Duddits Dreamcatcher

A character from Dreamcathcer. He gives special powers to Pete, Jonsey, Beaver, and Henry. He is actually an alien who owns 'ista gay', or Mister Gray who is an alien, in the climax of the movie. He is one of the greatest characters ever created. Duddits is also an alien but takes the form of a retarded person while on earth.

Douglas Cavell Douglas 'Duddits' Cavell is a character from Dreamcatcher.

1. 'Duddits love us all.' - Jonsey
1. 'No play, see ya later, Ista Gay.' - Duddits
  • Duddits A character from Dreamcathcer. He gives special powers to Pete, Jonsey, Beaver, and Henry. He is actually an alien who owns ' ista gay', or Mister Gray who is an alien, in the climax of the movie.
  • Dreamcatcher is a 2001 novel written by Stephen King. Gary Ambrose 'Jonesy' Jones, Pete Moore, Joe 'Beaver' Clarendon and Henry Devlin are four lifelong friends. As kids, they saved Douglas 'Duddits' Cavell, a boy with Down syndrome, from a group of bullies. Upon doing so, Duddits bestows the boys with telepathic powers.
  • Gradually we understand that the central figure of Dreamcatcher, the force that holds together the friends and unifies their struggle to save themselves and the world, is Duddits. Dreamcatcher is a tightly plotted, suspenseful tale of hostile aliens and heroic humans willing to sacrifice themselves to prevent the destruction of humanity.
  • 'Dreamcatcher' begins as the intriguing story of friends who share a telepathic gift, and ends as a monster movie of stunning awfulness.
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Being mad as fuck about something. Making fun of someone or trying to be annoying.
So what I ate all yo shit Daquan you big mad or lil mad
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Taken from dreamcatcher and used to describe a person that while not actually mentally challanged often does things that could cause them to be mistaken for a re-tard. see also; re re or fucktard.
by david hargis July 12, 2006
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Today, my work clothes are being left behind. My Little Human says I am going to learn a new skill but I must act like a “regular dog” and not be dressed. So no school clothes.

I am a worried. Sometimes new things to learn are loud and scary. But Little Human is with me and she is not afraid because she cannot hear or see the loud or scary and Big Human is driving so I’m a little excited too.

Little Human says I must stay right here while she “layers” up.

I do wish she would hurry, it smells neat here. She says I am going to learn more “Find” today and then I get to learn something REALLY fun!

Duddits Dreamcatcher Film

Was she supposed to fall on her butt? She does that sometimes and its not fun. But she has on two pairs of pants for falling.Now she is fixing her eye and ear gadgets. Should I go help? Nope, she has the hand up that means I’m supposed to “Stay”. Sometimes stay is hard for puppies.

Well, Little Human is layered against bumps and bruises and I’m to “Find” but she didn’t say what, silly Little Human. What could there be to “Find” here?

I found my shadow but nope, she says “Find” again.

I found Little Human’s shadow but she says it wasn’t lost. I still have to look, still have to “Find”… but what?

Little Human said “Find a tree”. How do you lose a tree? But I will look and I will “Find” her one.

That looks a good way I bet there are trees that way!

I “Found” something! It isn’t a tree I don’t think.

Little Human is happy she has seen it with her fingers. But she says it isn’t a tree. I must save it and move it off the path. I have saved a Woolie Bear! Imagine, little old Duddits saving a bear!

But I am gentle with nature as gentle should be, Yay Yay for a Duddits, but now to find a tree for Little Human.

I found a tree! But Little Human says “Find” again. Maybe it is the wrong tree. I will find the right one!

Well, there are a lot of trees this way. But they look the same as the other one. Ignition poker europe 2019. I will keep looking even though the trail is getting scary.

Mmm, this tree is in the water. I like water but I think Little Human has her new school shoes on so…

Swamps are good places for trees. But maybe there is one up there not in water, Little Human says the tree she wants is for me!

This is a nice one, bit muddy but I bet I can find a better one.

Duddits Dreamcatcher Gif

Uh oh, Little Human isn’t very tall and this water over here looks very deep. Maybe I should go back to the path?

Look! Its Big Human. he is very tall and the deep water can’t get him. Hurry Little Human, we must reach him!

Oh good! He found a tree! Now maybe we can stop “Finding”. My paws are muddy.

Little Human says, “Ya did good Duddits” so this must be a good place.

It is very very tempting, but much too cold for swimming.

Well, maybe just a quick dip while she smells the wind. I don’t have my school clothes on today.

But Little Human says it is time to “Find” more. I must learn well as I will be the last she will train. But I wonder what else there is to find?

Goodbye pretty water that had nice mud to squish in my toes.

“Find” a tree. Fine! We must run! I’ll find a tree.

Still not the one Little Human wanted. I wonder what we are going to do when we “Find” the right one?

I found a good one! Little Human is going to teach me “Climb” I am a bit scared on this small tree already but Little Human is a big brave dog. I will follow her and try not to be scared.

Little Human has wrapped a tie around a branch for her hand! She has on her climbing shoes. I am climbing!

I did this one all by myself! Little Human laughed!

But if you get up, you have to get down. Maybe Little Human will catch me?

I am rethinking this as it just dawned on me, I am bigger then Little Human and Little Human says “Don’t Jump”

I am a big brave dog, if I got up…

Little Human will teach me, I can get down by myself like a big brave dog.

Little Human wants to climb big oak. I remember my job though and go “noooooooo” so she can’t do it. She tells me “Very good dog Duddits!” I was supposed to say “Noooo”! I am a very good dog.

I will find her a better place to play.

Oooh a creek! This looks like fun! Little Human likes water. But…she does have her brand new school shoes on today…but

I will “Find”! I will find rocks for her to step on that are solid! It is like “Find” the stairs at school! I already know this!

Oh, I am a clever dream catcher aren’t I?

Dreamcatcher Duddits Alien

See! Her school shoes are sort of dry…but my feet may have shrunk in the water.

Dreamcatcher Duddits Explained

Large Human says its time to go home. No more “Find” no more “Climb” but its okay, I am tired and a bit wet. It was a great adventure. “Find” can be for fun things too.

Duddits Dreamcatcher Movie Aliens

I may be only a dog, but Little Human is teaching well. If you argue your limitations, sure enough, they will be yours. I hope I get good at climbing trees. I hope no one ever tells me, I can’t. Then again, I won’t listen, I am a dream catcher, and dream catchers have their own rules.