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How to Claim Free myVEGAS Chips in Mobile. Meanwhile, myVEGAS Free Slots is a mobile app. Myvegas free chips slots can only be calm on a mobile device, either on iOS or apk. For Apk users Click on the links lower, then waiting for opening the app then the app show to you free chips on your screen. Claim, then come back to the game page,. You've come up short on chips to play MyVegas with on Facebook and you need more; where do you look? Here's a fast guide that goes through the entirety of Friday 19 February 2021 / 6:38 pm.

  1. 1 through the daily spin; each day, as you start the game (not the very first time), a daily spin pop up (looks like a wheel) will show and you can earn a small or a very large number of chips with which to play. Do this every day, since this way you will accrue a multiplier (up to 5), which means that your free chips will be multiplied!
  2. When they get the coins that you shared, you also get more coins! The more friends you have that like the myvegas app the more coins you get on your daily spin. We are also going in Sept. Started playing in probably January and so far have gotten the 2 Love tickets (before they raised the LP's needed).

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You can either play with the Facebook account and sign up for this casino game or use the other alternative mobile casino game.

This is one of the casino slot games that offer real prizes and virtual prizes too. To redeem your actual price and rewards player needs to collect the loyalty points and redeem them.

That’s why we are offering here lots of free chips, use these chips and play here different slot casino games and claim the rewards.

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  • Key features for Myvegas free chips

  • Play this casino game using the Facebook account to earn more rewards.
  • It offers wheel spinning and daily free bonus to play in slot machines.
  • This casino slot game has received the best rating of 5 stars.
  • It can be played with android or iMac devices for free.
  • Every new sign up got the free welcome bonus of 500,000 chips.
  • Users can experience here multiple top real casino machines while playing games.
  • Every play can collect a free bonus every two hours and play.
  • More than 1 million people play this game and try their luck.
  • Don,t play this casino slots game if you are not an adult.
  • Pro tips – Myvegas free cheats

  • I prefer to play with Facebook to make more free loyalty points.
  • Don,t miss daily free bonuses to win some extra rewards.
  • Follow Myvegas slot on social platforms officially to get more chips.
  • Use your welcome bonus carefully if you are a new player.
  • Take parts in tournaments and contests to win more prizes.
  • Also, you can search for legit promo codes for more free chips.
  • FAQs – Myvegas

How do I cash in MyVegas rewards?

To collect your rewards, Sign up or login into the account, and click over the bonuses, and a new page will open up. If you have earned loyalty points already or play more to earn these points.

Now here you will get lots of options to redeem your points, choose one accordingly. You can only choose the option which is equal to your loyalty points.

Now next, fill here your information like name email and proceed further. Thus you can redeem the free loyalty points and enjoy.

What are loyalty points in MyVegas?

The player can earn loyalty points by playing different slots games as winning points earn loyalty points after playing slots game.

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How to get more free chips?

To get more free chips, the user must check the free daily bonus and grab regular freewheel spinning. Join Facebook to gather more free chips and use them to play games. Similarly, Twitter is another option for free chips by getting free giveaways.

  • Note

Remember, if you are not an adult do not play this casino game, play if you are older than 18 or the same. Make proper use of these coins this only valid for Myvegas slot games, don,t apply on other casino games.

All Myvegas free chips links may not work, so try to pick them before they expire. We are not sponsored here by any casino slot game company.

There are free facebook and mobile casino slot chips you can choose accordingly. Share and bookmark this website for more casino freebies and have fun playing casino games for free.

MyVEGAS App Tips

How to get more chips on myvegas apple

Do you have a trip to Las Vegas planned? Maybe you’d like to go in the future but aren’t sure where to begin. Either way, you’ll want to know about the myVEGAS app and game as soon as possible so that you can start saving up for free Las Vegas rewards.

This guide is an introduction to myVEGAS. It goes through the basics of myVEGAS, how to start playing, and what it is (and isn’t). We want to be the number one source for myVEGAS app tips.

Let’s go!

What is myVEGAS?

MyVEGAS is a FREE app sponsored by MGM Resorts that lets you earn points that can be redeemed for free stuff in Las Vegas and other cities. There are two main myVEGAS apps: slots and blackjack.

Either app earns you rewards but most people choose to play the myVEGAS slots app because it is more hands off and you can earn rewards faster. We will talk about the myVEGAS slots app throughout this guide, but the blackjack terminology is much the same.

There are two main platforms that you can play myVEGAS on:

  1. Mobile (iOS or Android)
  2. Facebook

It’s extremely easy to download and get started with myVEGAS. Before we show you how to install it, there is some basic myVEGAS app tips and terminology you should know first.

myVEGAS Terminology

These are the terms used throughout this guide and our website. It’s important that you understand them because it can be confusing for new players.


