Dominion Intrigue

1 Rulebook Recommended Sets 1.1 Dominion 1.1.1 Prosperity 1.1.2 Hinterlands 1.1.3 Dark Ages 1.2 Intrigue 1.2.1 Prosperity 1.2.2 Hinterlands 1.2.3 Dark Ages 1.2.4 Guilds 1.2.5 Cornucopia 1.2.6 Adventures 1.3 Seaside 1.3.1 Seaside Only 1.3.2 Adventurers 1.4 Prosperity 1.5 Hinterlands 1.6 Dark Ages. The pieces involve Obama-friendly Italian leftists, Dominion Voting Systems, and satellite communications capabilities within the Italian military-industrial complex. The story is so potentially explosive, it might even pave the way to compel the US House and Senate to set aside even a January 6 th rubber stamp of the Electoral College vote for. Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition), an expansion for Dominion or Dominion (Second Edition), contains 26 Kingdom card types that can be used with the base game. It no longer has Basic cards and thus is no longer a stand-alone expansion; to expand to 5-6 players, use Base Cards. Dominion: Intrigue is an expansion set for the original Rio Grande Game Dominion. It can also be used as a standalone game. In Dominion, you assume the role of a.

Dominion: Intrigue

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Manufacturer: Rio Grande GamesVisit their site
Designer: Donald X. Vaccarino
Time: 30 Minutes
Categories: Card Game
Expansion for Base-game
Ages: 10 and up
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Reward Points: 3,195
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From the Publisher..

You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion! You will bring civilization to these people, uniting them under your banner.

Dominion: Intrigue adds rules for playing with up to 8 players at two tables or for playing a single game with up to 6 players. This game adds 25 new Kingdom cards and a complete set of Treasure and Victory cards. The game can be played alone by players experienced in Dominion or with the basic game of Dominion

2-4 players (to 8 with base game)

Our Comments..

The game can be played alone by players experienced in Dominion or with the basic game of Dominion.

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Sean Hixenbaugh

Best of the first 3 Dominion Sets! Can be played as a standalone game. Much more player interaction in this set.

Bern Harkins
This amazing little game has many virtues, among them versatility. The simple, intuitive rules become familiar to even a non gamer halfway through the first game, and games are short, making it a great 'hook' game. It's clear enough for reasonably bright children. The strategy and the feel of the game change with every new combination of starting cards, giving it terrific replay value, and the short duration makes it fit into gaming schedules very well. It can be played by two to four players, more with the Intrigue standalone expansion, so it's perfect for waiting for late arrivals, or an end of the night quicky, but it still stands ready to do service as a main selection; you can play six games in a row without things getting stale. It's a simple card game, but it's a different simple card game every time. Great value for your gaming dollar. I recommend starting with Dominion : Intrigue, and adding the original game as an expansion to it. You'll want both, though.

Bryan O'Connell
Intrigue is aptly named because it adds a new complexity to the game: cards with more than one option on them. It allows for some new strategies and interesting decisions. Intrigue also contains the base game cards, so you could combine it with Dominion and have a 5 or 6 player game. Enjoy!

This stand alone expansion is great! I recommend it before the original set. I like the twist of having cards that are both Treasure/Vicotry or Action/Victory or Action/Treasure. I love the challenge of choosing the right combination of cards at the right pace that will lead to victory. The learning curve is not as bad as it might appear so the game is pretty accessible with a good amount of strategy. My wife and I love it.

A.J. Sansom
Interesting cards that add quite a bit to the standard selection. Nothing too game-breaking, but a nice addition if you've already been bitten by the Dominion bug.

Ken B.

Dominion Intrigue Cards

Dominion intrigue 2nd edition
Certainly the best of the Dominion expansions, and a must-have. More interaction, more nasty attacks! A stand-alone set that works great either alone or mixed with the base game.

No. of players: 2-4 (2-6 if you have the Dominion Base Set)
Amount of time to play: 30 minutes
Age requirements: 10+
Set-up time: 5-10 min

Description of Dominion Intrigue Rules:

Dominion Intrigue expands upon Dominion by adding new cards and thus more possible card combinations. If you didn’t read it you can find my review of the Dominion game here. This review will show some of the differences between the two games and highlight some of the new things introduced in Dominion Intrigue.
Dominion Intrigue has the same gameplay as Dominion and is still very easy to teach and learn. The new cards in Intrigue offer more options per card. A few say choose option one, two or three. Others may let you gain a card and based on the type of card you gain, you’ll add either a buy, a card or a treasure. These increased decisions can slow the game down a little, but usually the difference is negligible.

The major difference in the cards is that now there are action-victory and treasure-victory cards. These cards allow you to earn victory points but not clog up your deck as they can serve other purposes. This is a nice upgrade and allows you to buy victory points anytime, not just the mid to late game.

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A Quick Review of Dominion Intrigue:

Dominion Intrigue Rules

Dominion intrigue


I have been enjoying playing Dominion a lot recently and for my birthday my wife got me Dominion Intrigue. First being able to expand the game to six players is awesome. The new cards with dual uses are a nice change and having more options for cards in the supply is fantastic. Honestly I cannot think of any negatives about this expansion if you are already playing and enjoying the base Dominion game.

Dominion Intrigue

Score and synopsis:(Click here for an explanation of these review categories.)
Strategy 4 out of 6
Luck 4 out of 6
Player Interaction 3 out of 6
Replay Value 5 out of 6
Complexity 3 out of 6
Fun 6 out of 6
Overall 5 out of 6