Charles Dickens 2 Pound Coin

In August of this year, an eBay user sold two rare £2 coins for a whopping £3500, with a Charles Dickens £2 coin being one of these two coins. Another of these special Charles Dickens coins is. Charles Dickens £2 coin. Florence Nightingale. Technology £2 coin. What do you do if you’ve got a rare coin? Firstly, you need to make sure the coin is legit and not counterfeit.Around one in every four old £2 coins were thought to be fake, according to the Royal Mint, so there are probably more fakers in.

According to changechecker, the 2012 two pound coin commemorating that great Victorian wordsmith Charles Dickens was the second most sought after £2 coin in 2013. As a giant of 19th century British literature readers will have Great Expectations of todays blog post.

The coin is the same venerable 12.0 gram bimetallic disc familiar to so many in Britain and beyond, with the standard IRB portrait of Queen Elizabeth II adorning the inner cupro-nickel disc of the obverse face. The now standard text consumes the outer nickel-brass disc, with beading noticeably present on both.

Irish slots no deposit. The edge features the text SOMETHING WILL TURN UP, spoken by Wilkins Micawber in the Dickens novel David Copperfield, this being a reflection of the stiff upper lips, hopeful expectations and eternal optimism that pervades the British Isles. Micawberish and Micawberesque have both crept into the English language, meaning something along the lines of being in poverty with hope of better fortune.


Charles Dickens Biography For Kids

Charles dickens 2 pound coin 1812

Charles Dickens 2 Pound Coin 1812 To 1870

Turning now to the reverse face we see the text 1812 CHARLES DICKENS 1870 and what might seem at first to be a random jumble of words. Closer inspection reveals the names of many of Dickens much loved works arranged in such a way as to create a profile of the great man, landmark beard and all. The small MD at 3 o’clock tells us that Matthew Dent is the designer of this masterpiece of the mint, such a shame only 8.2 million were produced.