Freely Received And Freely Passed On

For a variety of reasons, there are those who choose not to accept or pass on awards. For those who like the idea of having an award or two on their site, but aren’t up to the work involved or feel like they’ll somehow betray those they follow by narrowing a list down to just 10, here’s two awards you are welcome to put on your site. Two awards whose sole purpose is to give a writer an excuse to pop in, connect with fellow writers and give them something to smile about.

Binary, Binary Code, Binary System, Http

There are supposedly five languages of love, touch, presents, service and words. I have a theory that for most writers, their language of love is the written and/or spoken word. Personally, words pierce through any defenses, exhaustion or distraction right to my heart and soul.

With this thought in mind I introduce the innovative Fantabulous and Awesome Blossom Awards, straight from my heart to yours. Bally Bin, author of The good, Bad and Ludicrous, created these badges a couple of days ago.

I mounted these memes on the side column of my blogs with pride and with joy. Bally Bin and I extend the invitation for you to do the same. You are also free to give these no-strings attached Awards to others as you see fit. These images are free to use as long as you and others don’t pretend they are your own. Simply put a link back to The good, Bad and Ludicrous.