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Gambling is a form of the game, where an amount of money is put at stake, and the return of the money is largely dependent on the luck of a person, who is engaged in the game.

There are many forms of the gambling. Gambling has a deep rooted relation in the history of mankind. It is said, that the gambling has been initiated in the Europe and China.

Gambling had been widely practiced in China in the form of lottery way back in the year of 2000 BC. Keno slips had been used in those days. Not only China gambling was even a very popular form of sport in Greece also. Dice had been invented in an age, when the battle of Troy was fought.

Forms of dice had been excavated from the tomb in Egypt which is said to be as old as 3000 BC. It is a very interesting fact, that all forms of gambling were forbidden in Rome.

Rainbow riches is the UK's most popular slot and has been for over 5 years! It's now available in pubs, clubs, arcades and casino's across the country and now available to play online on all platforms! You can play the original version of rainbow riches completely free here online. It's completely random, no sign up or deposits required, simply play for free. Like thousands of slots players who use every day, you now have instant access to over 7780 free online slots that you can play right here. Our free slot games may be played in any. When you play the online slot Rainbow Riches (the game with spins) for free and no deposit bonuses is a must, even if you are playing just for fun. The Symbols are matched with the use of 20 paying lines created in a specific pattern and their wins are added together after a played round.

There are various kinds of games, which are played in casinos are like Rainbow Riches free slots, craps, roulette, baccarat and blackjack.

Than pokers Asian stud, Asia Poker, Australian Pontoon, Bingo, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino war and Chinese poker. Apart from these, there are various dice games, like Chuck a luck or Pai Gow.

Other than these there other forms of gambling were initiated with the advent of advanced technologies like Pachinko, Slot machines, Videopoker, Video bingo and many others. By and by the system became more advanced and then came in the various online games and this is very popular in these days.

Rainbow Riches: Free Play with No Deposit

Online game is various kinds of gambling, which are played with the use of Internet and by the use of computers or mobile phone lately since the advancement of the different smartphones.

Way back in 1994 when an ordinance was passed by Antigua and Barbuda. It was then licenses were issued for different online casinos, which offered Rainbow Riches free play with no deposit bonus.


Different statistics shows the popularity which reflects that nearly 47.9 million people from Asia, 45.6 million from Europe, 47 million in the whole o America (which includes both North and Latin America) and 6.2 million in Africa and the Middle East countries are engaged in playing online games.

Free Rainbow Riches Game

Online games majorly include more than one player and various forms of video games. Rainbow Riches free play for fun is one of the very popular games by many people. Rainbow Riches with no deposit bonus includes five rounds or slots along, where twenty lines can be played online.

One can win prize money as huge as 200 000 pounds (British). It is the sum, which can be won after the jackpot round. In free Rainbow Riches game, one can bet on any number which appears on different lines.


It is generally played which one has to adjust the up and down button in the game.

Rainbow Riches: Free Play for Fun Rules

  • All one has to do is deciding the amount, that is to be put in for the game.

  • Understand, that the game involves twenty different stages in the game.

  • After that, one has to go through the game by putting in the money on each level. It varies from one penny to 20 pounds (in Britain) for each level.
  • One has to know, that the + and – signs will increase the amount one puts in the bet.

  • One has to click on the + and – button to change the different stages of the game.

  • Then finally click on the whirl or spin button to start the game.

The procedure is very simple. There are various types of free Rainbow Riches games, which includes:

  • Rainbow Riches: Pick n Mix

  • Rainbow Riches: Free Spins

  • Rainbow Riches: Pots of Gold

  • Rainbow Riches: Party

  • Rainbow Riches: Slingo

  • Rainbow Riches: Reels of Gold

  • Rainbow Riches: Bingo

And many others, and all these games are mobile friendly. All one needs to do is download the Rainbow Riches free play app and start playing. Rainbow Riches free play for fun is a very popular for people, who love online games and earn prize money.

One has to go through various rounds finally to reach the Bonus round. One has to go through the different stages, which include the leprechaun round to reach the Bonus round finally.

Here the one, who is betting with the sole intention of fun and if one has the aspiration of going for the Jackpot, there are various stages, like:

  • Wishing Well

  • Pots of Gold

  • Road to Riches

Rainbow Riches Free Slots at the Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casino is one popular online playing site, which allows the game lover to sit back at home and enjoy Rainbow Riches free slots in a much-relaxed way.

