Biggest Betting Companies In The World

Biggest Betting Company has been around since before the dawn and eventual reign of the internet. These companies provide a way for gamblers to bet money on various interests. Some of these include politics and presidential election results, major sporting events like soccer leagues, horse-riding competitions, cricket matches, tennis and golf tournaments, and more.

Feb 04, 2021 Betfair has become a world leader in exchange betting, and they've got great tutorials if you are new to bet and lay betting. This unique scheme allows them to offer prices that are among the best on the market, covering a wide range of sporting events all over the world, with the Cash Out feature and premium mobile application also worth the mention. That's right, it's 888sport that wins it for us. This online bookmaker originally. Dec 16, 2020 Scientific Games is one of the biggest American gambling companies and was the first company in the world to introduce secure instant lottery tickets, 46 years ago in 1974. It also provides point. Betfair are one of the world’s biggest online betting sites. They constantly innovate and aim to provide their customers with new betting features that always operate outside the box. If it’s sports betting you’re looking for then Betfair is definitely to be considered one of the top 10 betting sites in the world.

Betting on your choice of sports can increase the pleasure and excitement that comes with watching your favorite match and makes you more invested in the proceedings and outcome of the match. To help streamline the process of betting and keep accurate gambling records, there are several well-known betting companies around the world.

Let’s take a closer look at the biggest betting company in the world.

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Flutter Stars Group

The Flutter Stars Group is arguably the biggest betting company in the world. The recent merger of Flutter Entertainment and The Star Group has resulted in the formation of a gigantic gambling conglomerate that is valued at over £10 billion in assets. The huge network includes companies and well-known names like:

  • Paddy Power
  • Betfair
  • Adjarabet
  • Sports Bet
  • Fanduel
  • TVG
  • SkyBet
  • SkyVegas
  • BetEasy
  • FoxBet
  • FoxSports Super 6
  • Poker Stars

Flutter Stars Group generates annual revenue of about £4 Billion and employs around 13,000 people, and accounts for 38% market share when it comes to the betting industry.

Biggest Gambling Companies In The World

GVC Holdings

GVC Holdings is another huge corporation composed of several well-known brands in the betting market. Some of these names include:

  • Ladbrokes
  • Coral
  • Bwin
  • Eurobet
  • CrystalBet
  • SportingBet
  • PartyPoker
  • PartyCasino
  • BetBoo and others.

GVC Holdings is also a result of a merger between two already very successful companies, Ladbrokes and Coral, which individually represent some of the oldest names in the betting game. GVC Holdings’ daughter companies range from sports betting to game brands and generate annual revenue of around £4 Billion, employing around 30,000 employees.

Bet365 Group Limited

Bet365 Group Ltd. is a relatively young but very strong presence in the betting market. This biggest betting company, founded in 2000 in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom, has evolved over the years to become the largest company in Stoke and the owner of the Stoke Stadium which is also named Bet365 Stadium, after the company. The company generates around £3 Billion in revenue per annum and employs around 4700 people.

William Hill Plc

William Hill Plc has been one of the most well-known betting companies in the United Kingdom. Named after the founding bookmaker William Hill who established the company in 1934, William Hill Plc generates around £2 Billion in revenue per annum and employs around 16,000 people in total. While the brand has gone through several resales and ownerships, it remains one of the most recognizable betting brands anywhere in the world.


Betfred is another betting company with decades of rich history in the gambling market. The biggest betting company that was founded in 1967 in humble beginnings now generates a per annum revenue of around £800 Million. The company proudly owns 1600 different stores employing more than 1000 individuals.

Biggest Betting Companies In The World Ranking

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© Provided by The Motley Fool These Were the 3 Best Sports Betting Stocks of 2020

Sports betting is big business around the world, and it's been dominated for decades by traditional land-based casinos. That's changing as betting moves online, and the mobile gambling market took a major step forward in 2020 as more states legalized online gambling, and thousands of people began betting legally at home during the pandemic. A few companies hit public markets as well, bringing even more attention and funding to the industry.

As we look back on the year and forward to 2021, the sports betting market has three clear winners in my eyes: DraftKings(NASDAQ: DKNG), MGM Resorts International(NYSE: MGM), and the little known GAN Limited(NASDAQ: GAN).

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The hottest sports betting stock of 2020 was DraftKings, hands down. The company hit the market through a special purpose acquisition company and hasn't looked back. Shares shot higher as the pandemic wore on and sports came back, helped by investors hoping that online betting would begin to replace in-person betting. For the year, shares are up 406%.

In some ways, the boom in online betting is happening faster than expected, and that's helped early movers like DraftKings. In New Jersey, which is the bellwether for online gambling because it was the biggest early state to allow betting, there were $91.8 million in bets in November 2020 alone, up 86.9% from a year ago. If that growth and level of revenue are any indication of the potential for the rest of the country, DraftKings has a long runway ahead.

The third-quarter 2020 results were a small indication of how well things are going for DraftKings. Revenue was up 42% on a pro forma basis to $133 million, and monthly unique users grew 64% to 1 million. Revenue is also expected to be $750 million to $850 million in 2021, up 45% at its midpoint from 2020 guidance. This is a sports betting stock with a lot going for it and maybe just at the beginning of its growth story.

Top 100 betting companies in the world

MGM Resorts

As gambling moves online, companies with a physical presence can sometimes have an advantage over digital-only companies. They have known brands, regulators sometimes require a physical presence to operate in a state, and there can be synergies between real-world and online casinos. That's the space that MGM Resorts is trying to fill, and it's done so relatively well in 2020.

The joint venture MGM Resorts built to enter the space is BetMGM, which is now offered in eight states and is growing as quickly as states will allow. Like DraftKings, the company is limited by what's legal in the U.S., but betting should be opening up in more states long term.

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What I like about MGM as a sports betting play is that it has a foundation as a physical casino company. MGM can use the cash flow from its casinos to fund online gambling development, and if it does that successfully it should add a lucrative business to the portfolio.

GAN Limited

DraftKings and MGM are the companies that are taking bets and building the apps that consumers are using, but GAN is building the background infrastructure that online gambling is built on. Its software services include player identity validation, payment services, regulatory reporting, and even some game content. And with the recently announced acquisition of Coolbet, it'll enter the sports betting market worldwide.

If sports betting continues to grow, GAN will be one of the beneficiaries because it's providing services to multiple players. And I would expect some casinos and game companies that don't have the capital to build their own infrastructure to lean on a company like GAN.

What's exciting about GAN is that it has the opportunity to grow with the online gambling and sports betting industries as well as grow the services it offers to clients. It already has a turnkey solution for infrastructure, but don't be surprised to see more games added to the portfolio so GAN can white-label the entire casino experience. That's where the real money will be made for this gambling stock.

Online sports betting is booming

As more states are added to the legal betting industry, the amount bet on sports online is growing. And that's going to be a huge tailwind for DraftKings, MGM Resorts, and GAN Limited. The industry saw U.S. betting increase from $1.85 billion in August to $2.19 billion in September and is on its way to $3 billion in monthly bets. If the industry keeps growing at this rate, it could rival the revenue of physical casinos, and that would be a truly disruptive development in gambling.

Travis Hoium owns shares of MGM Resorts International. The Motley Fool has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.


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