Big Win Monopoly Live

Bonus Hunter Walks Away With €11,010 After Chance and 4 Rolls

You may remember Amer, the host from our previous text that had a bit of a quarrel with Codeman. Even though the Xposed hero hadn’t been happy with Amer, at the end of the round he won $45,300. In our next story, we will not talk about Codeman, but Amer is here once again, and […]

👉Play The Game: i play at: can watch me live at: MONOPOLY Live is a unique live online variant of the hugely popular MONOPOLY board game. The aim of the main game is simple: A live game host spins the super-sized, vertically mounted wheel and players predict the segment the wheel is going to stop at after the spin, while the virtual MR. MONOPOLY sits alongside ready to spring into action.

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Codeman Wins $45,300 Thanks To Chance And 4 Rolls Bonus

Codeman from Xposed keeps landing huge wins on Monopoly Live these days, completely occupying our Big Wins section in the last couple of weeks. This time, he managed to pocket two big wins in a short amount of time. First, he recorded a $15,300 win on a $300 bet, because the Wheel stopped on the […]

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Xposed Lands $42,400 Win Playing Monopoly Live

Codeman from Xposed had an awesome beginning of 2021! Once again, an amazing round of Monopoly Live earned him a place in the Big Wins section. This time, our hero managed to pocket a delicious win of $42,400, with a $200 bet, securing the top spot on the winning list. As he had said himself, […]

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Chance and 2 Rolls Deliver a €4,900 Win

LetsGiveItASpin crew has released another interesting video. The dynamic duo, Kim and Blanco did not appear together this time, because, according to Blanco, Kim had gone out for lunch at that particular moment, so Blanco had to do everything himself. That did not ruin his mood, because he was smiling all the time, and he […]

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Tensers Turn a $5 Bet Into a $490 Win

YouTube star Tensers was at the centre of an interesting round of Monopoly Live, which earned him a place in our Big Wins section. Alright, the win was not that big, but the turn of the fortune was really amazing, so everybody should hear his story. Tensers was not very lucky in the very beginning, […]

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Double Chance & 4 Rolls Result in 176x Multiplier

This has been a crazy year for the Monopoly Live Big Wins section, and it is only fair to finish 2020 with another amazing story. Thanks to the video released by Global Casino Advisor, we have witnessed a quite rewarding round of Monopoly Live. The Wheel stopped on two Chance segments, and, immediately after that, […]

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Another Amazing Round For Xposed on Monopoly Live

Our hero from last week, Codeman, is once again the main character in another crazy story. This time we have a real treat for you, a 4 Rolls Bonus with a total of 7 Doubles in a single round. So, players had 11 rolls of the dice and a total multiplier of 100x. Once again, […]

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Xposed Enjoys Legendary Wins Playing Monopoly Live

Big Win Monopoly Live

This particular story simply had to find its place in Monopoly Live Big Wins segment because such a round can be considered as legendary. Codeman from Xposed is our hero, and his tale is so fantastic that we wouldn’t believe it if Big Win Casino hadn’t post it on YouTube. Codeman had decided to bet […]

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Monopoly Live Awards Amazing $920,851 Payout

Courtesy of Ticket Time Channel, we had the pleasure of watching a totally crazy round of Monopoly Live, where a total of 325 players had shared $920,851. Carson from Ticket Time was our host and he decided to show to his followers his biggest win ever in Monopoly Live. After stopping on the Chance segment, […]

Where To Buy Monopoly Live

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Final Roll Proves Crucial in 4 Rolls Bonus

In Chinese culture, the red colour represents happiness, beauty, good luck, and success. It seems that the Chinese tradition had brought luck to all players in one of the latest rounds of Monopoly Live, thus securing a place in our Big Wins section. We started our story with red because the bearer of a tasty […]

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10 out of 10
10 out of 10
Win potential

Monopoly Live Facts & Stats

Release date:April 2019Provider:Evolution Gaming
Game type:Money WheelGame category:Game Shows
RTP:96.23%Max payout:£500,000 (Bonus Round Win)
Min bet:£0.10Max bet:£2,500
Special bets:YesDevices:Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is a groundbreaking live casino game show released in 2019 by developers Evolution Gaming. This terrific title has set the standard for what a good live casino game show game should be.

The game is a variation of Evolution Gaming's Dream Catcher Live with official Hasbro/Monopoly branding. Want to play? The concept is very simple: A charismatic game show host will periodically spin a giant wheel that is split into 54 equal segments and separated by pins.

48 of the segments on this wheel are numbered 1, 2, 5 and 10, if you were to place a bet on any one of these numbers and the wheel landed on the same one then you’d win the corresponding amount of back.

For example, had you had bet on on 5 and it comes in you’ll win 5x your bet.

