Draftkings Rules

This article is part of our DraftKings LoL series.

DraftKings offers a wide variety of contests for each of the four major regions involved in League of Legends: China's LPL, Korea's LCK, Europe's LEC, and North America's LCS, as well as North American academy slates on Mondays. Users construct a team of six players and one team slot using a salary cap of $50,000. Each player you choose has a set price, and you must roster at least one from each position: Top Lane, Jungle, Mid Lane, AD Carry (bottom lane), Support and Team. Additionally, there is a captain slot, also found in most other sports in their 'showdown' formats, which scores 1.5 times the fantasy points of a player in a regular lineup spot. Please read the contest rules provided by DraftKings here: https://www.draftkings.com/help/lol.

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Europe and North America compete in best-of-1 formats, which is more straightforward than Korea's or China's best-of-three series. There is more volatility in best-of-1s, which makes upsets more likely. In best-of-3 series, Draftkings' offers 20 extra points per player if their team completes a 2-0 sweep, in lieu of points from a third game they won't have to play.

Draftkings Rules On Postponed Games

Fantasy Sports, Daily and Weekly Fantasy Drafts for Cash Prizes. We are licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement as an Internet gaming operator in accordance with the Casino Control Act N.J.S.A. 5:12-1 and its implementing regulations. We are regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement as an Internet gaming operator in accordance with the Casino Control Act N.J.S.A. 5:12-1 and its implementing regulations.

When building rosters, you want to focus on winning teams and a stacking approach, rather than selecting at least one player from each team. A popular lineup construction is four spots from one team and three spots from another, usually with a jungler from one of the teams as captain. All of this is price and slate dependent, of course, as it would be better to play an ADC or Mid Laner in the captain spot; however, favorites are priced so highly in the captain role that it's difficult to do. League of Legends is different than most DFS sports in that losing teams and players rarely score enough points to be worthwhile, especially in best-of-1s.

Here is my general advice for roster construction for League of Legends contests on DraftKings:

  1. Top Lane: Top lane is the most volatile position on the map. Top laners usually have the lowest kill participation on the team, which limits their upside because they won't get as many kills or assists as other roles. A bad top lane performance could also result in more deaths. Top lane is usually priced as the third-highest role, but it's often difficult for most top laners to fully pay off their salaries if they aren't heavily involved in the game flow. On certain teams, top laners act as one of the team's 'Carry' options and are more worth paying up for, but this is completely team and slate dependent.
  2. Jungle: Jungle is a bit of a wild-card position as well, as they are dependent on players in other positions. Junglers will typically pick up more assists because they look to give kills to their mid laners or bottom laners, who are usually the ones who carry games. Junglers are often priced cheaper than top laners but can outscore their top lane counterparts because they are involved in more kills. Using a jungler in the captain spot is a solid play if you cannot fit a bottom laner or a mid laner.
  3. Mid Lane and AD Carry (Bottom lane): The two main carry roles, mid laners and bottom laners, are usually the main sources of damage on their teams and, therefore, often hold the majority of their team's kill shares. Using a mid laner or bottom laner in the captain spot is highly preferred, but it is often difficult to do because they are the most expensive players on the slate. AD Carry can be a somewhat safer role to use as they have longer range than most other roles and have a dedicated support player looking to peel for them in fights.
  4. Support: Support is the cheapest player role, but it's the role that can often have the highest 'floor.' Supports are designed to do just what their name entails: support the rest of the team. Because of this, they often pile up assists, which are easier to grab than kills. Supports can sometimes outscore junglers and top laners based on a higher number of assists and a high kill participation share. While using a support in a captain spot could be viable for cash games, it caps upside in GPP because supports aren't looking to pick up the more valuable kills when they can help it.
  5. Team: With the bonus in mind, the team slot gets a bump in best-of-3 series, while it is deemphasized in best-of-1s. Most teams that win their game in best-of-1 formats will score similarly to other winning teams. Team is a decent spot to 'punt' in best-of-1 games if you have to, as losing teams can sometimes still pay off if they take enough objectives during the game.
  6. Stacking: Simply put, if you're not stacking, you're likely not winning. Stacking is the best way to construct lineups because League of Legends is a very correlative game. Common lineup constructions will stack four spots from one team and three from another. Positionally, stacking an AD Carry with their support has heavy correlation, while mid laners and junglers is another common combination. Junglers have free roam of the map, so they can be freely stacked with anyone else on their team.

This information is all very general, but it's a good place to get started on what to look for if you're jumping into daily fantasy League of Legends for the first time. If you'd like to discuss specific slates with RotoWire contributors and subscribers, you can join our Discord chat here.

The author(s) of this article may play in daily fantasy contests including – but not limited to – games that they have provided recommendations or advice on in this article. In the course of playing in these games using their personal accounts, it's possible that they will use players in their lineups or other strategies that differ from the recommendations they have provided above. The recommendations in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of RotoWire. Ethan Sexton plays in daily fantasy contests using the following accounts: esexton18.

