Nature Bingo

August 13, 2020 in K-12 Activities, Newsroom

Welcome back to another fun edition of Cranetivities! You can access last week’s and all of our editions of Cranetivitieshere. This week we have a simple and fun activity: NATURE BINGO!

Print these bingo boards and head out on a nature adventure! Get five in a row up, down or diagonal. Or play cover-up on the whole board! TIP - Help the Earth.

Free Space Fish Bird feather Ferns Chipmunk Singing bird Moth Animal tunnel or holes Soaring bird Perching bird Moss on a log Plant growing in the water Trail. Today I’m sharing a FREE Nature Hunt Bingo printable that will get your family out and about, exploring, identifying, appreciating and loving all that nature has to offer! Although some of the items on the sheet are pretty easy to find, the most important part of this exercise is the conversation that goes along with it!

The goal of nature bingo is to win by putting checks on the paper and by experiencing the natural world around you. No matter where you live, you can hear birds, see flowers and find natural spaces to explore.

Nature Bingo card photos by Ted Thousand.

Activity Description:Are you looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors? Turn a walk around the block into a scavenger hunt with the International Crane Foundation’s bingo game!

Grades: All ages

Time estimate: 30 minutes to one hour

Topics covered: Natural history and nature exploration

Nature Bingo Game

Materials needed: Internet connection, printer, something to write with, or a tablet or smartphone to bring with you outside

Adult involvement: Minimaland join in if you want to have fun, too!

Indoor or outdoor: OutdoorLincoln casino no deposit bonus codes 2019.


Each Bingo card is unique and allows for competition among siblings, family members and friends!

Nature Bingo For Kids

Bingo card 1

Bingo card 3

Bingo card 4

Nature Bingo

Bingo card 5

Bingo card 6

Bingo card 7

Bingo card 8

Bingo card 9

Work plan:

It’s pretty simple. :Choose a bingo card from one of the links above. Each one is unique. If more than one person playing, each player should use a different bingo card. Take the bingo cards outside and explore! Try to find the items on your bingo card.

For example, if you or your child find a log, look under it! On the bingo card above, you could then cross out “Looked under a log” on the third row down, second column across. Try to be the first person to get BINGO, by completing all the items in a row, column or diagonally. If you want to reuse a card, you could just put a small tick mark in each box.

It’s pretty simple!Asyou and your family complete their ‘Bingo,’ remember that the prize is the exploration and adventure you’ve sharedalong the way.

We hope you have fun enjoying the last days of summer! This bingo game is warm-weather focused. If you enjoy it, let us know on social media! We would love to make a winter-themed nature bingo version for you.

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