Of course the higher the number, the fewer the times they appear on the wheel, here’s a full breakdown of how many times each number features:

  • 1 - (Win 1x your stake) appears 22 times
  • 2 - (Win 2x your stake) appears 15 times
  • 5 - (Win 5x your stake) appears 7 times
  • 10 - (Win 10x your stake) appears 4 times

What about the other 6 segments we hear you ask? They’re the segments you really want to see the wheel land on! These segments are rolls (2 rolls and 4 rolls) and chance. Here’s how many times they appear:

  • 2 Rolls - (Launches 2 rolls of the dice on the board) appears 3 times
  • 4 Rolls - (Launches 4 rolls of the dice on the board) appears 1 time
  • Chance - Appears 2 times
Big Win Monopoly Live

If you’re lucky enough to have the wheel land on either of the two chance segments then Mr. Monopoly will present you with a chance card which could be one of two things… Either a random cash prize that goes to every single player that placed a stake during that round, or a random multiplier bonus.

If it is the multiplier bonus then a multiplier is added to the winnings on the next spin, you will not have to place a new bet which is a nice bonus! On the off-chance that the wheel stops on another multiplier than the multiplier is multiplied (It’s rare but we’ve seen it happen).

If the multiplier is immediately followed by 2 roll or a 4 roll then every single one of the properties on the Monopoly board during the bonus round are multiplied which can lead to incredibly high winnings for all of those playing the board.

Monopoly Live Studio

There's no live casino studio quite as grand as the Monopoly Live studio! Designed to look like a stunning golden room atop a city skyscraper the centrepiece is of course the Monopoly Live wheel.

To the left of the wheel is an incredible 3D augmented reality Mr. Monopoly, he sits in his chair reading his newspaper or drinking tea until called upon for bonus rounds when he takes over from the real life host.

To the right of the wheel is a large golden plinth that plays home to the dice which are rolled during bonus rounds.

Monopoly Live betting interface

If you've played Dream Catcher Live then you'll understand the Monopoly Live interface straight away as they're incredibly similar!

The bottom of the game interface is where players will find all of their betting options (Pictured below). On the far left you will find your balance and bet amount underneath the Monopoly Live logo.

In the middle you will see 6 Monopoly bank notes with 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 rolls and 4 rolls written on them, these notes correspond with the matching number on the game wheel. Players place their betting chips on the note that they think the game wheel will land on, players are not restricted to just betting on one note, the can bet on as many as they please.

On the far right you'll find the wheel history, which shows players the last 24 numbers the wheel has landed on in consecutive order.

The Monopoly Live bonus round

If the wheel lands on a 2 roll or 4 roll segment then the bonus round kicks in. This is where the fun really begins, you’ll see Mr. Monopoly himself hop out of his armchair and transport himself the players into an immersive 3D Monopoly world.

If the wheel landed on 2 rolls then you’ll receive 2 rolls of the dice, if you landed on 4 then you’ll receive 4 rolls of the dice. Mr. Monopoly will walk a number of steps equal to each individual roll of the dice, wherever he stops he’ll collect prizes. Each property has its own value, much like the original game.

Your original stake will be multiplied by however much Mr. Monopoly has accumulated around the board, for example if you hit a 2 roll and land on a 5x and a 6x your overall stake will be multiplied by 11x.

Double dice numbers

If you're lucky enough to hit ANY doubles when during dice rolls then players will receive an additional roll on the bonus round board, there's no limit as to how many additional rolls you can get.

Monopoly Big Event

Passing GO

If the dice rolls are high enough that Mr. Monopoly makes one full journey around the board, passing GO then all of the multipliers on the board will be doubled.

Sadly, the bonus game isn't all positive though, there are a small handful of potential pitfalls. Players should be well aware of some sneaky squares dotted around the board that could see you suffer!

Go to Jail!

If a Mr. Monopoly lands on the Go to Jail square then a double must rolled on the dice to continue playing, if this isn’t achieved then everyone will take whatever bonus winnings they’ve already accumulated. However it most likely won’t be much!

Income Tax

If a Mr. Monopoly lands on Income Tax then unfortunately the player will have 10% of their winnings reduced.

Monopoly Live Board Game

Super Tax

If Mr. Monopoly lands on Super Tax then unfortunately the player will have 20% of their winnings reduced.

Big Win Monopoly Live Online

Monopoly Live winning potential

Monopoly Live Video

The opportunity to win big money playing Monopoly Live is certainly there, that's why this game is so popular with players all across the world, with thousands logging in and playing every hour of the day.

No matter how you choose to play Monopoly Live, we at Lucky Game Shows always recommend placing a bet on the 2 roll and 4 roll segments, the bonus round can be highly lucrative.

Monopoly Live Game

If you need any more convincing, just check out the statistics from our article researching where the monopoly live wheel lands the most, it'll give you a very good indication of just how much can be won and when!