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Play Live Roulette With Grosvenor Casinos Roulette is one of the most popular casino games; the spin of the wheel, the flick of the ball and the rush to place your bets. There's no game quite like live roulette and what's more, you can play online with real UK dealers at Grosvenor Casinos.

Live Casino is an exciting new way to play your favourite table games. You can enjoy Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Infinite Blackjack, Live Ultimate Texas Hold'em, Live Baccarat eSqueeze, Live Roulette, and Live Auto Roulette streamed in real-time video, delivering an authentic gambling experience where real dealers shuffle, deal and interact with players, just like in a real casino.

  • Live Roulette Casino – Play the best live roulette casino games straight out of the comfort of your house, office or on the way. Now a day you can place bets via your mobile phone too. Simply select your favourite live roulette game on your cellphone. You are just one click away from playing exciting roulette games at the best live casinos, play and win!
  • For this reason, almost all live casinos in the industry offer live roulette games. Live dealer roulette gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy your favourite roulette games while being accompanied by a croupier through live stream video.
  • Live roulette takes an already fabulous casino game and gives it an extra spin of excitement. A live online roulette round fills your home with the excitement, the anticipation and the crowds that you find at a land based casino, without all the hassle!

Live Casino game outcomes are determined with real cards whereas other table games on PlayNow use a random number generator to determine game outcomes.

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Clicking on any of the Live Casino game tiles will launch Live Casino in a new pop up window. You can watch on any game table without sitting down or placing a bet, so feel free to open it and look around!

Alternatively, demo videos of betting on each of the game types are available here.

To place a bet, pick your game type and/or table. If you selected Blackjack, pick an available (green) seat at the table. Select a chip value, then select a betting spot, and your bet is placed. Now the game plays out and your bet is settled based on the game outcome.

If you have an issue, we can help several ways. Live Casino has a chat function that allows you to chat with your dealer or the Live Casino customer support staff to notify them of your issue.

If you have an issue not related to Live Casino, with depositing for example, contact PlayNow Customer Support through chat, email or phone, details here.

The Live Casino studio is open 24 hours per day.

Always use the most up-to-date version of your browser to ensure a good Live Casino experience.

If you can’t launch Live Casino, your Flash player may be blocked. This help article from Adobe, the makers of Flash, provides browser specific troubleshooting info.

Why does my Live Casino balance not update automatically?

The Live Casino balance updates each time it connects with the PlayNow server but these two systems are not always connected. For example, if you deposit money to your PlayNow account while the Live Casino client is open, you will not see your balance update in the Live Casino client until an event occurs that requires the client to contact the PlayNow server. Here are some examples of events that require the two servers to connect: launching the Live Casino client; opening a table; making a wager; settling a wager.

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What is live dealer roulette?

Live dealer roulette is a way to play real roulette with a physical wheel online. The game combines a live video feed of a croupier and a wheel with digital software that lets you place bets. If you love the convenience of online gaming but have never been thrilled about an RNG deciding the result of your bet, this is the best of both worlds. Just like their online casino and real-life counterparts, live dealer roulette on the web comes in a variety of versions. That includes European, American, and even French Roulette varieties.

How to play live dealer roulette

Live dealer roulette is quite similar to other onlinevariations of roulette. You still use a virtual table you use to place your bets, but the wheel and the ball are real. There is also lots of information built into the software to guide new players. It couldn't be easier:

  1. Place your bets by putting chips on the virtual table
  2. Wait for the dealer to spin the roulette wheel
  3. Watch and listen as the ball come to rest in a pocket
  4. The dealer announces the number, and winning bets are paid out
  5. If you're feeling sociable, congratulate any winners at the table!

Live dealer rules

The rules of live dealer roulette are simple. The wheel will have 36 red and black slots for the numbers, and either one or two green zero slots depending whether you're playing American (two) or European roulette (one). Place your bets on where the ball will land, and the live dealer spins the wheel. Everyone at the table waits to see where it lands, and winners get paid out. You can also talk to other players at the table, and even the dealer.

Difference between online and live roulette

The experience of playing live dealer roulette is really unique. Loads of little things combine to make it just about the most exciting way to play roulette online today. Here are our top five things that make it stand out:

  1. The heightened tension of watching the live video.Virtual roulette works perfectly, but there's something about watching a real wheel spin that makes the sweat more pronounced.
  2. The authentic casino sounds and atmosphere.Lots of live dealer roulette videos come directly from busy casinos, making it a truly immersive experience.
  3. The human touch.The real croupiers make the whole experience more personal and interactive, and you can chat with your fellow players.
  4. Cutting edge technology.The combination of the live video feed with the virtual betting software is really impressive, and feels like a step up from a purely virtual game.
  5. Faster paced live tables.With live dealer roulette you don't get to choose when the wheel spins, so you need to be alert and make sure you have your bets in before the croupier releases the ball.

How to choose a live dealer roulette table

Choosing where to playlive dealer roulette wisely is crucial. In this section we're going to look at ourtop online roulette tipsto bear in mind before playing.

Consider the technology

This goes for both your internet connection and yourmobileor laptop. Check out the minimum power recommended you need to run the software and only play with a stable connection.

Make the most of bonuses


Different online casinos have different welcome bonuses, so shop around and find the one that suits you the most before signing up.

Cyber spinoff

Check out the limits

Live dealer roulette typically has more restrictivebetting limitsthan other versions. Make sure your preferred bet size is available in advance.

Practice before jumping on the live tables

Playing standard online roulette is great for beginners to get the hang of the game before playing on live tables.

Live dealer roulette FAQs

What is live roulette?

Live roulette is a way of playing roulette online which combines a video feed from a real casino with virtual betting software. The result is not determined by a RNG. Instead, a real roulette wheel is spun by a real dealer while you watch and bet online.

How does it work?

You are brought directly into a casino via live streaming. Before each spin you can place your bets using the software, just like virtual roulette. You get to watch as the dealer spins the wheel and the ball settles, and you can even chat with both the dealer and fellow players.

Where can I play?

Live Roulette Casino Near Me

Loads of the top online casinos offer live roulette, including live versions of American, European and French roulette.

What are my mobile options?

The best live dealer roulette tables are fully optimized for mobile gaming. As long as your mobile software is up-to-date and you have a stable internet connection you should have no trouble playing via mobile.

Are the odds the same as for regular online roulette?

Yes. There is no difference in odds or house edge between live roulette and regular online roulette.

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How can I win at live casino roulette every time?

In short, you can't. Roulette is a game of chance, and to win you need to get lucky. But that's all part of the fun of placing your bets and watching where the ball lands!

Is it played in real-time?

Roulette Table Live

Yes. Unlike regular online roulette which allows you to control when the wheel spins, the dealer has control and it's up to you to have your bets in on time. This is just like playing roulette at a real casino.

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