For Purposes Relevant To This article

Yet, I have a point.

This seemingly innocuous, if puerile, combination is more truthful than it is obnoxious. For purposes relevant to this article, whorticulture consists of America’s stigmatization, or whoring, if you will, of its entheobotanic culture, or growers and users of psychoactive substances such as marijuana, opium, psilocybin, etc.

You, as a reader, might now be wondering when all the naive, liberal college students will finally stop whining about how this whole “being illegal” thing really makes it hard to get good drugs. Drugs are bad; they ruin lives, they kill, *sshole.

Critical thinking, logic, and good old fashioned statistical analysis have led me to believe otherwise, not wishful thinking or my inability to kick a habit. In fact, I rarely partake in these kind of activities; my interests lie in their physiological and behavioral effects, as well as their potential medical or therapeutic uses (which our government blindly denies in many cases of illegal substances, namely hallucinogens).

Here are some facts for you:

* Legal drug (tobacco and alcohol) deaths amount to about 500,000 per year in America.
* Prescription drug deaths add another 100,000 per year.

Yet illegal drug deaths (methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, pcp) increase this number by only 5,000.

In a year, heroin contributes to as many deaths as aspirin. (~2000)
Marijuana deaths: 0
(statistics by nicholas saunders, orig. posted on )

Nearly 80% of all prisoners in America are for drug related offenses. (The National Center On Addiction And Substance Abuse at Columbia University)

Social acceptability should not based upon legal status.

If drugs were legalized, law enforcement authorities could focus on real problems such as spousal abuse, theft, rape, murder… actual crimes against society which are facilitated by such ignorant drug laws as those existing today. The extremely high value of drugs is not intrinsic, it is only gained from its illegal status. Drug crimes are not committed by drugs, they are motivated by the substance responsible for most motivation in general: money. People will not collectively stop going to work or continuing about their lives upon the legalization of drugs, as many people might fear; this is unrealistic. There is still a sense of respect and purpose in holding a stable job, not to mention the necessary paycheck. Wiktionary (One can’t afford to buy drugs legally or illegally without that.) There might be a momentary increase in drug use, but things will eventually stabilize as they tend to do.

I consider myself a whorticulturist. I am one of the many scapegoats that is at war, apparently, with the rest of America because I know that we have more potential for happiness and self fulfillment than what we are currently experiencing. We should not allow ourselves to remain complacent with such an intellectually neglected society.