One does not have to deposit any money other than registering in the Grosvenor casino to play free slots for fun Rainbow Riches. Hence, the players find it safe and do not have the tension of being cheated while they are playing.

Rainbow Riches free slots is the game, which gives pleasure to the players, and they can play with small amounts, which can give them the pleasure of the game and at the same time earn quite a handful amount.

This is the reason, why Rainbow Riches play for fun is becoming more and more popular and drawing a huge number of online game enthusiasts for the game.

There are many online sites which are allowing the participants free play Rainbow Riches with no deposit bonus. So, the since the game can be operated from the mobiles, also the player are becoming interested in the game.

So, to sum up, the Rainbow Riches free game is the most popular game, which includes many games like Rainbow Riches free slots, Pick n Mix, Free Spins, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold free play, Slingo and many others.

All these games can be played on mobile also and, so, it is drawing game lovers while one can sit back at home and just relax and play. Free play Rainbow Riches with no deposit bonus is popular for one another reason, and that is the betting amount is quite low, and the prize money can be huge provided the one is lucky.

The original Rainbow Riches game is familiar to most players. The game was originally released for land-based casinos, but its online version quickly became a favorite of many online casinos and players, and also spawned many sequels. Now, Barcrest has renewed this beloved classic by adding a Megaways feature that has recently gained great popularity. The result is Rainbow Riches Megaways, released in July 2019, which is faithful to the original game, but has many more ways to win!

The Rainbow Riches Megaways game screen, with six regular reels and one extra reel, offers 117,649 ways to win. Megaways mechanics allows 2-7 symbols to appear on each reel, that is, the number of rows on each reel varies with each spin. The number of winning ways changes according to the lines, and you can see the number of winning ways that are currently valid on each spin in the box below the game screen.

Rainbow Riches Megaways RTP and Volatility

Rainbow Riches Megaways variance is medium to high, so you can expect moderate-sized wins at relatively regular intervals. This makes the game suitable for all types of players regardless of the style of the game and the size of the cash register. Rainbow Riches Megaways has a maximum profit of €250,000 and a return rate of 95.9%, which is typical for slot machines.

You can play Rainbow Riches Megaways for free as much as you want here at on your computer, phone, and tablet. Just click the red button above and enjoy the game.

Free Slots For Fun Rainbow Riches Games

Playing Rainbow Riches Megaways Betting Options

As in many other Megaways games, Rainbow Riches Megaways also have six regular reels, in addition to which the extra reel runs horizontally above the four middle reels. You can get to know the world of leprechaun with a minimum bet of €0.20, while the maximum bet can be set at €20. You can control your bet using the arrow keys displayed at the bottom right of the game screen. From the same menu, you can choose to start autoplay spins or check the rules of the game.

If you want to check the payment table, it opens by pressing the question mark. To win, you must get at least three symbols on adjacent reels, and the winning combination must start on the first reel on the left. With the avalanche function, the symbols involved in the winning combination evaporate, and a new symbol drops in its place, bringing new opportunities for victory. This will continue as long as there are no more new wins, when the winnings will be paid and the next spin can begin.

Theme and Graphics

The graphics of Rainbow Riches Megaways can feel familiar to all Irish game lovers, especially those who have played other games in the series. In the background of the game area you can see a beautiful green meadow landscape with a mountainous landscape looming in the background. Over the landscape is a rainbow, at the end of which lies the treasure of the Leprechaun: a pot of gold. Instead of the usual Irish symbols, such as four-clover and pints, white-based reels show card symbols and jewels of different colours.

Your adventure is accompanied by Happy Irish folk music played on violin and flute. And you can hear the chirping of birds in the background. Amazon slots casino. Sound effects celebrate your winnings and the appearance of special symbols on the reels. During free spins, the green-toned moors cape becomes reddish, and the tempo of the background music increases even more. The overall look of the game is cheerfully sunny and colourful, and together with the vibrant music it makes Rainbow Riches Megaways a real good mind game experience.


