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BetEasy Australia Review & Rating 2021 Always Up To Date Scam or Legit? Including Latest Bonus Offer All you need to know BetEasy has an extensive platform geared.

BetEasy Android App Android betting apps are massively popular. It is one of the biggest mobile platforms for these types of applications and there is a BetEasy Android app to target those using this mobile software. In order to download the Android app, you do not follow the typical methods that other apps provide. The Android app is available from the BetEasy mobile site. You can either choose to download and install the dedicated app in the form of an.apk file, or you can choose to save the BetEasy mobile site to your mobile device’s home screen. BetEasy App (Android) The BetEasy Android App designed to be faster,secure and mobile user friendly. Keeping in mind smart phones, app makes user easy access to BetEasy betting platform. As per GooglePlay rules, users needs to download the android app from book makers site it self. Thankfully BetEasy have risen to the challenge, as they have developed great betting apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. By downloading one of these apps to your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy the full BetEasy experience from the comfort of your mobile.

The BetEasy app is available right now to Australian residents. It offers mobile betting on all of the popular sports events across the globe, bringing the action more accessible and closer to you than ever before.

BetEasy app registration

In order to use the app to its full capacity, there is a need to register for an account. This is in order to be able to deposit funds to bet with as well as withdrawing funds or winnings back to your bank account. Registration is quick and easy and can be done directly from the button below.

A few details are needed to be captured such as name, address etc and then full access to the Bet Easy app will be opened up to you. In order to do this successfully, you must be aged 18 years or over.

The next step would then be to go ahead and to install the Bet Easy app to your personal mobile devices. The app is available across mobiles/tablets on a range of different mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows. Here’s our step by step guide to installing the app followed by our review and user guide.

How to download the BetEasy Android app

The Android app is available from the BetEasy mobile site. You can either choose to download and install the dedicated app in the form of an .apk file, or you can choose to save the BetEasy mobile site to your mobile device’s home screen.

From our testing, there is very little difference between the two methods in terms of experience so it would be down to personal preference here. The .apk file takes up a lot more internal memory but delivers a truer app experience. Whereas the mobile site saved as an app logo on your home screen looks a little clunkier but appeared to be more reliable and less buggy.

To install the BetEasy mobile site as an app logo on your home screen;

  1. Using your Android device, head to the BetEasy mobile site from the buttons on this page.
  2. When on the BetEasy home page, tap on to your browser settings and select ‘Add To Home Screen’ from the corresponding pop-up menu.
  3. The Bet Easy app logo will now appear on your home screen and will be available with a tap of the finger.

How to download the BetEasy iPhone app

The iPhone app is ready to download and install straight from iTunes here. Head on over to the app store and search for BetEasy. The app should be the top result (It was for us). If in doubt match the logo shown at the top of this page with those that appear in the search results.

There is also another way for those who want to save vital space on their devices and that is to save the mobile site to your iPhone’s or iPad’s home screen. Visit BetEasy using Safari (or whichever mobile browser you prefer) and then hit the share symbol to open up a list of options.

Beteasy For Android Emulator

In safari, this is represented by an upward arrow protruding out of a square and is located in the centre of the bottom browser menu bar. From here you can choose to add to the home screen for quick access in the future. An app logo will then show which will direct you to the BetEasy mobile site.

Beteasy For Android

The only real difference between the two different versions is that the URL bar remains visible on the mobile site. Whereas on the dedicated app there is no URL bar at all. The dedicated app looks sharper because of this, but from our vast experience of testing betting apps, we have found that the mobile site versions seem to run slightly smoother and suffer from less technical problems.

BetEasy app review

The BetEasy brand has had some ride along its years of existence and now finds itself in very capable hands with oodles of experience. That experience from new ownership sparked a complete overhaul, leading to a much more expansive offering and a greater level of experience. A new design and an app that is constantly updating to add new features to its already feature-rich environment.

Navigation took us a little time to get to grips with at first, as there is so much choice. However, once we had familiarised ourselves with the format and had been using it for a few days we soon got the hang of it and was able to locate markets we wanted in a timely fashion. There is a nice clean look to the app with white and purple being the choice of colour to fit in with the overall brand image.

Information was clear to read and graphics were crisp, in some cases too crisp. Clever animations are used to highlight specific markets or offers and although they looked great, we found them a little annoying after a while and slowed us down every now and then.

