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May 1 '20 at 20:33

The in game cost of currency (cp) is around 90k for 1 point. One item for gaming can be 20 or so casino points so in essence its costing 1.8m! When you consider a basic casino makes between 20k and 40k a day, Its unbalanced. Its designed quite well, people all seem lovely and you could just play the casino games for fun. Get all the latest CasinoRPG reviews from's industry-leading game reviewers! CasinoRPG is a Role-Playing game, developed and published by GoldFire Studios, which was released in 2014.

Build your own Virtual Casino- Casino RPG Interview

Goldfire Studio's newest game, Casino RPG, has a special offer for URComped members. URComped CEO, interviews Goldfire Studios CEO and founder, James Simpson to learn all about this NEW virtual casino experience.

What is Casino RPG?

(0:43-2:27) Casino RPG is not your average online casino game. It's very community heavy and even provides events! The most common explanation you get from the game's users is, 'if you combined “The Sims”, “SimCity”, and casino games, then you have Casino RPG.' So It's like a big Vegas-style City and all of the casinos in the city are owned, designed, and managed by users. You can explore the city, visit the casinos, and play the casino games.

There are Slots, Poker, Solitaire, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, Lottery games, and MORE! Casino RPG is currently working on craps. You can play it in your browser, iPhone, your iPad, or your Android device.

And if you are unable to physically go to a casino for some reason, you can have that “in-casino experience” virtually with the social aspect.

How did Casino RPG get started?

(2:40- 4:37) James Simpson began creating games when he was in middle school, as a hobby. He learned how to program, create websites, and do web design which he exercised all throughout high school. He created a game called Poker RPG while in high school which was a text-based game focussed on poker. After realizing he wanted to take this development further, by bringing in other casino games and allowing players to customize their own casino, the idea of Casino RPG was born.

They began development Summer of 2012. Simpson and one other part-time person slowly built up the game and launched in the Spring of 2013. The community of Casino RPG has been evolving since with new update releases every couple of weeks.

Goldfire Studios has created other games, but Casino RPG is their largest game to-date and their main focus.

What types of updates are on Casino RPG?

(4:50- 6:29) In order to stay fresh, Casino RPG puts out new updates routinely. Other than bug fixes sprinkled here and there, Casino RPG continues to add new ways to engage users and make the game more fun. One example was their big Hotels Expansion update. Besides just designing a casino, users can now create and design hotels. New slot machines, casino items, furniture, clothing, and other items are the most frequent additions.

(Casino RPG is extremely engaging and fun. The URComped staff has first-hand experience playing it.)

How does Casino RPG come up with new ideas?

(6:31- 8:55) Casino RPG's focus is on getting things into the game that the community wants to see in the game. A huge chunk of the update ideas comes from a collaborative effort with the users. They have a feedback form where people can submit ideas to be voted on by other users. Then the staff can see what the people want the most. Some people will even send art submissions, sketched-up ideas, for new items. Goldfire will then send the art forms to their artist to put into Casino RPG's style and add to the game.

One suggestion came from URComped to have cruise themed items for users to decorate their casino as a cruise ship.

What did Casino RPG design for the URComped family?

(8:55-10:26) There's currently no ocean in the Casino RPG world, so Simpson and his team enabled players to turn their land-based casino into a virtual-cruise casino. They created a broad set of items that would make the casino look like a cruise ship. From porthole windows with ocean animations, tropical-themed items, anchors, and more. URComped has a promo link that gives users access to these items when they sign up.Click here to sign up and receive items.Let us know what you think! Bovegas casino coupon codes.

Casinorpg Goldfire

Did Casino RPG work with and casinos?

(10:34- 12:00) All of Casino RPG's slot games are original, and they don't have anyone on the team with a casino background, although they are based in Oklahoma City. Goldfire consulted with two of the different tribal casinos in Oklahoma to learn more about the management aspect, the different rules, and processes involved in running a casino. Casino RPG has even been thinking about licensing Vegas Slot Games, so users may even see that in the future!

How has engagement on Casino RPG been affected by the quarantine?

(12:00- 13:30)Casino RPG has seen an increased range of about 25% in time spent. Casino RPG has been running events, as well as allowing people to create their own social events. Most players have organized a lot of 'Quarantine-Killer' events on their own. Users can group up with their friends to partake in a monthly 'crew war' and compete in six different casino games with the hopes of having the highest score over a 3-day period. They've had their own World Series of Poker and Slot League events as well.

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It has been a little over a month since we revealed CasinoRPG, but up to this point we haven't given many details about what the game will actually be. While we still aren't quite ready to show screenshots or in-game footage (those are coming soon), we are excited to share with you more details about the game itself, and some amazing concept art being used in the game's development.

CasinoRPG is a pretty significant departure from our other games, but it still holds true to our roots on the web. The game will be completely browser-based and require no plugins or downloads (no, not even flash…blegh!). CasinoRPG will offer full-screen graphics that more resembles a console or PC game rather than a website (yes, this means you can finally see your character and everyone else's walking around).


Casino Rpg Review

The setting for CasinoRPG is an open world with many different themed cities scattered across the landscape. These cities will be filled with, you guessed it, casinos! The catch; however, is that all of these casinos will actually be owned by all of you, the players. As you work your way up in the casino world by gambling, completing missions, doing jobs, etc; you will be able to eventually buy your own casino that will have a physical location in the game.

Once you build a casino, the game gains a very strong tycoon element, but not like any tycoon you have ever played before. This tycoon game will have a mixture of computer and human players visiting and affecting the success or failure of your casino business. No longer will your painstaking designs be relegated to your single-player endeavors!

The goal of GoldFire Studios has always been to blend the boundaries of different genres to create truly unique gameplay experiences, and we've taken that to a whole new level with CasinoRPG. Be on the lookout for more updates over the coming weeks and months, and be sure to sign up to be a beta tester before it is too late.