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Football Frenzy
HAMSTER Corporation(PS4/Switch/Xbox One)
Producer(s)Eikichi Kawasaki
Designer(s)Tomomi M.
Programmer(s)Data Tada
Artist(s)Mina Kawai
Nishi Futatsu
Tami Sugiura
Composer(s)Yasuo Yamate
Yoshihiko Kitamura
Platform(s)Arcade, Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Arcade
    • WW: 31 January 1992
    Neo Geo AES
    • JP: 21 February 1992
    • NA: 21 February 1992
    • EU: 21 February 1992
    Neo Geo CDNintendo Switch
    • WW: 30 August 2018
    PlayStation 4Xbox One
    • WW: 30 August 2018
Arcade systemNeo Geo MVS

Taz' Football Frenzy Description: Get the biggest score you can by making as many touchdowns as possible and neutralizing the opponents on your way. You'll get rid of the goons if you jump on their heads or if you whirl on them after eating a hotdog powerup. You have three tries. Taz' Football Frenzy Description: Get the biggest score you can by making as many touchdowns as possible and neutralizing the opponents on your way. You'll get rid of the goons if you jump on their heads or if you whirl on them after eating a hotdog powerup. You have three tries. Game details, how to play, game rules, winning image for Football Frenzy official Michigan Lottery online instant game. Football Frenzy is a progressive slots by RealTime Gaming released in 2014. It features 5 reels and 50 paylines with a 96.72% RTP. This progressive slot game also features multipliers, scatter symbols, wilds, bonus games, free spins with a max bet of $250, suitable for high rollers.

Football Frenzy[a] is an American footballarcadevideo game developed and originally published by SNK on January 31, 1992.[1][2][3] It was the second football game created by SNK after 1987's Touch Down Fever, as well as the only football game released for the Neo Geoplatform.[4]

In the game, players have the choice to compete in matches against either AI-controlled opponents or other human players. Despite being initially launched for the Neo Geo MVS (arcade), Football Frenzy would be later released for both Neo Geo AES (home) and Neo Geo CD in 1992 and 1994 respectively, in addition of being re-released through download services for various consoles, among other ways to play it as of date.[5]

Football Frenzy has been met with mixed reception from critics since its initial launch, with some praising its presentation, visuals and sound design, while others criticized the gameplay for being difficult to grasp.

Taz Football Frenzy


Football Frenzy is a simple catch game. Catch the footballs while avoiding the yellow penalty flags.

Gameplay screenshot.

Football Frenzy is an American football game similar to Touch Down Fever and other similar golf titles from the era, where players compete in matches against either AI-controlled opponents on a single-player tournament mode or against other human players in a two-player versus mode.[6] Most of the rules from the sport are present in the title, following the same basic gameplay featured in other football simulators including the ability of tackling players and lob the oval-shaped football into the goalpost, though the game provides a faster pace and a more arcade-style approach of the sport instead.[6] When playing solo, players compete against seven rival teams by choosing any of the ten selectable teams in order to become champion of the season.[6] Due to the lack of an NFL license, all of the teams featured are fictional.[6] If a memory card is present, the players are allowed to save their progress and resume into the last match the game saved at.[6]

Development and release[edit]

Football Frenzy was the only football title developed for the Neo Geo platform.

Football Frenzy was initially first launched for arcades on January 31, 1992, becoming the only football title released on Neo Geo by SNK.[1][2][4] The game was then released for Neo Geo AES during the same time period a month later.[1][2][3] The title was later re-released for the Neo Geo CD on September 9, 1994 as one of the launch titles for the system, with minimal changes compared to the original MVS and AES versions.[7][8] It has received a re-release in recent years on various digital distribution platforms such as the PlayStation Network, Nintendo eShop and Xbox Live by HAMSTER Corporation.[5] It was also recently included in the international version of the Neo Geo mini.[9]


