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Esports betting is a big deal these days and all important bookmakers have a dedicated section for those who want to bet on video games. Whilst traditional money and crypto currencies – read our Bitcoin Esports betting guide – are commonly accepted for placing bets, SkinPay provides punters with an original alternative.

SkinPay for CSGO betting with Arcanebet :

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  • Licensed Esports bookmaker
  • Dedicated to esports betting
  • Extensive coverage of various esports tournaments
  • Generous welcome offer

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SkinPay is perfectly suited for amateur and casual punters who want to enjoy the thrills of esports betting without risking too much.

Use SkinPay at Leading Esports Bookmakers

SkinPay owes its name to the activity commonly referred to as skin betting, which was made famous by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The name speaks for itself, as punters can use the skins that they had collected in the game to place bets on competitive tournaments.

CSGO skin betting gained a lot of attention over the last couple of years, but for all the wrong reasons. SkinPay offers a new and safe way to use skins for live esports betting.

As CSGO betting continues to be popular these days, most punters will use real or digital money for wagering purposes. Arcanebet is ahead of the game as it allows both forms of betting.

Unikrn is another bookie where SkinPay can be used and this gambling operator is specialized exclusively in delivering the best esports experience. Since only customers of selected countries can bet with real money, other members can use skin cash instead to enjoy the same thrills.

Buff.bet has also jumped on the opportunity to provide SkinPay for CSGO betting, whilst also accepting this form of betting for other games such as Dota 2.

SkinPay for CSGO betting with Unikrn :

  • Dedicated to esports betting
  • Extensive coverage of esports markets
  • Live Streaming
  • Accepts UKG and Skins
Buff Bet Legit

How does Skinpay Betting Work?

Don’t let the name deceive you, because this is actually a straightforward activity that can be conducted in two ways.

Punters can deposit skins and then convert them into crypto currency which is used for further gambling. At the end of the gambling session, players will have the currency equivalent converted back into skins, which are awarded to the original depositors.

In recent years, a different form of Skinpay wagering has emerged, where players exchange the skins for real money before they start betting. The gambling is done in the same manner, but the difference becomes self evident the moment players are ready to cash out their profits. They are no longer compelled to settle for skins, but instead they can withdraw real money thanks to the skin cash conversion.

Which are the Games Suitable for Skinpay Gambling?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 fans are the main beneficiaries of this original way of gambling. These are the two games that are ideal for Skinpay betting, as both of them award players skins for performing various in-game actions.

It comes as no surprise that both games are owned by Valve and that there are so many similarities between CS:GO and Dota 2 skin gambling.

There are thousands of skins to be found and they have different values, which obviously impacts the sums awarded to players.

Regular skins don’t amount to much, but rare and legendary ones will be worth significantly more, sometimes selling for thousands of dollars.

Arcanebet and Buff.bet dedicate ample coverage to these games for both SkinPay wagering and regular esports betting. Z1 Battle Royale, Killing Floor 2, Payday 2 and Rust are also suitable games, but they fail in comparison to Dota 2 betting.

Is it Safe to Engage in Skinpay Gambling

Is skinpay legit, is the first question that prospective players ask themselves when they contemplate this way of gambling.

The process has its sheer limitations, but when done at licensed and reliable bookies, you won’t be taking unnecessary risks.

ArcaneBet is a respectable operator which pays its winners on time and in full, so using SkinPay for CSGO betting is going to be both fun and safe. They have solid systems in place to protect their players and they are verified by independent auditors to uphold high security standards.

SkinPay for Dota 2 gambling can also be done securely at Buff.bet, another bookmaker that has specialized in esports betting. Setting up an account here allows players to claim their welcome bonus and take part in their ongoing and recurrent promotions.

Those who want to take SkinPay to the next level can do so by crafting their own betting strategies or by using the systems available online. Players only have to check the local regulations to make sure that they are permitted to bet in the first place. If they are allowed to engage in this form of betting, all there is left is to choose the skins they want to trade and add them to their account. Ricardo's casino.

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Baseball is one of the most prosperous sports for bettors. It attracts both starters and experts due to the impressive dynamics of games and wagering flexibility. In-depth analytics of baseball events makes it easier for punters to find value by placing mindful bets instead of blindly shooting in the darkness. Bettors can effortlessly find any information regarding every game, club, or player in the web’s open access. When you know what and where to search, you are already on a halfway to the victory.

