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Online slots are among the most generous games when it comes to betting options.

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They can give you an opportunity to change the coin size, coins per line, and/or paylines.

These options are great for when you want to either play for a high or low stakes. However, you may be conflicted on which route to go.

  • With high stakes, you have an opportunity to win bigger prizes.
  • Meanwhile, low stakes allow you to stretch your bankroll further and get more entertainment.

If you’re stuck on what size of slots bets to use, then you should check out this post.

I’ll discuss the normal online slots betting range, the case for placing higher wagers, and the argument for making lower bets.

What’s the Normal Online Slots Betting Range?

A slots game’s betting range can vary based on the following three factors:

  • Coin size (stake size)
  • Paylines
  • Coins per line

The coin size lets you change your stake per payline. If you use a $0.05 coin on 25 lines, for example, you’ll be risking $1.25 per spin.

Almost every slot allows you to change your coin. Therefore, you should become very familiar with this option.

Some games let you use more than one coin on each payline. For instance, you may be able to put anywhere from 1 to 10 coins on each line. The majority of slots offer fixed paylines. A 30-line game, for example, will force you to use all 30 lines.

However, some slots do allow you to adjust this option. You may be able to change the number of lines from 1 to 20, for example.

More and more modern games only offer a stake range. This format features fixed paylines, or variable Megaways, along with a bet slider that goes left (lower) or right (higher).

Considering the different factors, the average betting range for an online slot can vary greatly from one case to another. Generally speaking, though, the average slot lets you wager between $0.20 and $100 per spin.

I’ve seen games that feature minimum wagers as low as one cent and maximum bets as high as $1,000.

But on average, most games offer between a $0.20 and $100 range.

In these cases, betting a small amount would entail risking between $0.20 and $1 per round. On the other end of the spectrum, high rollers could wager between $10 and $100 per round.

The Case for Betting More

You should never force yourself to risk too much if you don’t have the bankroll. Assuming you do have the necessary funds, though, then you might consider a bigger bet for the following reasons.

Win More With Stake-Based Prizes

In the past, many online slots featured progressive jackpots that take small amounts out of each bet to fund the top prize. The same games and jackpots still exist today.

However, the majority of games produced today base their top payout on your stake amount.

Here’s an example on how this works:

  • You wager $2 per spin.
  • The game’s maximum payout is worth 10,000.
  • 10,000 x 2 = 20,000
  • You have an opportunity to win up to $20,000 per spin.

The amount that you can wager is entirely dependent upon your bet size in these cases. Therefore, you should definitely think about risking more money if you want to win big.

Turn Small Wins Into Large Payouts

Most of your slots wins will be relatively small. You’ll pull in many payouts that are only worth 1x to 5x your bet.

It’s always nice to win.

However, you may grow tired of collecting such tiny payouts if you’re only risking between $0.01 and $0.50 per spin.

The best way to solve this problem is by upping your bet size. You can turn your insignificant payouts into notable prizes with a larger wager.

Assuming you risk at least $2 per spin, for example, your 5x payouts will suddenly turn into $10 wins. This amount isn’t going to make you rich, but it is a nice prize, nonetheless.

Improve Your Odds of Winning a Jackpot

Progressive jackpot slots vary on whether the bet size factors into your odds of winning. However, a fair number of jackpot slots do give you stronger odds when you risk more money.

If you play Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, for example, you only have to wager $0.25 per spin for a chance at the jackpot.

However, your odds of winning increase when you place a higher wager.

Of course, you may just want to go for a large jackpot without risking too much.

Then again, you might feel like maximizing your odds of winning by risking more money.

You should always check the info screen to see if your stake has any bearing on jackpot chances. If it does, then you want to seriously consider wagering more.

Get More Thrills

Everybody has their own reasons for playing real money online slots. Generally speaking, though, most people spin the reels because they want some thrills.

Google Bet Slot Games

Perhaps you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind risking pennies for small payouts. However, you might also grow bored with chasing such small prizes.

Again, you should never play for high stakes if you don’t have the funds for it. But you can increase your bet size when looking to get more thrills.

The Case for Betting Less

Bigger bets aren’t necessarily a great idea for everyone. You definitely want to consider the following downsides before you start clicking the up arrow on the stake option.

