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'Charlie Carrel has the right stuff, and has been proving that for many years now, both in the show ring and out. While he has specialized in jumpers for many years, his techniques of starting young horses carry over into all disciplines. You will learn much from 'Starting The Young Jumper', and will enjoy reading it as I did'. Apr 01, 2017 A MATHS geek who turned his hand to poker has turned a £10 bet into £3million in the space of four years. Londoner Charlie Carrel used his analytical skills to study the game for years before. Language; Watch; Edit; Charles Francis Carrel (born 7 November 1993) is an English professional poker player. Charlie Carrel; Charlie Carrel in 2017.

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Charlie Carrel
Charlie Carrel
BornCharles Francis Carrel
7 November 1993 (age 27)
Saint Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands
World Series of Poker
Money finish(es)8
Highest ITM
Main Event finish
88th, 2017
World Poker Tour
Money finish(es)3
European Poker Tour
Money finish(es)2
Information accurate as of 2 July 2010.
Charlie Carrel

Charles Francis Carrel (born 7 November 1993) is an English professional poker player.[1]


Carrel plays on the online poker platform PokerStars under the nickname 'Epiphany77'. He turned a £10 (US$15) deposit into over £3,000,000 by April 2017. In May 2015, Carrel had won over £1 million playing poker. He won the PokerStars European Tour in Monte Carlo defeating 215 other players in the high roller tournament. Earlier in the year he finished 5th in Malta tournament earning €183,800. He won a poker tournament in London in November of 2014, winning £108,625 in the process.[2][3]

In August 2019, Carrel won the £50,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em eight-max event at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series London, earning $1,611,620 and 1020 POY points.[4]

In 2020, Carrel won the WPT Online Super High Roller tournament for $600,250.[5]

As of August 2020, Carrel has a career live tournament winnings of over $9,500,000.

Personal life[edit]

[REVIEW] Charlie Carrel's Poker Masterclass PokerNews

Prior to poker, Carrel made a living as a drug dealer.[6] Carrel currently lives in London.

Master Troll Doug Polk Claims Another Victim: Charlie Carrel


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Posted on 12 February 2016 by 'T'.

Charlie Carrel, age 22, nicknamed 'Epiphany77', started his poker adventure about two years ago by depositing £10 into an online gambling account on PokerStars. Since then, he says he has garnered a sizeable fortune reaching more than £1.5 million.

How it all started
Carrel was 8 years old when he spent some time learning how to play 5-Card Draw on a play-for-fun gambling site. He started playing £5 SNGs as he got older with his friends in the UK. One fateful day, one of those friends said that he had won some money by playing poker online, and he suggested that Charlie should try it too, since he was deemed the best poker player in their group.

Encouraged by his friend, Carrel made a small £10 deposit on PokerStars. With it, he entered his very first tournament, a $1 SNG with 180 seats. 'Epiphany77' finished the tournament and bagged the 1st place prize of $49.

The young poker player admits that he ‘got lucky' in the beginning. He said, 'Had I not won that first tournament, I would never have deposited again, and none of this would have happened.'

Since Carrel did win that tournament, it allowed him to continue on his journey, competing in more online poker tournaments, exponentially building his bankroll along the way. When he managed to turn small bets into £1k worth of winnings, he decided to quit university and continue sharpening his poker talent.

Though he is a college dropout, he actually isn't your average student. In fact, he was considered exceptional - earning four straight A stars on his A levels - an achievement that his family was very proud of. Of course, like most families, they weren't so keen on his idea of dropping out of college in order to pursue a poker profession with a mere £1k bankroll on hand.

Carrel cleverly drew up charts describing the growth rate of his poker finances and he showed these to his parents, who were finally convinced that this was the right move for their son, since they believe he had great potential to become a success if he continued as a poker player.

Carrel's achievements so far
Ever since then, the young Charlie Carrel has won several online and live poker tournaments, cashing in worth more than £1.5 million, and actually even more (though the amount is undisclosed) in ring games.

Online poker win - His biggest online poker win was when he finished as a runner up at the PokerStars $1mm GTD Sunday Million in January 2014, which was worth $175,758 (equal to GBP £133,000).