Multiple platforms currently allow punters to bet on baseball online and make a stable coin. Are you hunting for the bountiful offers to wager on the Major League Baseball? Is your big plan to hit the bank during the World Series? If you spend sleepless nights ahead of the big MLB games because you can’t resist that one-of-a-kind feeling of thrill, then welcome to the multi-million club of baseball betting enthusiasts. Our experts also can’t sleep nights because they monitor the market 24/7 to catch the best baseball betting sites for you. Why do we do this? Because we like that mind-blowing shiver that goes down our spines when your bet hits the bank!

How to wager on MLB online

Major League Baseball is like a delicious cake for sports bettors, and everyone wants to try a yummy piece. MLB is a creamy combo of eminent clubs, outstanding players, and engaging confrontation between 30 teams during more than 2,000 games each season. It sounds like every bettor’s dream! So it is!

It is easier to find a path to valuable wagers in baseball because each MLB game, player, loss, and triumph are under in-detail analysis of veteran experts. No wonder that baseball is considered one of the most thoroughly analyzed spin sports for betting. You will never find the same top-level stats on each game as in MLB.

Modern punters have unlimited privileges in this matter, as the tech progress allows them to savor online betting on baseball events 24/7 on the bookies’ platforms. However, bettors should not think that they can go to the first random site, click on the ‘Easy Cash’ button, and make loads of dough on MLB betting. It doesn’t work this way. Picking up a trusted online sportsbook for baseball wagers can be a pesky process, especially if you don’t know how to rank. That’s when expert rankings come to the rescue.

Trademarks of reliable MLB betting sites

Skilled bettors know that to find the best sports betting sites may be as complicated as finding a spouse. The most serious difficulty is that most bookmakers cloud the customers’ eyes by a creamy welcome bonus and free bets, hiding harsh wagering requirements or poverty of betting options. Luckily, our expert team does not buy on all these tricks. We know how to identify a fox in the henhouse, i.e., a trusted online sportsbook from fraud, relying on the following trademarks:

Is it legit?

License-check is the first thing we pay focus on when inspecting bookies. Skeptics may say, ‘What’s so critical about a license if a bookmaker offers juicy free bet bonus and betting lines?’ Ok, we got the point, but how can one be sure that unlicensed (unregulated) bookie will not cheat him with payouts?! When you pick up illegal bookmakers, you have no guarantees to withdraw your winning afterward. You even can’t address the authorized bodies with a claim against a sportsbook because you are the one who took the deal firsthand. Thus, a license is a crucial trademark of reliable online sports betting operators with all rights reserved.

Is it customer-friendly?

Do you know what a mistaken bet means? It’s not a bet that fails to bring you a victory because you made a wrong forecast. A mistaken bet is when a user places it accidentally, only by clicking on the wrong button. Who is to blame for this? A sports bettor? In singular cases, maybe! In most cases, mistaken bets happen because of terrible site navigation. A user gets annoyed and attempts to cancel the bet, but the site keeps redirecting him from one page to another. A bettor rushes to contact customer service because he is out of time to cancel the mistaken bet and place a new one, and he faces another roadblock. There is no instant chat with the help center, and a bettor has to wait for 24 hours or more to receive a reply. Our point is that high-class online betting operators always have customer-friendly and easy-to-use websites and ace customer support.

Is it rich for wagering options?

The hallmark of the best MLB betting sites is a plurality of wagering options at any taste. Upscale online sportsbook operators flaunt diverse content collections, letting punters wager on the largest baseball leagues, beloved teams, and eminent players. They offer a wide range of live betting solutions and futures bets on the World Series and National League games. Current punters are no longer satisfied with betting purely on the winning team or best pitcher. Instead, they want to build multi-level strategies and place complex run line bets or prop bets for serious cash earnings. Our experts always double-check what types of bets operators have to offer to baseball fans.

Is it generous in bonus offers?

