Holdem Tournament Strategy

The following is a list of tournament Texas Hold'em strategy articles for the multi-table tournament (MTT) games as well as the smaller single-table tournament (STT) games.

But in a tournament, the values of the chips change as the game continues. The blinds increase on a regular basis during a tournament, too, so your strategy has to change based on the size of your stack versus the size of the blinds. Some Texas holdem players specialize in tournaments. Others prefer ring games. The thing about tournaments is. Tournament poker strategy has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past decade.And an 'old-school' style will no longer cut it at the poker tournament tables. In modern tournament poker playing styles, bet-sizing and the general approach to specific situations have all changed drastically.

ThePokerBank is more of a general and cash game strategy site than anything, but I thought that I would cover some basic tournament strategy for all of you interested in playing MTTs and STTs (Sit and Go tournaments).


Tournament Texas Hold'em strategy articles.

Basic MTT StrategyBeginnerTournament7/10
Basic SNG StrategyBeginnerTournament7/10
Poker ROIBeginnerTournament4/10
Turbo Tournament StrategyIntermediateTournament6/10
What Is The Independent Chip Model?ExpertTournament8/10
Using The Independent Chip ModelExpertTournament8/10

Texas Hold'em Tournament Strategy

Tournament strategy section highlights.

Poker Tournament Strategy Late Stage

Important tournament strategy articles.

The independent chip model (ICM) articles are more advanced than the other tournament strategy articles on this site, but in my opinion they hold the most value for those that aspire to become very successful tournament players.

The what is ICM? article explains what ICM is all about and the using ICM article shows you how to use it. These articles essentially highlight the mathematics behind whether to call all-in or to fold and save your chips in the late stages of tournaments.

Other useful tournament strategy articles.

Nl Holdem Tournament Strategy

The basic SNG and basic MTT strategy articles are popular amongst new players looking to get started with some basic strategy for playing these specific variants of NL Hold'em. Even if you're an experienced cash game player, I would still recommend that you start with these articles.

If you're making the transition from cash games you have to be humble and be prepared to the learn the basics of tournament strategy, as the different game structures mean that the strategy you need to employ to be able to win money is more different than you might think.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy

This is another small strategy section, but as I mentioned earlier I'm mainly a cash game player so I tend to write more strategy for that particular form of Texas Hold'em. If you're after more tournament strategy I highly recommend you check out Sit and Go Planet. It's by far the best resource out there for MTT and SNG strategy.

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