Review scores
AllGame(Neo Geo) [10]
GamePro(Neo Geo) 13 / 20[11]
Consolemania(Neo Geo) 83 / 100[12]
Consoles +(Neo Geo) 92%[13]
Hobby Consolas(Neo Geo) 85 / 100[14]
Hobby Hi-Tech(Neo Geo CD) 5 / 10[15]
Joypad(Neo Geo) 90%[16]
Joystick(Neo Geo) 86%[17]
Mega Fun(Neo Geo) 74%[18]
Micom BASIC Magazine(Neo Geo) [19]
Neo Geo Freak(Arcade) 9 / 20[20]
Player One(Neo Geo) 84%[21]

In Japan, Game Machine listed Football Frenzy on their March 15, 1992 issue as being the fourth most-successful table arcade unit of the year, outperforming titles such as Captain Commando.[22] The game has been met with mixed reception from critics since its initial launch.[23]


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The grass is freshly cut, the reflectors light up the arena and the benches simmer with passion! The match promises to be a doozy! But the MVP is missing! Think you got skills with the ball? Tie your laces, put on the uniform, and be ready to play the match of the century with Football Frenzy! The endurance never wavers with as far as 50 paylines that can pay up even 3000x per bet line and a myriad of free games and bonuses, this high-spirited slot game not only will leave you euphoric, but also a heck of a lot richer! Move over Zizou, time for a new star to shine!

How to Play:

Not sure which position you excel at? No worries! Football Frenzy offers the possibility of choosing between two energetic gameplay methods: Lucky Mode and Striker Mode. In Striker mode, every time you play the Free Kick free games, your total win amount will triple at the end of the feature. Or if you like football for its capacity to wow you, Lucky mode might be your thing. At the end of any normal spin, the Lucky feature is prompted, giving you the option to play 8 different Free Kick Free Games to get high rewards!

The moment you download the software, you are merely clicks away from all the hustling and bustling of the field. First, select how many lines you want to play and your bet amount. Remember that the bet range goes from $0.50 to $5 and that id the bet amount per line, not in total. Once you have completed it your bet and line settings, you are good to go! Click the spin button and set the ball in motion.

In terms of wilds and scatters, the “Striker” symbol is our wild substitute, taking the place of any other symbol in a prize-winning combination. Take into account that the only symbol the “Striker” does not replace is our scatter symbol, the “Stadium”. Three or more Stadium symbols set off the Free Kick Free Games feature, granting you with the chance to play oodles of free games. Cool cat casino no deposit bonus codes october 2020.

Game Controls:

Set your betting amount by handling the up and down arrow buttons. Your bet can start as $0.50 and go as far as $5 per line. Do the same to set the lines you want to play from 1-50. The spin button sets of the reeling action. If you want to take some time to unwind, you can let the computer do the spinning work for you by pressing the Autoplay button. But don’t worry; you can jump back into the field at any time by pressing the stop button

Bet: Use the up and down arrow buttons to set your betting amount. You can bet as low as $0.01 and as much as $5 per spin.

Lines: Use the up and down arrows to choose the amount of lines you want to play every spinning turn.

Spin: This button starts the reels once the bet and line amounts are established.

Autoplay: When you press Autoplay, a menu will appear in which you select the quantity of spins, and whether you want to deactivate the Autoplay feature when you hit a big jackpot or get access to the bonus round.

Cashier Button: It takes you to the casino cashier where you can make deposits, request withdrawals, cash in coupons and take a look at your account history.

Menu Button: Click on it and modify the view, the sound and the reel speed.

Help: Press it to go to the RTG Football Frenzy page where you will find all the information you need in regards to the basic and complete rules of the game, examples of winning combinations, and the specifics of the bonus round.

Back: if you want to go back to the casino lobby and try another game, just press it.

Game Tips

Football Frenzy Tip 1: Be on the lookout for the Striker Wilds on the free games; they will show up on reel 3.

Football Frenzy Tip 2: Stay on a roll during our free games as they have the quality to be retriggered! Keep in mind that any retrigger will only add adds the same number of free games as originally triggered.

Football Frenzy Tip 3: Remember that the Penalty Kick Bonus can also be triggered during free games.

Game Rules

Scatter wins are tallied with to line wins.
Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
Line wins are multiplied by bet per line.
Maximum win per spin is 3,000 times bet per line.

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Football Frenzy Online Game

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