Leading baseball gambling sites regularly reward new customers and loyal users with lavish perks. The rewards may come as cashback, cash, gifts, and free bets. Veteran gamblers know where to hunt for bountiful bonuses. Some bettors even shape their winning strategy on matched betting, i.e., when a user spends bonus money that he receives from a bookmaker on bets. Such a strategy has its undeniable benefits. If a bet drops, a punter loses nothing because he spent a bookie’s money but not his cash. In our site rankings, we always check whether sports betting operators can brag of fantastic loyalty programs, as we want to make sure that bettors’ user experience will be 100% enjoyable.

Our ranking of the best baseball betting sites

The mentioned-above criteria are not the sole aspects that our pundits focus on when inspecting online sportsbooks from head to toe. When we make sure that bookies operate legally and obey gambling regulations established in their vicinities, we move to the most delicious part – testing online betting sites on a real-money play. What we have in mind is checking available bets types and wagering requirements. Is it possible to place a bet in real-time? What is a withdrawal limit for customers? If a baseball bettor earns thousands of dollars on wagers, he needs a site with large-scale options not to withdraw $500 per month.

Banking options are another aspect that matters in baseball wagers. We check what deposit methods punters can use (only credit cards or e-payment alternatives), and whether a bookie plays for time with sky-long payouts. Finally, we check how soon online sportsbooks release lines ahead of the major baseball games and where punters may get the best odds for the regular season. After doing all these stuff, our analysts summed up 1+1 and shape the list of upscale bookmakers for valuable baseball wagering online:

Inside look at baseball wager types

It’s a thrilling quest for pro-bettors to forecast outcomes and game twists to place a value bet. Baseball events offer endless privileges in this regard as punters can select from a plethora of wager types at any taste. Some types of bets are not equally suitable for rookies and high rollers. Thus, we suggest learning this five-minute-read guide to draw your MLB betting strategy:

Moneyline bets

A moneyline bet is a perfect aperitif for starters before tasting more delicious, complex wager types. A bettor needs to guess a team to win a match. At first sight, everything seems pretty straightforward, like playing heads or tails. Still, we recommend checking expert predictions and teams’ history to avoid blind shoot when betting on a potential winner.

Run lines

The principle of run line wagers is to strike a bookmaker’s forecast on the number of points the favorite team and underdog will score by the end of their confrontation. Sportsbooks traditionally adjust the points line to equalize the underdog’s chances. A similar strategy is common to football wagering, when bettors need to cover a bookie’s point spread.

Prop bets

Proposition bets attract both rookies and pro-bettors even though they are trickier than moneylines or run lines. Punters place a baseball bet on different twists within a game, like predicting the number of runs for a starting pitcher or the number of hits for a batsman. Prop bets are well-liked among gamblers amid such significant events as World Series and American League.

Over/Under bets

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The bettor’s strategy is to beat a bookmaker’s prediction for the total number of runs in a baseball game. In simple words, bettors need to guess if the bookie’s number will be under or over the total score. These wagers require some pre-research from punters, like checking each team’s roster before the game or monitoring previous losses chronicle.

Five innings

The bettor’s task is to guess the exact score of a game after the first five innings. It is another cherry-pick wager type for newbies (maybe even more widespread than money line bets) because it’s easier to forecast the final score when you already have the first results. Most baseball betting sites offer rather gainful odds for five innings bets.

Series wagers

These bet types work great for both regular season and playoff games. Punters bet on a team to score in most matches, but not in a singular game. Series wagers attract more experienced veteran bettors, who are familiar with players and clubs, and know what to expect from each team within the Major League Baseball season.

In-play bets

In-play wagers are quite popular on baseball betting channels. Every reputable site offers live betting solutions for punters, live streams of the World Series championship, and other paramount baseball events. In-play MLB bet (live bet) is a bet placed amid the ongoing game. Live betting attracts amateurs and expert wagerers because it’s more thrilling and risk-free to bid on the game when watching it real-time.


Opposite to in-play wagers, futures are bets placed ahead of a game. Future wagers suit those punters who got used to bid on their favorites or don’t want to surf each bookie’s site, hunting for the most creamy odds. Despite live betting hype, futures are not losing their stable position among gamblers, especially ahead of the big games and playoffs.