Loyalty Points (LP)

Loyalty Points are gold coins that you earn when playing myVEGAS. Loyalty Points are used to redeem free stuff in Las Vegas.

You earn Loyalty Points for simply playing the game. It’s best not to worry how many LP you have until you have greater than 5,000 and can start looking at what rewards to go after.


Chips are virtual currency used in the game to bet with. They are marked in purple in the myVEGAS app.

The game starts you off with some chips when you first install it. After that, there are 4 ways to get more chips:

  1. Winning lines in each slot game.
  2. Free chip box which can be opened every 2 hours (small amount)
  3. A daily wheel spin (large amount)
  4. Purchasing chips with real money (100% voluntary and not required)

VIP Status

Your VIP Status gives you a bonus in the number of chips you get inside of the chip boxes or daily spins. There are 7 VIP levels in total:

  1. Turquoise
  2. Amethyst
  3. Opal
  4. Emerald
  5. Sapphire
  6. Ruby
  7. Tanzanite

You can get to VIP Status 3 (Opal) just my playing the myVEGAS app daily. It is not possible to get to VIP Status 4 without spending real life money in the game, which is again 100% not necessary.

You increase your VIP Status by earning MVP points.

MVP Points

MVP Points are earned two basic ways:

  1. Daily wheel bonus
  2. Hourly box bonus

You get a few MVP points for connecting your myVEGAS account to Facebook and also when you purchase bundles from the store.

The two basic ways are enough to get you VIP Status 3, which gives you 30% multipliers on your bonuses.


Your level is your virtual status number in the game. There is absolutely no purpose to the level other than the fact that you are awarded bonus chips and loyalty points for reaching the next level.

If there are any other terms you want us to help you with, comment at the bottom of this guide and we will add them here!


Rewards are real life perks in Las Vegas that can be purchased inside the app. You purchase rewards with Loyalty Points. Rewards fall into a few different categories:

  1. Rooms
  2. Restaurants
  3. Shows
  4. Attractions
  5. Casino
  6. Nightlife
  7. Travel
  8. Retail
  9. Special Events
  10. Other

The most common rewards redeemed in the app are free room nights in Vegas, free or discounted vouchers to restaurants, shows, and attractions in Vegas, and free casino vouchers.

How To Get More Chips On Myvegas Apple

myVEGAS App Tips

Our home page has tons of guides and tutorials on myVEGAS, but there are some basic app tips you should know about when playing myVEGAS:

  1. The best myVEGAS app tip is that more spins equals more loyalty points. Try to only bet 1/100 of your total chip count. This will let you spin more times before you run out of chips and let you earn more LP.
  2. Save up loyalty points and worry about rewards later. By focusing your time on playing, you should be able to earn 50,000 or more loyalty points easily.
  3. Play the special events. These promotions offer greater win rates and special chip bonuses.
  4. Maximize your non premium myVEGAS rewards when you travel to Las Vegas. Non premium rewards require you to pay some money out of your own pocket, but are cheap to redeem in the app.

If you have any more myVEGAS app tips, comment down at the bottom of this guide!

What Hotels Are on myVEGAS?

So now that you know what myVEGAS is, where can get free rewards from? All MGM Resorts in Las Vegas are included in the myVEGAS app. These are the:

  1. Mandalay Bay (and the Delano)
  2. Park MGM (and the NoMad)
  3. Signature at MGM Grand (Hidden for some)

Rewards at cheaper hotels such as the Luxor and Excalibur don’t cost as much money as ones from the Aria or Bellagio. As long as you have the loyalty points saved up, you can redeem free vouchers at these locations.

Click on any of the hotel names above to view more information for each property.

Is myVEGAS Free?

myVEGAS is 100% free to play. You can earn all rewards you see in the app without paying a single cent.

Paying real money in the app only has two perks:

  1. Earn loyalty points and MVP points faster
  2. Unlock special multi-night hotel stays

Two Night Hotels Stays Using myVEGAS

How To Get More Chips On Myvegas Apps

Users who choose to spend a certain threshold of real money unlock special two night hotel stays in Las Vegas. Otherwise, you will only be able to redeem single night stays using the app.

How To Get More Chips On Myvegas Approval

The threshold you must spend varies based on how long you’ve been playing and it is not published. From user reviews, there are two levels to unlock: one at around $60 and another around $120.

If you don’t plan on spending money in the myVEGAS app, you don’t have to worry about this at all. For those who do, we are putting together a premium level guide for you in the future.

Does this help you understand what myVEGAS is? What myVEGAS app tips would you recommend?

How To Get More Chips On Myvegas App Store

Comment below with any other questions you have and we will help you out!