Live event win - His biggest win actually was at a live event, the 2015 €25k EPT High Roller Grand Final in Monte Carlo held in May. He earned a whopping €1,114,000 (GBP £806,000).

How he spent some of his winnings
The young pro currently plays online and also at live games all over the world from Malta to Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, and his triumphs has enabled him to enjoy lavish parties in cities including London and Amsterdam. It also helped him realize his globe-trotting dream with precious friends to Miami, Canada and Peru.

When he won £133,000 on the Sunday Million tournament, he spent a third of it on his close buddies. Carrel generously treated all 15 of his friends to an all-expense paid £60,000 trip in Amsterdam, which included staying at a five-star luxury hotel.

Still humble as ever
Carrel has not let the success get over his head. He said that he has a solid grasp on the value of money since he grew up in a low-income household. His number one priority is to provide for his supportive family, and his friends come in second.

In an interview he quoted, 'money doesn't mean that much to me. It's all about the memories and experiences. Giving a taxi driver a large tip means more to me than spending it on a fancy meal.'

When asked about his earlier years regarding playing online poker, he said, 'I have to pinch myself most days. I think about depositing that £10 a lot. Foxy bingo sign in. It could easily have happened so differently for me.' He added, 'I think I have the potential to be one of the top players in the world. There are not too many people I would be worried about playing.'

On September, Carrel was crowned Poker Listings' Rising Star Award 2015, an award that he did not actually collect in person mainly because he thought he did not believe he was going to win.


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8 comments on 'Charlie Carrel: The College Dropout who became a Millionaire Online Poker Pro at Age 22'

bowie198413/02/2016 01:51:41 GMT
Sounds good (1.) being a college dropout and (2.) being a millionaire at the same time - I achieved the first thing in 2009, the second one takes more time than it should - it seems to me..
pinotte13/02/2016 02:01:30 GMT
If it is tue it is a very nice achievement for a school drop out. Is it another stars story in order to get a younger clients entering their site.
It is very strange that we never heard of him as a very good poker player since he is also playing live.
Sorry but i don't believe this nice story.
Serpang13/02/2016 02:16:14 GMT
Posted by pinotte:
If it is tue it is a very nice achievement for a school drop out. Is it another stars story in order to get a younger clients entering their site.
It is very strange that we never heard of him as a very good poker player since he is also playing live.
Sorry but i don't believe this nice story.

How about Joe Cada ? He won WSOP when he 22 years old. He is real, right ? and he won a lot on FT
before . Anyone have different talent , so that is possible for me. He failed on school and succeed on other. Bad for me, no find my talent yet
Calmplay13/02/2016 07:43:35 GMT
No no no and no, to all young people who are still studying and reading this.. never quit your studies to make poker your full time and even if you win very big money, don't quit at least complete it.
pochui13/02/2016 20:06:27 GMT
really? quit studies to become a professional poker player where if you win anything over a million in your career makes you one of the best poker players, for a chance say to become a successful porn actor and earn millions while banging gorgeous chicks, or politician- where you earn millions by banging everyone that moves and is capable of being taxed.. no no- keep on studying dudes and dudettes and don't listen to this bs by stars.
bowie198414/02/2016 02:11:32 GMT
Posted by pochui:
..for a chance say to become a successful porn actor and earn millions while banging gorgeous chicks..

I am truly sorry to break the news for you, but in 99% of today's porn the women get paid better than their male counterparts and they still get payed $hit compared to some other job which does not require this much physical toll on one's body.
It's not that hard earning millions with an adult oriented business but actually u have to run the business itself rather then acting or just participating in it as a cuckold.
Good luck superpochie, I hope u could get that 'ballshaving' .xxx. domain first to start building your empire on it.
Calmplay14/02/2016 09:19:24 GMT
damosk16/02/2016 18:16:15 GMT
What a wonderful story and one which gives us all hope for the future.. All we need is the ability to give up everything and play cards for a while before becoming a world champion. I'm not too bothered about the porn side of it, but the money would be nice.

Charlie Carrel Hendon Mob

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