List of high-profile baseball teams

The baseball universe is full of high-profile giants. When wagering on a particular team, a useful thing to do is monitor its management staff, current rosters, awards, and a chronicle of previous failures. If you are already familiar with baseball basics, you probably have your favorites among world-recognized World Series frontrunners. The names of the most eminent baseball champs have been honored in the Hall of Fame (it’s like getting an Oscar for Hollywood celebs). When betting on baseball online, fans can select from a vast assortment of these high-profile teams:

  • Boston Red Sox
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • New York Yankees
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Chicago Cubs

How to build an efficient baseball betting strategy

To succeed in business, you need a plan; to get A+ at school, you need to do homework. To become a baseball betting master, you need to build an efficient strategy. There is no sole magic panacea for everyone to hit the jackpot on baseball wagers because every bettor has different goals and backgrounds in this niche. However, there several expert tips that will help you master your skills to the desired level.

  • Start with research: In baseball, it is not enough to rely solely on your institution or pals’ advice. If your big plan is to beat the bookmakers’ prognosis, don’t get lazy and do your own research. It is vital to know about the away and home teams as some baseball stars show worse results when playing on the host field. Besides, you should be aware of rosters’ changes and players’ injuries to make the most accurate forecast.
  • Learn wager types: As stated earlier in this article, baseball is rich in wager types, but not all of them equally fit rookies and skilled bettors. If you just begin your voyage in online gambling, consider starting with more accessible bet types like over/under bets or moneylines. Likewise, it may be more useful to master your talent for a while before placing challenging player props on World Series.
  • Know your limits: Experienced punters know that once you place your first winning bet on a baseball game, you won’t get rid of this one-of-a-kind feeling of anticipation and thrill. Thus, starters can often get into this common trap when they don’t know when to stop. Experts suggest setting up the limits until you learn to control your wagering craze and bet on games mindfully. Pick up a sum you can effortlessly spend on wagers weekly or monthly. If you see that you already outran this limit, then it’s better to pause for a while to pump your skills more intensively.
  • Pick up the best sportsbooks’ sites: You can make in-depth analysis, monitor stats day and nights, learn teams’ history, and even study each MLB player’s biography, but none of these will make sense if you wager on dubious sites. Picking up a reliable sportsbook is half the battle because you won’t distract on lifetime-long payouts, draconian withdrawal requirements, or spend days waiting for a customer support reply when you place a mistaken bet due to the horrible site navigation. Instead, you can focus on your initial goal – wager on a baseball game and count your earnings.

Expert opinion

Despite the plethora of sportsbooks on the market, it can be troublesome to select a bookie that won’t ruin bettors’ anticipation of a game by harsh wagering requirements or gruesome customer service. There are many fundamental aspects to consider when picking up betting sites for the long term, including a bookmaker’s reputation, customer complaints, platform usability, and wager diversity. Thus, our experts and analysts inspect the betting market from top to bottom to find genuine stars and set up baseball bettors with 100% reliable and high-class sportsbooks.


You can visit any site from our expert ranking for safe MLB betting. We suggest looking through the wagers types guide first to decide what bets are more suitable for rookies and skilled bettors.

Sure! The best online sportsbooks offer flawless live streaming solutions for major baseball events. You can watch broadcasts in real-time and place in-play wagers amid the ongoing game.

Top sportsbooks offer diverse withdrawal options for customers: credit cards, e-payment, bank transfers. Please note that most operators process withdrawal requests longer than others. Usually, it takes around 48 hours.

Every site from our unbiased ranking offers the best market offers to baseball fans. Pick up a bookie that suits you best and enjoy mindful and safe betting on your beloved MLB teams.

If you only start your path in baseball wagering, the first thing to learn by heart is understanding how the betting lines (wager types) work. The most widespread kind of MLB wagers is moneylines. In MLB, it relates to betting on a single team to score the game, i.e., foreshadowing a lucky winner.

MLB run lines work by a similar principle to point spreads. The run line concept refers to predicting the runs number by which a favorite team beats an underdog. When placing run line wagers, the paramount rule is comparing the home and away teams' chances, as the host party always has a privilege.

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The 3-way betting traditionally relates to wagering on a team to win, lose, or a game to finish in a draw. In other words, there are three possible outcomes, and you need to foresee the correct one. In MLB, the game results are calculated after nine innings. Please don’t confuse the 3-way wagers with classic moneylines, as here you need to make a triple choice instead of the traditional dual on the teams to win-and-lose.

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