Fantasy NASCAR 101

Draftkings Nfl Scoring Rules

2017 Update

This guide will show you exactly how to get started playing real money fantasy NASCAR at DraftKings. It is legit, legal and honest. When you win you will get paid. Deposits are fast and easy and your money is safe. To learn more about Draftkings, read my review.

New Players – visit DraftKings.com and join the thousands of others who have signed up with me. Get a free entry into the weekly fantasy NASCAR $3 GPP tournament with tens of thousands (if not more) guaranteed.

Let’s get to it.

Draftkings Rules Mlb

NASCAR Rules – How To Score Points at DraftKings

The object is to score more points than your opponents. You earn points by drafting a team of drivers and they accomplish objectives on the track. It is more than just how they finish the race, they get points for actions during the race itself. Here are the NASCAR rules and points scoring guide on DraftKings.com

How To Pick Drivers – Drafting Your Team

The contests are salary cap based. You have to draft an entire team of X drivers while staying under your salary cap of $50,000

Each driver has a different price. The drivers who are projected to score more fantasy points are typically going to cost more. Better driver, higher cost.

  • $50,000 salary cap
  • Draft 5 Drivers
  • Score points based on performance and race finish
  • Contests last one race only.
  • Win and get paid after the official race stats are finalized (usually within hours of race finish)
  • 100% legal. USA based company with a billion dollar valuation as of 2015

Fantasy NASCAR Contests – How To Join and Play

Here are the quick details of the type of contests you can find each and every week of the NASCAR season.

  • Real money contests start at $0.25
  • Plenty of $1, $2, $3, $5, $12, $20, $33, $50, $100, $200 and $1060 buy-ins
  • Huge tournaments – hundreds of thousands of $$ up for grabs with tens of thousands of players. All different buy-in levels have big GPP’s (guaranteed prize pools).
  • Head to head matches – you vs 1 other player to double your money
  • Big double up matches – beat half of the field and you double your money with thousands of players
  • Small, medium and large sized leagues with the top xx% of the field make the money
  • Beginner contests with players with less than 50 entries into NASCAR games can play.

How To Score Points in Fantasy NASCAR / DraftKings NASCAR Rules

Updated NASCAR Scoring Guide (points end at 40th at 4 points

As always check the official rules on the fantasy site themselves, I’m recapping them here for you.

  • Place Differential +/- 1 point – Score or lose points based on where one of your drivers starts and where they finish the race. 1 point for each finish position moved up.
  • Fastest Laps = +0.5 – For every lap your driver clocks the fastest time you get a half a point
  • Laps led = +.25 – If you have the lead driver you get a quarter point for every lap he leads
  • Finish Position – 1st gets 46 points down to 43rd which gets 1 point (break down fully below)

So – similar to the other fantasy sports, as a team owner you score points when your racers do well on the track and when they finish the race highly. Similar to fantasy golf where you score or lose points based on hole by hole finish as well as how your golfers do when finishing the tournament.

Race Finish Position Fantasy Points Earned

1st: 46 PTs
2nd: 42 PTs
3rd: 41 PTs
4th: 40 PTs
5th: 39 PTs
6th: 38 PTs
7th: 37 PTs
8th: 36 PTs
9th: 35 PTs
10th: 34 PTs
11th: 33 PTs
12th: 32 PTs
13th: 31 PTs
14th: 30 PTs
15th: 29 PTs
16th: 28 PTs
17th: 27 PTs
18th: 26 PTs
19th: 25 PTs
20th: 24 PTs
21st: 23 PTs
22nd: 22 PTs
23rd: 21 PTs
24th: 20 PTs
25th: 19 PTs
26th: 18 PTs
27th: 17 PTs
28th: 16 PTs
29th: 15 PTs
30th: 14 PTs
31st: 13 PTs
32nd: 12 PTs
33rd: 11 PTs
34th: 10 PTs
35th: 9 PTs
36th: 8 PTs
37th: 7 PTs
38th: 6 PTs
39th: 5 PTs
40th: 4 PTs

I am excited to give this a try!

A couple of notes for scoring points. The place differential is determined by the position the racer starts the race and the position they finish the race in.

IE if you take the pole driver on your team, he can not have a positive score in this scoring factor.

If you take the guy in the back and he has a hell of a race and moves up a bunch then you can earn a significant number of points.

You can watch the scores rise and fall in real time as the race goes on. Since the game is brand new we do not have many articles on daily fantasy NASCAR quite yet, but as we do they will be listed for your reading pleasure.

Gentlemen, start your fantasy engines! Visit DraftKings.com now a to lock in a free entry into a $3 NASCAR contest of your choice with your first deposit. You can learn more about DraftKings, but just know that they are totally legit, legal and a U.S.A based company.