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Blackjack guide card. The event is hosted by an event manager and DJ spinning live on your computer screen. Expect lots of dancing, hilarious party games, goofy prizes… oh, and theres some bingo too! The virtual bingo will be played with online bingo cards, and called out numbers from your musical guest event manager and DJ.

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The event is hosted by our awesome compere and DJ and features hilarious party games, a dance-off or two, all your favorite 80s and 90s throwbacks, some fantastic prizes and some goofy prizes – is a game of bingo really worth it if you don’t win a life-size cardboard cutout of David Hasselhoff? We don’t think so either. One thing’s for sure: this is not your average game of bingo!

  • Live event with host and full stage setup on your campus.

In Bingo Bombo you can play with up to 4 bingo cards of 15 numbers each one. Besides the 30 balls, you can get extra balls that will help you to achieve amazing rewards! Moreover, you’ve got.

  • Boom Gaming offers the best in FREE LIVE BINGO, SLOTS, POKER, and MORE! Featuring LIVE CALLERS, CHAT, LEADERBOARDS and MINI-GAMES as well as daily events for HUGE JACKPOTS!
  • This bingo card has a free space and 24 words: how do I turn this thing on, let me talk to the manager, get off my lawn, millenials are so entitled, always on their phone, what climate crisis?, stop buying avocado toast, you buy too many lattes, no work ethic, go outside more!, never used to happen to us, summer job paid for college, just hit the pavement, you're too easily offended, in my day.
  • Boom Bingo brings you the ultimate experience of playing LIVE BINGO with your FRIENDS, anytime, anywhere! Play NOW to get your signup BONUS!
  • Two options: Play live ‘in the room’ or play and interact remotely via our live video feed.
  • Remote players can collect their bingo cards in advance of the show.
  • Contactless bingo card distribution to avoid unnecessary interactions

Boom Gaming Promo Code

  • Expand your ‘live’ capacity by running a live feed into a second room and broadcasting via screens (available as buy out)

Boom Bingo Community