Don’t Know how To keep The kids Active.

Keeping kids active is a tricky conundrum. With the many sedentary distractions today, like Tv, video games and computers, getting them excited to exercise can have all the appeal of offering a fun day at the dentist. Even when children are motivated, there are numerous setbacks for their parents. Time at parks where more strict supervision is required can eat into time for getting things done around the house. More creative excursions can be difficult to arrange and prepare, not to mention the physical strain to keep up with the kids. The busy task of child-rearing doesn’t always present the freedom for perfectly-scheduled play.

Perhaps one answer is to follow the directions of a famous movie line, “If you build it, they will come.” It’s actually surprisingly easy to build a play set in the home these days, including swing sets or a jungle gym. Many manufacturers present kits that are child-safe and much easier to construct than one would think. There are generally lots of options to choose from and can be a great way to get the kids involved. In a world where they get precious little agency, letting them have input in their home playground can be empowering. Planning a family day out to get the play equipment built can be as inspiring as building a tree house, and there will now be an in-the-home source of exercise for the kids! It is easily supervised and safe, but conducive to both the parents’ busy lifestyles and that spare moment when mom or dad can get in some precious family time.

Jungle gyms have many advantages. They don’t just provide a healthy form of exercise by encouraging climbing, a strong grip, balance and other athletic abilities; they also ignite the imagination. Children adapt play things into whatever they are interested at the time. Even if the new toy sheen wears off, new interests will prompt kids to return; turning their jungle gym into a pirate fortress, castle, salon, or deep sea laboratory. These play sets tend to be flexible for those purposes too. It’s possible to build onto them when kids get older, or adjust them for young toddlers. With surprising flexibility, connecting pieces in a new way can make it a fresh all over again. These sets can grow as your family grows!

Over the years, scientists have recommended taking the kid gloves off and encouraging children to probe the boundaries of their play. They say when being rowdy, it can help kids confront physical insecurities, or learn the limits of their bodies. These play areas have evolved over the old metal ones with newer, safer materials, and sets that will fit in a room or in a corner of the yard. Home areas have soft grass, carpet or other materials to lay beneath for the children to fall onto in safe ways, and learn to conquer fears or become comfortable challenging themselves. It may take a while for them to learn to share the tire swing, though.

Kyle Randling has been blogging about the health industry for many years, focusing on children’s health and how to keep them active. Kyle encourages parents to check out the products available from Play Rainbow and advises you to check out to see the various jungle gyms and basketball systems they offer.