed-loop NETWORK OR THROUGH USE OF THE CARD).

  1. Right of Set-Off. You agree that we are authorized at any time to set-off the funds deposited to your Account against your debts or liabilities owed to the Bank or NETELLER. We may exercise this right of set-off without notice to you.

Neteller Card Verification
  1. Documentation of Transactions. You will receive the following documentation with your transactions:

  • At the time you make a Card ATM transaction or merchant POS transaction, you will obtain a receipt for the transaction. You may elect to receive text or email messages for transactions where receipts are not available.

  • A monthly statement showing all debits and credits posted to your Account that month will be available on the NET+ website found via a link at or directly at

  • In addition, you can determine the balance of funds available in your Account (i) at any ATM displaying the Pulse or NYCE logos, (ii) by calling 877-220-3988 or (iii) this information, along with a sixty-day history of Account transactions, can be accessed via the Internet at

  1. If You Lose the Card or Need a Replacement Card or New Authentication Credentials. You agree to use your best efforts to safeguard the Card and your Account authentication credentials. If you believe the Card has been lost or stolen, or that your authentication credentials have been compromised, or if you need a replacement Card or credentials, you should contact NETELLER immediately either through email from or via phone at 877-220-3988. We or NETELLER will supply you with a new Card and authentication credentials. NETELLER’s liability for loss or damage stemming from lost or stolen cards or the unauthorized use of the Card and Account is limited as set out in Sections 16, 17 and 21.


  1. Your Liability. Tell NETELLER at ONCE if you believe your Card has been lost or stolen or the confidentiality of your Account authentication credentials has been compromised. Telephoning is the best way of keeping any losses to a minimum. You could lose all the money stored in your Account. If your Card is used in connection with an unauthorized transaction that was processed through the Discover Network, your liability for such unauthorized use will be $0 if (i) you reported the loss or theft of your Card to NETELLER, and (ii) you did not act grossly negligently or fraudulently in handling your Card.

For all other transactions involving your Account, you will be liable for no more than $50 if you notify us within two business days after you learn of the loss or theft of your Account credentials. If you do NOT tell us within two business days after you learn of the loss or theft of your Account credentials, and we can prove we could have stopped someone from using your Account without your permission if you had told us, you could lose as much as the entire balance in your Account.

Also, if your statement or Account history shows transactions that you did not make, tell NETELLER at once. NETELLER must hear from you no later than sixty days after the date we make available to you the periodic statement in which the error appears. If you do not tell NETELLER, you may not get back any of the money you lost after the 60 days, if we can prove that we could have stopped someone from taking the money had you told us in time.

If a good reason (such as a long trip or a hospital stay) kept you from telling us, we may extend the time periods.

If you believe your Card has been lost or stolen, your Account credentials have been compromised or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your Account without your permission, call 877-220-3988 or contact NETELLER online at

  1. Disputes with Merchants. If you use your Account (with or without the Card) with a merchant and a dispute with the merchant arises, you agree to make a good-faith effort to settle the dispute with the merchant. If you have any unresolved dispute you should contact NETELLER immediately either through email from via phone at 877-220-3988. You cannot stop payment to merchants for transactions made through your Account.

  1. Card Expiration. Unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law, your Card expires on the expiration date shown on your Card. If funds remain in your Account at expiration, you may request a replacement Card at no charge, or request a balance refund check by calling 877-220-3988. If we send you a balance refund check, it will be for the amount of funds remaining in your Account at expiration less any applicable fees. Expiration of your Card will not cancel any third-party services you paid in full prior to the expiration of your Card.

  1. Withdrawal of Available Funds; Dormancy and Dormancy Fees. You may request withdrawal of the amount of any remaining Available Funds at any time (less already incurred or applicable withdrawal fees per the fee schedule) via email from We will mail a check or other payment instrument to you at the address you provided us when you registered or the address where we mailed your Card. Such request shall constitute a notice of termination of the Agreement. If, as shown by our records, you have not, within the applicable statutory period, caused any activity or received any payments with regard to your Account, indicated any interest in the Account, corresponded with us concerning the Account, or otherwise indicated an interest in the Account as evidenced by a writing on file with us, or transacted any business with us, applicable law may require us to report your remaining Available Funds as unclaimed property. If we are unable to locate you based on the contact information you provided us during registration, we may be required to deliver your remaining Available Funds (less any service fees) to the state as unclaimed property.

