Let’s Run Away

Let’s run away, that might be our solution,’ is that really so? fill me in.

digitalizada pela Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin English: Book digitized by Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin Acesse: BBM DigitalIs running away really a solution or a problem? I have heard of many incidents or watched in movies where a girl or a boy run away due to whatever circumstances. But what I want to know is, is that a true solution? Is your family such a torment for you that you think you can live happily without them? Or, is your family really incapable of understanding you?

That might be the case in SOME cases. But still, running away never ERADICATES an issue. You are just closing a section of your mind, making it numb and using your legs to flee somewhere … (http://www.msp.org.ph/home.do) else. You have left the problem behind, not solved it.

Can running away and leaving behind your everything be a key to your happiness? Are your parents\family\friends a permanent lock? I am failing to agree or disagree. When I agree, my mind puts forward points to disagree on and vice versa.

Hence, I would like to come up with a generalised opinion by seeing what you all think regarding this whole ‘run away’ thing.

2 comments on Let’s run away

you mentioned some good points here. i think whats really missing nowadays is ‘support’ from family/friends/parents…etc.

most often i gotta get out from certain situations just to keep some sanity, and think things over.

you can’t run away from life. have you ever heard were ever you go their you are. when problem arise the first thing you should do is finding out why. you need to have a stong ARC. ARC stand for affinity, reality and communication, so if one of them is broken, then all are broken; so we should find out were it need to be fixed.