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5 Assorted 1 Oz.999 Fine Copper Coin Bullion Bar Walking Liberty Morgan Head Indian Head Buffalo and Statue of Liberty in Direct Fit Airtite Capsules 21 $12.89 $ 12. 89 REEDERSONG 20 Round Tube 2012.999 Pure Copper Bullion Round Walking Liberty Design 5. Feb 06, 2021 Coins. Copper coins in the U.S. Primarily come in the form of pennies with a face value of one cent. Copper pennies serve a dual purpose as both legal tender in the United States and as investment grade copper. The penny was the first coin struck by the US Mint in 1793.

Looks good, appears to be gold electroplated, but is strongly attracted by a magnet. This tells me it cannot be copper as advertised, and as stated right on the coin - '1 troy ounce.999 fine copper'. Copper coins are not attracted by a magnet. So the seller has advertised dishonestly. Copper rounds typically come in the standard size of 1 oz and are.999 percent fine metal. Most Copper Rounds are collectibles produced by different mints and offer an assortment of historical or commemorative designs. Popular with coin collectors and investors alike, Copper is sure to offer an affordable means of distinguishing any portfolio. 1346 Flowing Hair Large Cent (1793-1796) Type 2, Wreath Cent RD.

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