Subject to the above, if you have funds in your Account and have not made any transfers to or from your Account for a period of 6 months, your Account will be regarded as “Inactive,” and we will charge you the lesser of the Administrative Fee or the balance of funds in your Account each successive month so long as the Account remains Inactive. You will be notified of the fee one month in advance of its initial imposition and then one week before each successive month until the Account becomes active again (or the balance is depleted). Notice will be by e-mail to the e-mail address you have registered with your Account. The Administrative Fee will be deducted from the available funds in your Account until one of the following events occurs:

(i) you make a transfer using your Account; or

(ii) the Account balance reaches zero; or

(iii) you notify us that you wish to terminate your participation in the Program.

  1. Termination. The Card shall remain the property of the Bank, and you agree upon demand to return your Card to us. At any time and without prior notice, we may revoke or cancel your participation in the Program and thereby terminate this Agreement and demand return of your Card. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by returning your Card to NETELLER or by contacting NETELLER at 877-220-3988 or contact NETELLER online at Termination, whether by you or by us, shall not affect prior transactions or obligations relating to your Account existing at the time of termination. Upon termination, we will arrange to transfer any remaining funds stored in your Account to you.

Neteller Debit Card Verification

  1. Assignment. You may not transfer or assign this Agreement to any other person without the Bank's prior written consent. We may assign our obligations to you under this Agreement without your consent or any prior notice.

  1. Agents and Service Providers. We may employ agents or service providers to perform services for us in connection with this Agreement. For example, we have retained NETELLER to perform certain customer service functions for us, as set out in this Agreement. All such services are performed at our direction and subject to our supervision and control.

  1. Amendment. We may amend this Agreement by delivering notice of the amendment to the email address you have provided to us in connection with your registration in the Program. You will be given at least 21 days' notice prior to the effective date of any amendment that results in an increased fee or charge, an increase in your liability, a reduction in services offered by the Bank, or stricter limitations on transaction or withdrawal rights.

  1. Notice of Errors. If you think your transaction history or receipt is wrong or if you need more information about a transaction or receipt, contact NETELLER Customer Care at 877-220-3988 or You must contact Customer Care no later than 30 days after the earlier of the date of the receipt or the date you access your Card transaction history. We will determine whether an error occurred within 7 business days after we hear from you and will correct any error promptly. However, if we need more time, we may take up to 30 days to investigate your dispute.

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  1. What Law Applies. This Agreement is entered into in Delaware. This Agreement and any claim or controversy (“arising out of or relating thereto, including any claim against NETELLER in connection with the Program (collectively, a “Claim”) is governed by the laws of the United States and the state of Delaware, without regard to conflicts or choice of laws principles, whether or not you live in Delaware. Any Claim arising from or relating to the Program or this Agreement, including Claims regarding this Section, will be settled by binding arbitration administered by the National Arbitration Forum (“NAF”) under its Code of Procedure in effect when the Claim is filed, and will be arbitrated in the most populous city in the state where you reside when the Claim first arises. Each party will bear its own attorneys’, experts’ and witness fees. Neither party will have the right to participate as a member of any class of claimants pertaining to any Claim. Third parties’ claims will not be joined in any arbitration between the parties. Information may be obtained and Claims may be filed at a NAF office, see See for office locations and other details. This Section is made pursuant to a transaction involving interstate commerce and will be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C.1-16. Except as expressly provided into the extent needed to enforce this Section or any arbitral award issued hereunder, the parties waive all rights to a court or jury trial to resolve any claims.

  1. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be deemed to be modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid and enforceable and the rest of this Agreement will not be affected.

  2. Fees. Your use of the Account is subject to the fees and charges set out in the Fees section on the website. All fees are deducted from your Available Funds. These fees and charges form an integral part of this Agreement. Any or all of these fees and charges may be waived or reduced at our sole discretion. Our fees and charges may change over time. As noted in Section 27, we will notify you 21 days in advance of such changes.The following fees apply to your Card. We may change these fees in the future and will notify you beforehand.

Fee Type

Fee Amount

Deposit Fee - Credit/Debit Card Funding (1)


ACH Guarantee Deposit Fee


NETELLER Transactions Foreign Exchange Fees


Point of Sale (POS)


ATM charge per withdrawal

$3.95 (2)

Foreign Exchange (at ATM or POS) on the Net+ Discover Card

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Administrative Fee


Paper Statement Fee


Card Cancellation and Replacement


1 Financial institutions may charge a cash advance fee for this type of transaction. Please check with your financial institution for applicable fees.

2Some ATM owners charge a 'convenience fee,' which is added to the cash withdrawal amount and is in addition to this ATM charge.

* The Administrative Fee is applied after 6 calendar months of inactivity UNTIL the balance reaches $0 or you use the Account for a transaction or you notify us that you wish to terminate your participation in the Program.