Gold Strike

Hunter's Goldstrike Golden Retrievers is a small family-oriented licensedbreeder of Golden Retrievers located in beautiful, colorful Colorado about 50 miles north of Denver. Basketball tournament bracket maker. Our dogs live with us on a five acre ranch. A canal runs through it and they enjoy running and swimming for plenty of exercise. They also enjoy getting in our truck and going to a near by pond or river for a few marks on water or land as part of their training process. They have proved to be very eager retrievers and excel in the hunting field. They make great hunters along with being excellent companions and family pets!

Our professional breeding program of golden retriever puppies consists of over 28 years of intensive work to provide top quality puppies. They are bred for temperament, standards of the breed, and we strive for top quality and beautiful puppies! Our golden retriever pups are guaranteed for two years for eyes, hips, elbows and heart with a written guarantee! All our breeding dogs are cleared before we breed them. We also provide support to our puppy buyers and general advice! It is a big responsibility and commitment in raising a golden retriever pup but it is a wonderful experience!

When our girls were small, we got our first golden. He soon became so much a part of our family! Our first golden, Roman was a grandson ofAFC Holway Barty. He was an excellent hunter and we didn't really have to train him. He had a lot of natural ability, was a great companion, hunter, obedience and all around kind of a dog.

We were hooked on Golden Retrievers after owning this one. We have since had several and have found the breed to be exceptional. Since 1990 when we bred our first litter, we have learned as much as possible about breeding and training them. Hunter's Goldstrike Golden Retrievers has a goal to strive for good breeding practices along with clearances, appearances, and temperament.

Currently we belong to the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) which is American Kennel Club (AKC) affiliated.

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We also belong to the Platte Valley Huntingretriever club and have served on the board for many years in various offices.

On June 2, 2012 Striker accomplished his 1500 points and will now be in the 1500 Point Club with HRC. This is a huge accomplishment for him. We plan to do some Striker pups in the future as we have some frozen semen on him.

Hunter's Goldstrike Golden Retrievers thanks you for looking at our website!

Lee Ann & David Heldt

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Gold Strike

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Gold Strike 2021 Casino Nevada

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