Bovada Blackjack Reddit

  • Bet on UFC-Mma Odds and Props Bovada.
  • The games offered at Bovada Casino include multiple blackjack versions, roulette, craps, video poker, slots, and keno. The returns are among the best among American online casinos. The high returns are not the only reason to play at Bovada. The site offers thousands of dollars in first deposit bonuses. There are weekly promotions that allow.

Maybe you guys were right that I don't know how to use basic strategy. I didn't want to post this, but I guess it's funny to other people.

This is a true story about my time at the Hard Rock Casino in Punta Cana DR with the guys from the Bovada gaming group.

Many years ago some friends in my industry organized a Bovada casino gambling event for travel to the Dominican Republic.

They (Bovada Casino and Sportsbook) invited several of the top online casino affiliates down to the Dominican for a week of fun in the sun at an everything’s included Hard Rock Casino Resort.

Boy was the casino a fun place to play blackjack.

My good friend Andreas was winning a lot of money at the casino and I kept begging him to please quit gambling and to cash out his winnings.

Bovada Blackjack Reddit

He didn’t listed and kept playing.

He was over well over $5,000 so I pleaded with him again repeatedly.

NOPE! He kept playing and guess what…

He kept winning too…

Before you know it he was up $10,000, then he was up $15,000 in profits just a little while later on after that.

It was his night! He really couldn’t loose…

Soon he was up over $20,000!

Eventually he was smart about it & said enough is enough and he walked away from the Punta Cana Dominican Republic Hard Rock casino with over $20,000 in profits from playing blackjack all night and not being afraid to bet big when he was winning (which was almost all night).

He is/was from the UK so I’m not sure how they handle that with taxes over there.

Bovada Blackjack Reddit Fantasy

But he had one of those untouchable nights…

These types of occurrences might come across in your lifetime maybe a few times (if you’re a lucky one) … … … 00

I’ve had those nights too when I predicted everything so shockingly accurate that I eventually elevated the game of blackjack play to world never before seen neighs.

Anyhow, that was my Introduction to the Bovada Brand.

They we’re very generous hosts and kindly hosted us all to a luxurious week of swimming, gaming, adventuring, beaching and just generally enjoying conversations with each other talking business and taking in the sun, atmosphere and positive energy.

Now about a decade later on I’ve created a yet another new blog site, this time its for explaining the Bovada gambling company’s broad list of online betting services offered on

Come check out the popular Bovada sportsbook and online casino blog for the latest live betting odds from Bovada’s official website that has real money gambling online in 2021.

If you’ve been a Bovada customer for a long time already and are looking for a new online casino to play read my review of Red Dog Casino here on Red Dog’s an 21+ RTG online casino that launched in 2019 and is licensed with Curacao Gaming. It’s a good alternative option to Bovada blackjack games.

EXPLAINED: How to win $250 Welcome Bonus at Bovada Sportsbook

We will try to answer how to win Bovada Welcome Bonus and check their promo codes.

Bookmakers attract players with all kinds of bonuses but an average bettor usually never read the rules. To win those bonuses he needs to understand their requirements and set the right strategy. Today I will explain how you can win a bonus at Bovada.

Bovada is one of the most trusted brands in sports betting world and it is especially attractive for US players.

They offer: Acr codes.

  • 50% Sports Welcome Bonus up to $250
  • $5000 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus
  • $3000 Casino Welcome Bonus
  • 100% Poker Welcome Bonus
  • 200% up to $100 Refer-a-Friend Bonus
  • Score your own points betting on sports and playing casino

In this article we will focus on 50% Sports Betting Welcome Bonus

50% Sports Welcome Bonus up to $250:

  • Step one: Open account
  • Step Two: Make a deposit and instantly receive a 50% bonus up to $250
  • Requirements: Rollover is 5X Sports/5X Horses/30X Casino


First of all you should be patient, because if you make a withdrawal before you met this criteria all your bonus and winnings from bonus will be fortified.

  • Make a Deposit of $250.00
  • Received Bonus $125.00(This is the money Bovada will add to your account balance)
  • Your account balance after bonus $375.00 – This is the balance after you receive your bonus
  • Roll-over requirements $2,062.50(The rule is clear: Rollover is 5X Sports/5X Horses/30X Casino on both the initial deposit and the bonus amount. Rollover in Sportsbook, for winning wagers, will be determined by the lesser of your risk or win amount at the time of wager settlement; for losing wagers your risk amount will be credited to your rollover contribution.). The formula for rollover is 5*$375*1.1. If you bet on a game with probability of 50% on their odds and their juice, you will risk $10 to win $9. If you win your roll-over is $9. If you lose your “roll-over” is $10. This is why I multiply with 1.1 to adjust the rollover number.
  • Recommended stake (2%) $7.50(This is my recommended stake and it can be 1%, but you will need more time to complete this task. 2% is max play I recommend)
  • Estimated No of bets 275 – (This is estimated number of bets you will need to make if you will bet $7.5 on every single game, which is exactly 2% of your account balance after you receive your bonus)
  • Odds (-110) 1.91 – (Those are their odds on spreads and the totals. I took -110 for my calculations)

How to win this bonus?

In the table above we have different winning percentages and the profit including bonus, after you roll-over 5 times.

Bovada live blackjack reddit

Here is my 3 Month plan:

  • Make around 275 bets with $2.75 per play.
  • Hit at least 50% of games, because if your record will be 49% you will not make a profit, despite they give you $125 of bonus.

Skilled bettor or lucky bettor?

Most bettors are not skilled bettors, this is why 98% of them lose on the long run. However, here we can be little bit more optimistic, because even if you are not skilled bettor and if you blindly bet on games, that have 50% of chance (in this case Bovada odds -110), then you can expect 50% result on the long run. And as you see, record of 50% will make some benefit from taking this bonus.

I would recommend:

Bovada Blackjack Reddit

  • Play only -110 odds on spread and totals (NBA, NFL, NCAAF, CFB, European basketball,…).
  • Bet 2% of your account balance, which will be exactly $325 after you make a deposit and immediately receive bonus.
  • Don’t change the stake – always bet $7.5
  • Be patient and stay disciplined until you don’t make enough bets (roll-over requirements)
  • Always analyse games to increase your chances. I can show you how I do it in my Online Betting Course.