The Biggest Stake-Based Prizes Are Tough to Win

Large maximum payouts are one of the biggest priorities among many gamblers. When choosing slots, some people won’t play a game unless it has at least a maximum payout worth 10,000x the stake.

Nothing is wrong with seeking out huge wins. However, you also have to consider the high degree of difficulty in winning such prizes.

Remember, developers determine the top payout for their games by running simulations involving up to 1 billion spins. You’ll find it almost impossible to play any slot for that many rounds

Furthermore, you probably won’t win the top payout at any given game. Therefore, you shouldn’t over emphasize the maximum win.

Google Bet Slot

You Have Little Chance of Winning a Jackpot

Some slots deliver their top win through a progressive or fixed jackpot, rather than a stake-based payout.

Google Bet Slot Online Casino

RealTime Gaming’s Aztec’s Millions currently offers a jackpot worth $3.5 million.

Herein lies another example where you might see the jackpot and immediately get excited. But just like the top stake-based prizes, jackpots are quite elusive.

Your odds of winning any large jackpot numbers in the millions. For example, you might only have a 1 in 30 million chance of winning a seven-figure payout on a certain slot.

Your Bankroll Will Go Faster

Slots make bankroll management very difficult. They see you play at a fast rate and can quickly take your money when accounting for the volatility.

Of course, you stand a much higher risk of losing your bankroll by placing bigger bets.

After all, slots are negative expectation games that give the house an advantage.

The comparison below shows how much more you stand to lose with a larger wager:

Large Bet
  • You wager $5 per spin.
  • You play for 1,000 spins.
  • The game has a 4% house edge (96% RTP).
  • 5 x 1,000 x 0.04 = $200 in theoretical losses

Small Bet

  • You wager $0.50 per spin.
  • You play for 1,000 spins.
  • The game has a 4% house edge.
  • 50 x 1,000 x 0.04 = $20 in theoretical losses

The simple advice here is to tone down your wagers and extend your playing hours. Again, though, it’s difficult to do so when do you also want to win big prizes.

You’ll Get Less Entertainment out of Slots

Google Bet Slot Video Poker

Why would you knowingly play any game that gives the casino a long-term advantage?

You don’t necessarily have to win big, or win anything at all, to have fun with slots at online casinos. You probably get plenty of entertainment from these games through the thrills alone.

Of course, you’ll enjoy less entertainment with online slots when selecting higher bets. Increasing your wager from $0.25 to $0.50, for example, will theoretically cut your time on the reels in half.

Everything Depends Upon Your Preferences

You can see that there are plenty of reasons for and for not betting more with slots.
To recap, the advantages of risking more include:

  • Turn small payouts into larger prizes.
  • Play for bigger stake-based wins.
  • Get more thrills with large bets.
  • Boost your odds of winning the jackpot (if applicable).

The drawbacks to upping your bets include:

  • You probably won’t win the maximum stake-based prize anytime soon.
  • You stand very little chance of winning a huge jackpot.
  • Bankroll management becomes harder.
  • You won’t get as much entertainment due to heavier potential losses.

The absolute top advantage to betting more is that you can win more through the base game, features, and with the jackpots (if available). The biggest downside is simply that you could quickly lose your bankroll.

Google Bet Slots

Google Bet Slot

That said, you need to think about the tradeoff between huge wins and making your funds last.

If winning big is everything, then you should consider using a larger wager.

Assuming you’re the type of who hates losing quickly, then you might reduce your stakes and play longer. You stand to suffer fewer losses with smaller bets.


Most players playing slots online or on a real money slots app aren’t high rollers and who can easily afford to risk $20 or more per spin. If you fall into this category, then you must make a decision between playing for low or high stakes.

Star city casino online pokies. Bigger wagers give you an opportunity to win more, whether it’s through a jackpot or stake-based prize.

However, you’re also throwing more money at the house edge.

Low bets all but ensure that you’ll be able to play longer. But you may not find slots as thrilling when payouts are based on a $0.20 wager or lower.

No perfect bet size exists in the gaming world. Therefore, you need to look at your individual situation and decide what’s best.