The app is popular with horse racing enthusiasts and there is a slight hint that this may well be their specialist sport. However, all other major sports are also well serviced with an extensive choice of markets to bet on.


One of the newest and quirkiest features on the app is the ability to live stream sports such as racing and basketball. Furthermore, you can still place bets whilst watching the action unfold. The quality of the video is of a high standard as long as there is a stable data connection. Wi-Fi is preferable as data charges do apply.

With the video quality being highly significant data is consumed when watching. Therefore, if you are looking to watch the live streams out and about we would recommend ensuring you have a substantial mobile data plan. Live streams work best when static in one place. The streams tend to freeze up when on the move connected to mobile data, rather than Wi-Fi. Videos have also been recently updated to display in widescreen allowing for a better viewing experience. (Geographic restrictions and terms & conditions apply to the live streaming services)

Another great feature is the addition of ‘BUILDABET’. Personalise your own bets completely as YOU like them, even if they are not visible on the BetEasy app. Submit your selections on the BUILDABET form and the BetEasy analysts will then get back in touch with you with a price and instructions on how to place that particular bet. No longer are you bound or restricted to just the markets and bets available on view. Now you have full capability of creating your own!

Placing bets is fast, easy and logical. This goes for both singles and multiples. Multiple betting options are viewed from within the betslip once selections have been made. Add the desired stake to the relevant type of bet desired, tap place bet and the wager is set ready to either payout or cost you your hard-earned cash (hopefully the former!).

Depositing and withdrawing is a straightforward process and is in line with all other reputable bookmakers. The process can be made even easier thanks to the optional BetEasy prepaid card. This card can provide you with instant access to your winnings. The card can be used anywhere where Mastercard is accepted (which is pretty much everywhere!) and has the added benefit of zero load charges.


The BetEasy app has a lot going for it and is certainly heading in the right direction in terms of progress and improvement. Some new features have meant that BetEasy has indeed caught up with the competition and in some aspects improved on them, such as the ability to watch and bet at the same time.

They certainly have a keen eye on what others are doing in the marketplace and are learning from them to make their own platform even better. Powerball and plus results. We see this being a continuing trend for the future.

The app certainly isn’t the finished article. There are still some things that can be improved. However, the amount of headway this brand has made in such a short space of time warrants a degree of respect and maybe even a little admiration. Big investors have come in and are obviously not scared at putting their hands in their pockets in an attempt to get the BetEasy brand recognised.

The app is of good quality, offers lots of choices, is well in line with the competition in terms of features, offers and value. It is also reliable and trustworthy. There’s a good support system on hand too in case you have any questions or experience any problems such as forgetting your password, for example. All in all a solid app and one we will be keeping on our devices. We look forward to seeing what this app brings in the future.

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Android Betting – Sample Gambling on the Go

Australian punters are no longer required to put off laying wagers until they can get to their personal computers or laptops, or physically attend the event they are interested in. Tailor made apps for the gadget you are never without allow you to participate in all the thrilling matches, tournaments, races and games happening around the world. Android betting brings home the real meaning of 24 hour access, as punters are able to lay their wagers as long as there is enough battery life, time, and internet access. There are no more obstacles between you and the betting experiences you love taking part in, as the world wide web brings you all the information and access you want.

Customised to suit the specifications of the device, Android betting apps give users a smooth, streamlined experience, and allow you to place bets whenever you like, wherever you happen to be. Applications have been stripped of extraneous features, and will not send your data costs into the stratosphere.

Sign up for an online account today with a sportsbook that meets your betting needs, download the application for the type of betting you are interested in exploring, and start laying your wagers. If you need to conserve space on your device for any reason, you can do away with the application altogether, and simply head to the website for the sportsbook you have selected by means of the browser already installed on your device. Android betting offers you a whole new world of convenience, and it’s time to start taking advantage of it if you haven’t already.

You need never miss out on a betting opportunity again, as Android betting ensures you have a front row seat at the most exciting greyhound, horse and harness races, as well as all of the sports games you love watching at home or in person.

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Browse the sportsbooks that offer mobile sports betting access, all featured on this website, and compare offers until you have found one that suits the way you like to wager, and the events you are interested in betting on.

Beteasy For Android

The applications are small in size, because of the space limitations that the devices have, and you can be sure that you will not have to remove features you need in order to accommodate them. Deposits are easily made, and payouts made quickly, all while you go about your day.