Symbols in Rainbow Riches Megaways

There are ten basic paying symbols in the game: card symbols for smaller winnings and precious gem symbols. The best possible winning combination is six of the same symbols. A ten based on the value scale will pay your bets 0.8 times if you receive six pieces in the winning combination. Six jacks pay your bet at 0.9 times. If you get six queens or kings in a combination, you win back your bet. The ace pays your bet 1.75 times for a six-symbol winning combination.

A sapphire sparkling in blue is the least valuable gem, and pays the same size as an ace. The green-veined emerald and purple amethyst will bring double the winnings of your bet if you get six of them in a combination. Six orange jewels cost 7.5 times your bet. The most valuable gemstone is a silver diamond, which gives victories over two symbols already. Six diamonds will bring you 50 times the size of your bet!

Special Symbols

The Wild symbol is a lucky horseshoe that brings stuffing to your winning combinations by replacing any basic symbol. The Wild symbol can only be seen on the extra horizontal reel. In addition, there are special symbols in the game that have no monetary value. The Super Gem, a mystery symbol, is a colorful gem that can transform itself and other visible gems into one and the same symbol. The bonus symbol is a glowing pot of gold that starts Free Spins Bonus round.

Rainbow Riches Megaways Special Features

The basic game mode of Rainbow Riches Megaways has one special function that can start in any round. The Super Gem Bonus function starts every time the Super Gem symbol appears on the extra reel. In this case, the Super Gem itself and all other visible gem symbols become one randomly selected gem symbol, which brings a high chance of winning. Once all the symbols have changed, the winnings will be paid, and the game will continue as usual.

Rainbow Riches Megaways Free Spins Bonus

The game’s best winning potential can be found in the free spins function, which can be accessed with bonus symbols appearing on the reels. Golden pots filled with gold are Bonus symbols that activate the free spins feature, as long as you can see at least four pieces on any reel. With four bonus symbols, you win 12 free spins. If you get more than four bonus symbols, you get the extra five free spins for each extra bonus symbol, that is, for example, five symbols bring 17 free spins.

During the Bonus round, you can win additional spins if the +1, +2 or +3 symbols appear on the extra horizontal reel. They will give you the number of additional spins indicated by their number. During the free spins round there is also an unlimited multiplier feature. The winning multiplier starts with at the x1 and increases by one with each successive win. Best of all, it does not return to the beginning with the losing round, but continues to grow throughout the round with every single win you get.

Rainbow Riches Megaways Bonus Buy

If you can’t wait for bonus symbols to appear, you can also buy a free spins feature that costs 100 times your bet. There is also a gambling function called Take a Chance, where you can pay 25% of the price of free spins to get a 25% chance of winning free spins, 50% of the price to get a 50% chance of getting free spins, or 75% of the price, giving you 75% chance.

Similar Games

Free Slots For Fun Rainbow Riches Slot Machine

Ireland is one of the most popular themes in slot games, so it is not difficult to find good quality slots filled with leprechauns, four-clovers, and rainbow pots. If you want to stay in Irish-themed Megaways, try Irish Riches Megaways produced by Blueprint Gaming, where you can find, among other things, the winning symbols evaporating, 117,649 ways to win, and special symbols such as wild and mystery symbols. Best of all, this game also features a progressive Jackpot King jackpot! Play’n GO‘s fun Leprechaun Goes Egypt game combines two popular themes: Irish and ancient Egypt.

Is Rainbow Riches Megaways a Good Slot Machine?

Rainbow Riches Megaways is an expected addition to one of the most popular slot games. The visual elements of the game have been considered very similar to the original game, as you continue to adventure on the swampy moors of Ireland under the rainbow. However, thanks to Megaways mechanics, the game screen is in constant motion, and the highest possible number of winning ways has risen to 117,649! A little higher than the middle class volatility and a fair return rate bode well for profits.

Hollywood Free Slots For Fun

Additional tension in the basic game mode is provided by the fall function, where the winning symbols evaporate, as well as special symbols such as the wild symbol and the Super Gem symbol, which can turn all the visible gems into one and the same symbol. However, the game’s best winning potential can be found in the free spins feature, which you can start by collecting enough bonus symbols, or alternatively by purchasing the feature. The increasing odds of winning and the potentially unlimited number of additional rounds make this a very exciting and rewarding slot game!